Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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The name is Lili. Age; ahhh that is a secret. Gender; female. This is my story.....

I live in Huge City. Similar to the name, it is a huge city, where you can get everything that you want and where all your hopes and dreams come true. I still remember how furious my mother was when I told her that I want to move to Huge City.

You have everything here. What else do you want?”

Mom, I want something different. I want to change my life. I want to venture new things. That's not going to happen if I still live in this town. I want to find happiness, mom”

Happiness??..Have you not had enough. I feed you right. I give you everything that you want. What else that you want? Even, I protected you from your monstrous father ”

That is where you are wrong mother. I want to be independent. I want to do things on my own. I want to live on my own terms. This is my definition of happiness, mom. I heard a lot about the place, mom. It is a place of opportunity, adventures and much more. I believe I could find happiness there, mom”

Huh...suit yourself. Go anywhere as you please. Don't crawl back on my footstep begging for my help!”

On the night I left home, my mother refused to see me. I haven't heard from her since then.

Living in Huge City was like a dream come true. I managed to settle in one cozy cubicle. For me it was just quite enough. No, it was just perfect. I needed not of fancy huge place to live in. I made a lot of new friends too. He-friends and She-friends. They were the youngsters use to say these days, ”cool”..In the first few days of my arrival, I wandered around, fascinating the breathtaking view of the city, was awed by everything that I saw and admiring the fact that I have made it to Huge City.

After few days of wandering-around-doing-sightseeing-activity, I decided that I should pull an act to do something useful for the rest of the days ahead. And I was lucky, I guessed. Without difficulties and much hassles and with the look that I've got (did I mention that I am a natural beauty??..hehe), I was able to find something to do, as a reason for me to wake up every morning. Life went on..nothing interesting in what I did that is worth telling about. But most important, I enjoyed myself and happy with what I did.

Hours become days. Days become weeks. And weeks become months. Langit tak selalunya cerah. In the 4th month of my residency in Huge City, my life has never been the same anymore. The reputation of Huge City as the best place to start your new life has widely spread across the region. The growth of population has increased rapidly. More has come to Huge City to witness themselves the glory of living in it. The routine activity that I did for the last 3 months has not been as easy as I used to do it before. The competition with the newly comers made things difficult for me.

Everything had been very difficult to me. I panicked. I needed help, but whom shall I go to? I wish I could go back to my mother, but I can't. She despised me. And suddenly before I knew it, I was trapped in loneliness and helplessness. I never thought of having some company beside before. But now, in order to overcome the feeling of being vulnerable and melancholy, I started to go out with He-friends. I mean random He-friends. And yes, to the fact that I am hübsch and gorgeous, finding a good looking, handsome young random He-friend was not that big a deal. With a quick pat and stroke, I usually ended up in their posession, was taken to some deserted street and..and..sigh. Yup, I turned into's the polite way to say it, the male-lover..naaa, who am I kidding? I hated myself for doing what I did. But I just could not stop. Until......

On one bright shiny sky, as I was walking along High Street, trying to figure my next move, I saw him. He was there, looking very charming and nice. I walked right at him. Seeing him up close made my world such a wonderful place. To my surprise, he patted me. Soft and gentle. At that very instance, I couldn't breath. Oh, this what love called? I had fall in love with him. How I wish I could be with him. I will never ever be with other random he-friends again. I could picture us having a great time together, doing stuff together, strolling through the park together and..and.. I was lost in my own thought, that I didn't realize he has already gone.

I walked home feeling disappointed. I haven't got a chance to tell him, how I feel. He was different than the other He-friends I used to know. He was just so special. No words can be uttered to describe his nonpareil. Longing for his gentle touch and the desire to meet him again, I decided to go to the same place the next day.

So the very next day, I readied myself, trying to look as stunning as I can be. My journey seemed to take hours. The destiny looked far beyond my reach. Yes, I have to tell him everything. My feelings, my thoughts, my desires.

What should I say first?

Ich liebe dich?

I love you?

Je t'aime?


Te quiero?

From afar I could see him. Smiling. It's not that far now. I gathered a full strength and sprinted towards him. I was too excited.

I can't wait any longer.

My Love, I'm coming now.

I'll make you happy.

I'll be your best companion ever.


Half way through, I skidded to a halt. Kembali ke dunia nyata.

Ehh...What am I thinking?

How can I be so silly?

How would I say that I want to be with him?

He will never understand me.

What's worst. He doesn't speak my language.

Shall I just follow him to his house?

No, It will only break my heart to see him with his lover.

I cannot transform myself and becoming one of his kind.

But this love is for real..

I'm just being silly....

Realizing the fact that we never meant to be together, I retreated.

After all, he is ein Mensch, and I am eine Katze. Meow.

I am back to reality now

I am back to my routine activity now; live with the food given by human, charm them with my beauty.

I am back in the league where searching for food is one hell of a competition.

Silly me....


If u cannot guess the foreign word(s), may want to find the meaning(s) at

Sorry for my lack of experience..this is my first attempt..seriously, this is one out-of-the-blue writing..and totally unreal..heheh

and sorry for the grammatical and vocabulary error. My English has gone sebal. (I dont think there is “sebal” in any dict. on earth)

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  • 1)

    but such differences can be turned into some kind of understanding, right?

    this is a good one i guess. you want the readers to come up with their own interpretation of the whole story; in their own minds.

    way to go babe! 

  • 2) dun worry sha... we still can understand ur story.. heehhe... keep on writing.. (look who's writing.. i dun even write myself.. hahaha)

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