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Kap-sule : What, Why, Who, When?


Hi Everyone!

I hope this is not too late, but Jojo has asked me to put out a blog post to promote KAP-SULE yesterday. But it looked like Njay has beaten me and did a great job of promoting it through her blog, thank you so much Nia for the rave review! ;)


What is Kap-sule?

Kap-sule is a compilation of poetries and short stories from the English Section selected by our Section Admin, Uculer. Kapasitor is in it’s 5th year and the En section roughly if I’m not mistaken,  in it’s 3rd year.The idea is to dig back from our vast collection of poetries and short stories contributed by members and gave new light to them.

With our increasing number of new members, Kap-sule would gave them a chance to have a glimpse of the old EN poetries and short stories. And maybe, just maybe... they would dig themselves further and check out other old stuff which sadly can’t all be featured in this issue. Please go to the respective links, comment and rate.

Kapasitor Artworks

Kap-sule also features artworks & photos from the Artwork Section. I personally think is a waste not use them. Hey, check them out too ya..comment & rate! ;)

Will there be Kap-sule 2, 3 or ...?

You decide guys. There can be only more Kap-sule, if you guys keep contributing poetries, short stories and artworks to Kapasitor. So keep it coming guys!


Other projects from EN

There will be more exciting new projects coming from us. If you guys got new ideas too, please feel free to contact us in EN section.

Last words, super duper thanks to Jojo for compiling and the green light, Ucu who penned the word Kap-sule & EN section team and all the contributors in this 1st Issue of Kap-sule, you guys rock!!

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