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A lot has been talked in the past few days. And a lot of people has make a lot of remark recently. First and foremost, the hottest issue at the moment, Chelsea ban and the possibility of the similar ban on Man U. Whilst Chelsea has already been banned, Manchester United are now apparently either sweating like pig, or angry like a beast as either way they are facing serious allegation from Le Havre AC for seducing their player.But one thing we should consider now, what is going to happen to that boy. For God Sake,Gael Kakuta is only 18… There must be some damage being suffocated with so many speculation. And come one la…it could worth you club life time investment to lure those boy in the club, if they didn’t do it, others would. I think Chelse and Man U is not the only two but they are the black sheep now. FIFA trying to show that they also worth something  ? I don’t know…To much politic in this.

Interesting remark from Ex Blues Army, Mr. Arjen Robben, saying that he foresee this could ignite player exodus in Chelsea. (Robben , you F^$%^% traitor)…It make sense, it might happen… We can only hope it doesn’t work that way, (Please Deco, Carvalho, etc etc…stay…we need you now…)whilst PFA Chief, Mr. Gordon has label the FIFA ruling as “Draconian” , One thing for sure it is a very English remark.Land of the dragon…If that guy is a Malaysian the word must be something like Cipan, Tenuk, Tapir, Babi, Ayam Serama  etc…..

Anyhow, Talking about Englishness, very demeaning remark from Slaven Bilic, Croatian coach who said that England National Team has lose its Englishness. Though I don’t know  whether we should agree on his opinion or not, I think we should look back at EPL culture at the moment. Look at the club in London alone, we don’t have to go through all England. Lets look at Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham, Fulham and Charlton… Most of the club has foreign player, foreign coach , and foreign manager exceeding numbers of local Englishmen. To certain extend the owner themselves  are not even English. Arsenal pride of emirates Stadium are heavily sponsored by the Arabs, where else the Russian tycoon / mob has manage to find their way to own Chelsea (rumors saying that his original intention was to get Liverpool, then he decide to buy Spurs instead when being decline by Liverpool and yet been decline again. Only when he saw the beautiful Stamford Bridge stadium on air, in his helicopter on the way back from the white hart lane, that he decided he should spend his fortune on Chelsea instead. True ? I don’t know, this been told by my English supplier J )

So it make sense to accuse them that they have lose their flare, their origin, their flavor as they have unable to remain to their identity of the resilient English Game. For sure, if the playing ground (the EPL) has been dominated by the foreign player. (Perhaps that is why Gordon Brown, decided to slap foreign players with humangus tax) It is the influx of playing style. The game play has become too international, and saturated with style. And hence English player, so accustomed to how they played in the league level couldn’t get back to their origin. And Cappello as the new manager may not help much in regaining the Englishness of the game. Even though they look stronger nowadays, but I don’t see them as strong as they were in 1966.


Lastly would be interesting remark from Backham on Eduardo issue. Yes, I hate  ARSENAL for a very obvious reason. “They Suck”, but Eduardo as a player, well I think it is about time for us to cut him some slack. I agree that this issue has been sensationalized. For God Sake, Christiano Ronaldo is the master in deceiving referee with diving,  and look at where it bring him . a 80 Million Pound transfer fee. And there are tons of other player been doing that. I did that once. It is natural instinct, the opponent are going to attack you, there is no way for you to strike the goal, and the best possible way your subconscious mind could think of is to dive and win yourself a penalty. You don’t need a manager to tell you that. It is not a sportsmanship attitude, but in the end of the day , it is always the three point that matter the most.

I am done with the kvetching today, the world is still round like a football…so I guess there be up and down in anything…


p/s - Anyone in favor to loan Mutu some 17 million? , he is so desperate of cash so I heard. Though there is still grudge remaining, I start to pity him…poor guy….


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