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Daftar Sekarang!

Laila & Lutfi


"What kind of anniversary gift is this?" Laila threw the blue shirt on the floor.

"Something you can wear and keep for a long time." Lutfi picked it up and tried to reason with his wife.

"You are so unromantic!" Laila crossed her arms and glared at her husband of one year.

"What do you expect? Flowers? They will be dead by tomorrow." Lutfi said as he sat down in the sofa and flipped on the channel.

"Just tell me if you have another woman in your life!" Laila screamed and went to stand infront of her husband, blocking him from watching the televisyen.

"Laila, would you mind sitting down? I\'m trying to watch the televisyen."

"Hantar saya balik rumah mak!"

"Don\'t be ridiculous. Calm yourself down, Laila."

"No! I will not calm down! Tell me the truth. Are you seeing someone?!"

Lutfi sat there in silence and Laila started to cry. She was sobbing like a heart broken woman and her husband just sat there watching with no reaction. She cried even harder and after a few minutes, her nose was stuffy and she had to find something to blow it with. Her husband handed her the anniversary present. She grabbed it and blew on it as hard as she can. Satisfied, she looked up with a smirk on her face but was dissapointed to see Lutfi calm as he was in the first place.

"If that were roses, your nose would start bleeding because of the thorns and they will leave scratch marks all over your face," he said.

"If you had bought me a real anniversary gift, I wouldn\'t be crying in the first place! Hantar saya balik rumah mak saya!"

"Comel la tu hentak-hentak kaki? You are a grown woman, Laila. An adult. Isteri orang pulak tu," Lutfi started to raise his voice in annoyance.

Laila couldn\'t take it anymore! She ran away from the living room before she started bawling her eyes out again. Lutfi never did understand her feelings at all. Lutfi was a few years older than her. So, there was definitely a small gap between them in terms of interest and stuff that they like to do. Their marriage was an arranged one. Laila just went along with her parents wishes because she just wanted to be free from her parents constant nagging.

Honestly, life as a married woman wasn\'t that much of a difference from her single life. She still has to report to the \'markas\' everytime she wants to go out somewhere. Oh, and the number one good thing is that, there is someone to pay for your shopping bills now. Three cheers for that!

Outside, the sky was slowly turning dark. Laila looked back inside the house that she picked by herself."I\'m going to miss" She bolted from the house with no destination decided, hoping that her husband would follow suit. In her mind, she was hoping for her lover to kneel and beg for her not to leave. Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang. Lutfi was standing at the door with a small bag by his side.

He slipped on his sandals and handed her the bag. Her handbag. She blinked at him a couple of times and he answered her silence question."Kalau yer pun nak lari dari rumah, bawak la handbag ni. Duit, kad ATM and your identification card are inside. Nanti kene tahan polis, abang tak tau." He had the nerve to tease her!

"Ugh! Thank you so much for your concern, Encik Lutfi!"

"Eh, where are you going?"

"Running away like you stated just now."

"I know la but you forgot something." He pointed to her face.

"What?!" She asked, half-shouting to her handsome, tall, and very good looking husband whom she is angry at at this moment.

"You forgot to shed your second skin, my dear wife."

"Why are you talking nonsense?"

"Here, let me." He leaned over to her and placed his big palm on her face, made her heartbeat went erratic for that span of time. Then he retrieved his hand and showed her \'second skin\'. Unbelievably, Lutfi was speaking the truth. She shifted uncomfortably and tried in vain to peel off the mask without any success. Lutfi grabbed one of her hands and pulled her back into the house.

"Go wash your face. Then come down and we\'ll talk," Lutfi sounded so serious for the first time. No more mister funny guy. Laila gulped down her fear and nodded. After a few minutes, she went down, and braced herself for the unknown. Lutfi patted the empty place beside him on the sofa. She sat down meekly.

Lutfi started, "Do you mind telling me what\'s with the sudden emotional outbreak just now? Are you having your monthly cycle? PMS?"

Laila tried to look up but it was as if her posture was glued to that position, faced down, knee locked together and hands clenched tight. "Belum period lagi la."

"Then, tell me what\'s wrong with you?" Lutfi said in that oh-so-heart-melting deep voice of his. Her lips trembled without her consent and clear liquids began to slowly making its way down her cheeks.

He sighed, "Nangis lagi...Come here, crybaby." She was lost in the arms of a charmer, though it may not be real love but she cared for him. Cared so much that her heart would stop if he ever mention another woman\'s name on his lips. No. She was not in love. She only liked the smell of his aftershave. She only adored the way he tweaked her nose when he caught her looking at him in the mirror. She liked living with him for the past one year they\'ve been husband and wife. No more than that.

This couldn\'t possibly be love, could it? No, no. She has never ever felt this way before with her first boyfriend. Her former boyfriend was cheating behind her back with someone older than her. Her heart bled when she found out but God must have plans for her. That was the same time she received a marriage proposal from Lutfi. Although she disagreed, but her parents managed to coax her to give this relationship a try. And so, that\'s how she became a wife.

"Hello? Earth to Laila. Do you copy?"

She answered, "Hmmm." angrily.

"Bosannya macam ni." He let go of her and made his way to the stairs without so much as a back glance.

"Are you tired of me already, abang?" She said in a small voice.

"Memang pun. I\'m going to bed. Don\'t forget to lock the door and switch off the lights."

"Sampai hati..." She sobbed but Lutfi was already upstairs, in bed, probably sound asleep by now. How could he!

"It\'s only been one year. How can he be tired of me? Was I the only one trying to make this relationship worked? I want my mamaaaaaa..."

Out of a sudden, she heard her phone rang. "Macam familiar jer ringtone tu." She fished out her handphone from her handbag and read the screen. "Abang? Sejak bile aku ade abang? Bukan aku anak tunggal ke?" She opened the inbox and read the sms. "You look like an ugly duckling when you start crying." Laila looked around, alert. "Do you like what you see in your handbag? Who is this dude?"

Inside her handbag, there was a small box. She was bedazzled by the glowing and glittering inside the box. "A diamond ring. Let\'s give it a try. Wah, muat." Laila continued to read a new sms by \'Abang\'.

"Amboi, mata tak berkelip tengok cincin tu. Berlian mahal la katakan." Laila looked up the stairs, suspecting her husband as the sms sender. She tiptoed to the master bedroom and found Lutfi sleeping soundly in bed. She lay down next to him and put her hand on his chest. Aha! His heart was beating like a drum in a drum concert. It was like he made a mad dash to the bed when he found out she was coming up the stairs. She giggled, "Ooo berlakon tidur."

Laila cleared her throat loudly and said in a matter-of-fact voice, "I never knew I had an admirer before. Eh, new message from my secret admirer. But, this is a new number. Meet me at the Mc Donald drive-through right now. I\'ll be waiting. Kisses. That means, this beautiful and expensive diamond ring is from this secret admirer and not abang Lutfi. Oh, well I better get ready now."

"Haa...mana nak pergi tu?" Lutfi asked in a rather ill-conceived notion of a man suddenly woke up from slumber. Memang tak pandai berlakon sungguh.

"Nowhere. I want to go out for some fresh air. I\'ll be back in under one hour, okay? Sweet dreams." Laila blew a flying kiss to her bewildered looking husband. She had to control herself from laughing and rolling on the floor.

To make it a short story, Laila was munching on her french fries and was going to take a big bite on her Big Mac when her eyes spotted Lutfi coming out from his silver Honda Prelude. "Wah, sangat kacak. Thank god you are my hubby, Lutfi. Oh, here he comes. Serious face, serious face, Laila. Come on, girl." By the time Lutfi reached her table, she was as composed as the queen of England.

"Tak takut gemuk ke?" Lutfi grabbed her french fries and start eating. Tak malunyer!

"I still have an admirer even if I\'m fat, okay? What are you doing here? I told you I\'ll be back in under one hour, okay? Jealous much?"

"I wasn\'t going to play the jealous husband role. I am acting as your escort. Bodyguard."

"This is a public place, Fifi." She purposely gave Lutfi the nickname just to spite him.

"So, who is this guy you are meeting? Someone I know?"

"Of course not. Hey, janganlah abiskan fries tu. Go buy your own."

"Alaaa nanti sayang tak abis makan. Membazir."

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a man waving eagerly at her direction. Oh, god! Please, not now. Too late, he was making his way through the tables.

"Hey, Laila. I hope you haven\'t been waiting for too long."

Laila eyed him and her husband nervously, "Err hi, Zack. What are you doing here?" Translation: How the hell of a coincidence that you are coming to this Mc Donald branch? Go, and run for the fields Zack. Save yourself before Lutfi played the raging husband role.

"I sms you, right? Forgot?"

"Eh, you must be mistaken. Meet, Lutfi, my husband." Now run as fast as you can, Zack!

"Hello, I\'m Laila\'s ex-boyfriend." Are you suicidal or something, Zack?!

"Okay, I\'m done eating. Jom balik, sayang." Laila grab hold Lutfi\'s hand and literally had to drag him out of his seat.

"Wait. Are you telling me that THIS is the guy you are going to meet? Your ex-boyfriend?!" O\'o that\'s the raging husband voice.

"No, it\'s not what you think, sayang."

"Ooo baru sekarang nak panggil sayang? Are you having an affair with your ex-boyfriend?" The three of them was out at the parking lot. Laila wanted to run back to her car and go straight home. But Lutfi took hold of her hand, prisoning it.

"Please, I can explain everything. This is all a joke, Lutfi."

"You call this a joke when I caught you red-handed? Go fool someone else. You are going home with me. Get inside the car, now." Then Lutfi turned to Zack, "You follow from behind. Drive Laila\'s car. We\'ll have a nice chat at home."

Laila dashed to the safety of her house when they reached the destination.

"Laila! Wait in the living room, please while I deal with Zack."

"No bloodshed please, Lutfi."


Laila waited in the living room. Then she heard a car drving away. She sighed in relief.

"Here comes the executioner," she muttered.

Laila watched her husband took the seat infront of her. She prayed for courage, she prayed for him to have amnesia and forget everything about today. Life is full of dissapointments and this is one of it. She was squeking like a mouse and Lutfi remembered everything about today.

Both spoke at the same time.

"It was a prank!" Lutfi said.

"I\'m pregnant!" Laila said.

Both had that extreme shocked symptom on their faces. Uncontrollable blinking of the eyes and the slowness of taking in and digesting the input into their brains.

"What?!" Both said at the same time, again.

"Lutfi...What did you say? It was a prank? You meant to say you invited Zack to Mc D?"

His reply was, "Why did you keep your pregnancy a secret?"

"It was supposed to be a gift for our anniversary." Alahai Laila, shy shy cat mode.

"Did you like the diamond ring I gave you?" Lutfi was now at her side, his hand went to her abdomen.

"Ooo it was you? I thought it was from Zack."

"Do you think I can\'t afford to buy a diamond ring for my lovely pregnant wife? When is the baby coming out?"

"But, this looks kinda expensive. Baru three months, okay. You make me sound like I was going to bersalin any minute now."

"Hahaha. Cincin tu kene bayar ansuran bulan-bulan. Kalau tak, kene tarik."

"You are so bluffing. Come on, tell me why did you invite Zack to Mc D?"

"To blow up your cover la. What else?"

"Cover apekah? I\'m not a covergirl."

"I know your plan to make me chase after you to Mc D. That\'s why I cooked up a devious plan of my own. Hahaha."

"You sounded so evil. Evil genius. Thank god I\'m on your side."

"Yeay for that. You can\'t act childish anymore, Laila. You are going to be a mother."

"Yes, masta. Whatever you say masta."

He tweaked her nose and after that they fell asleep on the couch, holding to one another. So...this is a happy ending. Maybe, who knows? Life is so unpredictable. Just enjoy and savour every bit of it while you can with your love ones.













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  • 1) u made arranged marriage sound like so dem awesome n sweet...huahuahua
    • sha
    • 15 years ago

  • (Author)

    sha: arranged marriage can be all wht u said WITH the right person. am i right?  

    p/s: i hope u like that  i named the main actor as Lutfi(since u wished it before la kan.(^0^) )  

  • 3)

    this is sweet.

    sha: arranged marriage is cool. Try la.. agaga 

  • 4) superb~!
  • 5)

    ok i cancel all my wishes. i have a new one: i wish my mother will be able to find someone like lutfi for me. enough said. 

  • 6)

    nightingale: time boleh wat request lg kan?hikhik

    jo: ok..i'll hire u as my agent

    uculer: careful with ur wish..wut if ur mother found someone who is soo like lutfi but psycho..

    • sha
    • 15 years ago
  • 7) awwww man this is TOO sweet!! i usually pukeypukey at husband n wife stories but this own 0wnzzz! aaargh. sweet gile!!

  • (Author)

    bitterpill: ahaha i'm glad for you

    sha: stop destroying uculer's dream bubble with that 'psycho' word at the end of every sentence =p 

  • 9) cahatomic sucimuci: alaaa stori u sangat sweeeett
    cahatomic sucimuci: i tak terkejut if u will get married soon after graduate
    cahatomic sucimuci: u look like one
  • 10)

    Just read it.. damn, you're good at playing with the reader's emotion! Love it!

  • (Author)
    11) sukasuki: this is one of my favourite pieces. i reread it a thousand times. still love it.
  • 12) so romantic...
    make me wanna...
    really different from other jiwang stories...
    wanna more...

  • (Author)
    13) naqiah: oh, i made u speechless, right? lol it happened sometimes. i don't know what's going to come out next from this unpredictable brain of mine. wait n see
  • 14) darn~
    *calling mak*
    tooot..tooot.."mak..ok!! u can carikan me husband!!i dont mind now~ "

  • (Author)
    15) elislala: *grins* i feel like a matchmaker for the 'arrange marriage' agency ;-)
  • 16) i searched rekomen!! and this is the most voted story of all time.

    and i'm giving more.

    (ala rasa macam nak kahwin la pulak.... haha)

  • (Author)
    17) Leona: tq so much for reading. oh, and tq for the friend request. *blush*
  • 18) OMG!!!! NAK KAHWIN SKRG!!!!!!! ahahahahaha BESTTTTTT! SUPERB!

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