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Short Story

Daddy , Give me the light

Mia opened up her eyes     Mama, where are you …why it is so dark… &nb

  • Experimental
  • 20/08/2008 | 16:35:26 PM


To everybody that still live in this world   First and foremost, sorry that I didn’t address this letter to anybody as there has been to many names to be mention and I don’t have the

  • Experimental
  • 15/03/2008 | 19:24:27 PM

The ordinary story

I’m so high….the effect of the substance entering my blood vessel is so enthralling…I am so all over the world…The moment I press the plunger of my syringe which I have shar

  • General
  • 28/02/2008 | 18:26:23 PM

The Judgement Day

The clock keep on ticking…tick …tick…tick…and every single stroke of the needle represent every second pass by. He nervously waited for his turn to make the appearance. All

  • Thriller
  • 24/01/2008 | 20:54:41 PM