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All in all it has been a great league so far, the competition for this year is rather dramatic and interesting and with unexpected losses of the big 4 , force the script of the league being rewrote again and again. And the race for the P1 is as tight as ever.

Nonetheless, I am sure everybody know the latest score line. Big game for the big 4. Chelsea won big and Liverpool surprisingly upset Man U, after their seeming like forever winning drought. They deserve the win. Talking about the game , you would notice one thing. The traditional team vs the not so traditional big power a.k.a Chelsea, Villa, Man City etc.

Now, don’t start jumping here and there like a good old monkey, I am sure every club has great history. For God sake, Chelsea started in 1905, Villa at 1875 (damn) and Man City at 1880. But unless you are the hardcore fan, you wont feel the electrifying , absurd excitement that pump your adrenalin up, the very wicked feeling that can only be summarized by the word AWESOME.

 Coming from Chelsea camp myself, Man, I love Chelsea, I am cold hearted blue blood, through and through. But I can’t deny the fact that the atmosphere that you get , when watching Liverpool vs Man is far more electrifying. Well, it is a big game, but that is something that has been missing with Chelsea. You don’t get game as explosive as last night game even when Chelsea facing the remaining big 4.Let alone seeing Chelsea won by 5 goals to none, still it is not as great. Just not there yet

It is the tradition, the culture, the rivalvary that make football seems so great. I remember reading an article about how frustrated Roman Abramovich with the attendance a few years back. Among us, the blue army, we love Chelsea so much, but for the neutral, despite Chelsea strong appearance in the last 5 years, it is far more entertaining watching the red beating the devil who colored himself red.

And again, if you are big fan of Man City, this is what you are lacking as well. This is something you couldn’t build in 10 years time. Definitely not overnight, this is real football, this is something so ancient, your grandfather just had first walk in life when this started. You need tens of years of winning the great league before you can achieve this cult status..Thats it, I say it. It is a cult.

This is football, this is our passion, this is our love, and this would be the very reason why we are here in the blog. For the love of the game, God know how much we are so much in love with this greatest game on planet. The sore loser would opt for tennis, golf or cricket. You can say they have smaller ball than us. J

Football, its a cult



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