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Don't let stress rule your life.Determine your tolerance level for stress and try to live within these limits.Here's how you can help yourself overcome stressful situasions:  a.Learn to say no&nb

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  • 4/06/2008 | 12:30:56 PM

7 signs your job is at stake!!!

1. You've been cut out2.You're losing responsibility3.Your job title has changed, and it's not a promotion4.Your every move is monitored5.You have received negative reviews6.The company is "reorganisi

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  • 4/06/2008 | 12:29:35 PM


Kedinginan malam yang indah Selepas hujan yang membasahi dataran yg terbentang luas jauh dari kebisingan kota,kedengaran unggas malam yang membelah sunyi,kabus malam membuatkan suasana menjadi kabur

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  • 24/04/2008 | 13:51:28 PM