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Short Story

At Your Funeral

If there’s one thing she wished would disappear tonight, it’s that requiem. It’s been buzzing in her head all day like a deafening silence, beating every inch of her senses. Deat

  • Fantasi
  • 25/08/2007 | 03:41:05 AM

Too late, too soon?

We are looking through the window. We want to believe we'd be this way forever without realizing it'd end soon. Too soon we won't even realize it's over. You grab my hand in yours, res

  • Thriller
  • 7/08/2007 | 21:15:07 PM


So, it wasn’t the end of the story yet. It was only the beginning. He looked up and stared into the mirror. Lines of desperation and misery were seen perfectly on his face. He brought his right

  • Thriller
  • 31/07/2007 | 10:43:19 AM

Don't call me baby

He said "You look nice today".I smiled and kissed him."I like the way you combed your hair"."I did it for you"I grinned and he led me into his room. I let him take off my

  • Thriller
  • 31/07/2007 | 09:36:41 AM

Barely Breathing

I looked up. I smiled as a star sparkled. That was my lucky star. When I was little, I watched the stars every night, watching its movements and finally, when I was 16, I chose my star, the night when

  • Thriller
  • 25/05/2007 | 02:56:51 AM


Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won't heal? Your eyes have died but you see more than I. You're a star in the face of the sky.  He was soundly asleep when she came into the r

  • Thriller
  • 11/05/2007 | 02:36:59 AM

A Brief Rendezvous

The sun lies peacefully along the boarders of the horizon. The settling dawn led by an eruption of bursting shades of purple and red in the sky reflects on the lake facing them. They hold each other c

  • Thriller
  • 22/04/2007 | 06:00:20 AM

You never know

random thoughts put into a 3-parts story..Part 1 When I saw her at the market, she was with a kid buying groceries. The kid was 6 to 7 years old. He was a boy. They didn’t look the same though,

  • Thriller
  • 17/04/2007 | 12:07:36 PM

So Julie

"Julie, are we going to see each other again?" "I don't know. Maybe." She turned around, avoiding his eyes, avoiding the sad look he had on his face, avoiding his love. She s

  • Thriller
  • 17/04/2007 | 01:05:31 AM