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the best of KAPASITOR


I love Kapasitor…most of you must have agreed with me. We all love kapasitor. Too many talented people fulfilling my need to read good stuff...I didnt buy any book for quite a while as I know I can always rely on kapasitor. Nevertheless, as my appreciation to all talented writers here, and perhaps to encourage others to step up their games, listed below I present you nomination of the best writers around


The Best Novel Writer

There has been not too many names in this section and I have yet  seen any finish product. But in the same this is much harder as the level of commitment to produce a novel is exceptionally high. You need to be persistent. Well for that I think ralp_lufae come with a very good piece unfortunately she has stopped for a very long time.Where else uculer and nightingale has come up with heart warming stories.Put a big applause to all three of them for them commendable effort.Bravo


The Best Short Story Writer

And the award goes…..(drum roll…) to non other than Ms Nightingale. Refreshing plot, great usage of vocabulary, and beautifully structured. Come on night, you deserve the mention.


Other than her uculer and ganja_senzo, are good as well,whilst paper_cat and raihanchia is getting better by days.


The Best Poem writer

Well I must said for each category, more than one name deserve to be nominated, and I must say again more than one name deserve to win. Especially in this section….Too many talented writer. Reason,Valium,Nightingale,Uculer,FairuzarRaihanchia,Mosh…they all good.What can I say


The best Blog writer

I love uculer posting,I just love it


The Dark queen

It must be nightingale for her second to none impressive and twisted plot.She is good


The Profound Poeter

This goes to fairuzar, most of the time he is very deep and full with love. Girls out there, I bet he is a nice catch


The best rookie

Raihachia.She is getting better by day and I cant wait for her to be the best. Talented young girl


The best I don’t know how to categorize this

Reason for his ability to come up with great poems, and be able to reply others posting with impromptu poetry…that is a very damn nice one…keep it up bro


The Warm Fuzzy Feeling

This must be uculer, her writings is always warm and enlightening. I am addicted to it.


The best script writer

Nightingale…yes you..once again…and uculer is on par


The best plot/original ideas

Valium and Nightingale can chare this one...where else fairuzar has come up with an intresting story recently.


Special Mention

Jojo and his team…No need to mention what you have done..what ever it is…you guys are excellent…bravo


So guys, why don’t you all give your comment..Hopefully this will encourage everybody to improve…cheerio


p/s Sorry, my comment is base on English section only, for B.M and Indonesia, maybe others can nominate as well…. J


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