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some ideas

1. i would like to apologize to the readers (if there's any) should i have been quite lagging in my updates on my blogs.2. truth is, i actually have any substance or ideas to write. somehow it require

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  • 16/02/2009 | 00:07:59 AM

the wrath of god

1. it gutted me to the fullest extent, hearing the landslide tragedy occurred less than 48 hours ago, which happens less than 10 miles from my apartment.2. it gutted me, that we had a similar trage

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  • 7/01/2009 | 19:16:48 PM

transition 809

hello everyone. it's been quite a while since i've wrote, and i have been to some places when i was away. mostly it's all work, but i gave some time to compile several materials in my mind so i ca

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  • 7/01/2009 | 19:14:36 PM

fish being complete

1. I'd say, fishbeing complete. Why do we have to be complete. Why dowe do what we do in the first place. Is it fishing reasonable to do so.Yeah, maybe money or material, but does that complete yours

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  • 7/12/2008 | 18:21:05 PM

a case of being selfish

1. A while ago when I was a student I had this experience that has brought me a bit down to earth. Sometimes when we are too comfortable about the things we enjoy we tend to forget the suffering of

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  • 20/11/2008 | 00:37:00 AM


1. Serabut in English means disorganized. Usually in Malay it is used as an adjective, used to describe a person. A person with an unsystematic life can be described as serabut. Phrases such as, "Y

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  • 13/11/2008 | 01:25:57 AM

happy belated halloween

    Addendum: I noticed that halloween long way past.  October 31 if I'm not mistaken.  Anyway, just nice derivative thoughts during that time. Thanks for your earlier comments,

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  • 13/11/2008 | 01:23:56 AM

mankind's greatest achievement

1. It has not been raining in the klang valley for the past 2 days. It has been hot. In fact, bloody hot. I've been around town and managed to found that the peak temperature has been up to 34 degre

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  • 6/11/2008 | 18:52:06 PM

my name is pratab

1. Hello, my name is Pratab. I'm a good friend of the author in this blog. He seems quite a nice guy. I suppose I had to thank him for giving this opportunity to share my stories in his blog.2. To

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  • 5/11/2008 | 23:19:24 PM

my 2nd gf

first of all i'd like to thank jojo for encouraging me to post my blog thots in this site. i was quite flattered and i hope to write more in the future. this is just an exerption (wonder if spelled t

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  • 5/11/2008 | 19:36:55 PM