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Daftar Sekarang!

Wake Me Up!


The redness of the curtains draped across the dining table seemed to agitate her eyes more. She turned away from the table and stood facing the barren window. The floor was icy cold. She curled her naked toes and moved towards the ever-inviting three inch expensive carpet. Once she was warm and toasty, the silence that echoed back baffled her. Where was her loud blaring music?

"Please don't tell me that I'm in my own version of Just Like Heaven movie." She laughed nervously as her hand reached for the tv remote control. Flick! The square box came alive with the televisyen host chattering away about something.

Alice. She is Alice, a twenty-three year old brunette who lived alone in a cozy three bedroom apartment.

"I am Alice." Duh! She knocked her head with the palm of her hand for being so silly. She hugged herself. Only skin and bones. Her cheeks were hollow and sunken eyes glared back at her reflection on the glass table top. Alice smiled sadly at her state. A living skeleton.

"Get your act together you ungrateful child!" A man in his fifties slapped Alice hard across her cheek. Red marks bruised her pale porcelain skin. She gritted her teeth. Her nails were biting her palms; the burning pain managed to hold the threatening tears at bay.

"I hate you." Those words trembled out of her quivering lips.

"Either you give me the money or you can just get out from this house!" Her old man began inching closer to grab hold of her neck. She backed away to the nearest door and swung open her only means of escape.

"Wake up! Wake up or all is lost!" Alice held on to the word of wisdom she heard from The 10th Kingdom series like a talisman. A determine frown creased her forehead. She grabbed a hammer from the kitchen drawer and marched towards her freedom.

Her independence made her into an aneroxic. She was miserable. The remains of her evil father was still stashed away inside one of the kitchen's cabinets.

Days turned to months. The jovial, happy go lucky normal girl was slowly fading away under the skeletal appearance. Food was no longer her means of survival. Food was her enemy. She hated all the fat stored in her body. Food no longer comforted her in her times of need. When she bloodied her hands with the blood of her father, no solace came from anything called food.

Wake me up when hope is lost,

Wake me up when all fat is lost,

Wake this stubborn heart of mine,

Or let me die from famine.


Her mind was playing tricks on her. Her muscles began to cramp. Her lips dried and chafed. She was in a world of nothingness. The was no more room for redemption. Alice was...who? Did she ever exist? Was she just a figment of someone's imagination?

"Alice!" That name surrounded her being.

"Alice!" A thread of warmth came wrapping her light body. It was like a cocoon of life.

"Leave me be..." Her lips was sealed shut but that was her voice talking.



"Hang in there. I won't let you die." Her father? Impossible! NO!

She killed him.

"I'm sorry. I should have known this would happen."


Alice was just a character she came up with. Who was she? Joanne; a writer who loved to dwell in her world of imagination. Torn between reality and fiction. She opened her eyes wide and saw her surroundings for the very first time. She was not in a luxurious apartment. This was just a shabby room.

"Oh my god. I did it again."

"You sure did." A man with a bloodied hammer said from the corner of the room. Joanne jerked her head and grabbed the table in front of her.

"Where did you come from? Who let you in?"

"Finish the story Joanne."

"What story?"

"The one about Alice who murdered her own father."

"What is the story to you?"

"Because your life will end the moment you give an ending to it." He moved closer to her, the dripping blood sent shivers down her spine.

"This is not real. I am sleeping in my bed and I'm having a nightmare."

"Finish the story Joanne."

"Wake up!" She slapped both her cheeks.

"This blood is as real as you. Either you end the story or else you will die without a proper ending."

Alice was on the hospital bed. Her ragged breath called for forgiveness. A male doctor and a nurse were her last companions before she left this mortal body. Emptiness was a new feeling to her.

"I'll join you in hell, dad." She promised as her eyes closed forever and her life went out of her skeletal body. The End.

"Great ending, Joanne. Say your prayers now. It's your turn." He swung the hammer to her head and as the steel connected to her head, she heard the loud crack of her skull. Inside her head she screamed "Wake me uppppppppppppppppp!". But she never woke up. Not all the writers in the world faced the same fate like her. Most were still lucky to be alive so far. Beware when the man with a bloodied hammer asked you to finish your story, end it with a happy ending or you might never have the chance to write again.




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  • 1) i wish Jared Padalecki will force me to finish my series so we can lie under the sky to watch the stars together *starry eyes

  • (Author)

    (batting my eyelashes while hiding an evil grin) i can do something about tht ucu. don't u worry. 

  • 3)

    Ohhhhh... so, the man in my dream last night was this guy? lucky i got him punched in the face and broke his ribs.

    yeahh.. powderful me! muahahaha! <-- ayat berlagak. Cool

  • (Author)
    4) jojo: bodow =p. berlagak tak ingat. sib baik display pic comey.Cool
  • 5) i think u lose the drama by the end of the story...somehow it is not dramatic at the end but a very good beggining thous..still very intreting at the middle...but just the ending....

  • (Author)
    6) zhentan: yea i agree. dissapointed too :(

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