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Chelsea Chelsea !!!


In the wake of cry out to stop children slavery, Chelsea has back international move to ban on transferring players under the age of 18. This come in the light of Chelsea ban from bringing in new player for their demeanor in enticing the young Gael Kakuta to join Chelsea FC . Awry and Irony statement.


Latest news of Andrian Mutu. Apparently he couldn’t afford the 17 million euros fine and as alternative he would propose that he would do some charity work and donation in exchange of his punishment. Well , though I start to pity him, but to think it over and over again. One - I am quite sure he can afford at least half of the fine by digging deep in his pocket. Two - he can work out some installment plan and for sure for the next five years, given that he could continue playing football at reputable wealthy club, he would be able to pay (he is a good player anyway). Thirdly, perhaps he could also ask for some discount, but a total exchange of the fine with “charity” work is absurd. Can I do that to settle all my summons from PDRM ? no right ?

Whilst in the same time, Mutut existing agent wanted Juve to pay some portion of the fine (which is very very unlikely for Juve to do it,) and also Alessandro Moggi, Mutu previous agent to pay up his share as he is the one who has been advising Mutu on joining Juventus and subsequently Fiorentina. The way he say it, it look like he will give some hell to whoever involve in the decision making.

Perhaps Mutu should resign fiorentina and play for Chelsea , for free, or at least Chelsea would only pay him a bit of salary as and when he put the ball at the back of the net. Could this work ? No way would Chelsea would want to agree to that…



Back to Chelsea sanction, John Terry has recently quoted that sanctions could strengthen the determination of the current squad this season. "We are very much together at Chelsea and whatever has been thrown at us over the last two or three years we seem to become stronger," declared Terry. "We will certainly do that this time, as always."


Whilst recently Ashley Cole has renew his contract with Chelsea, Ancelotti has predicted that more will come from Ashley Cole. He has so far net 3 goals in 88 premier league appearance, and has been playing an integral role under the new Ancelloti reign. Other than Cole... Terry, Drogba,John Mikel Obi and Malouda have also signed extensions with the Stamford Bridge club recently. However, Micheal Ballack has recently quoted to reconsider his position after 2010, on whether or not he should continue playing or the time has arrived for him to follow Zidane step by hanging up his boot. Damn you Ballack, if you want to think about it, think it after 2011. Now put your focus and play the best game for the last two years of your football life. However for the record, Ballack has signed an extension deal last June to stay for another twelve months.

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