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Nobody tells me love hurts.

Why do you want to know? Isn't it clear? Crystal. You are confusing me. Yes, forgive me. You know it all along. I don't stand a chance? Funny you should ask that. I just want to know. So, don't I? N

  • Love
  • 14/12/2009 | 19:09:25 PM

Forgive me

Mama, I texted him today with mixed feelings. I've always liked him for he's a dear friend, and reliable too. The thing is, he's married. So ok, he is a friend, JUST a friend, and his marriage shou

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  • 22/01/2009 | 17:28:09 PM

This shall be the end, friend

In the dim room, while staring at his emotionless face, I realised that I just could't stand him anymore. I didn't want him, the man named X, in my life. I hated the fact that he was already in my

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  • 13/09/2008 | 15:22:59 PM