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Kapasitor EN : November 2010 Bulletin


Hi All!

It’s the time of the month again where I bring you guys the EN Section monthly bulletin.

First of all, let’s congrats again Jojo & Nia for becoming Papa Jo and Mama Nia with their 1st newborn, Naquib Nafwal.

The Stats

Ok, last month numbers of posts in Poetry & Short Story got a little bit better. Thank you to all contributors who took some time to write, type and upload and also to those who kept coming to EN Section to read, comment and rate.

Below are the selected posts by moderators (in no particular order) :


  1. I Wave Goodbye To Last Night by Lilacbride
  2. O Em Jee by Ninasarif
  3. The Frog by 26life
  4. 4 by Alam_shah
  5. Conversations (With Inanimate Object) by faizfandi
  6. The Life I Know by Ikyetc
  7. Women Are Calling For War by Dayya

Short  Stories

  1. Euphoria  by ralpha
  2. Hungry Ventriloquist by tomkiddo
  3. Alphabet Of Love by nightingale

Kapsule #4

Sorry to inform that Kapsule #4 : Water Theme is still in progress. Let’s hope the designer for this issue, Ms Blake_zane will get it ready soon. All the best blakey!


Let’s welcome Arasis to Kapasitor and EN section. She had uploaded 4 poetries and 1 short story this month. Keep it coming sis! ;)

New Competition : JUSTWRITE!

We like to invite everyone to participate in our next EN SECTION COMPETITION. I really don’t have an idea to name this competition but I think I’ll just name it JUSTWRITE!

What is JUSTWRITE! ?

Well, the name says it all. Just write lah!

How does it goes?

Ok, it’s simple.  We provide you a picture or an art and you JUSTWRITE! a poetry or a short story based on it. Simple ain’t?


Submit or upload your entry in EN Poetry or Short Story Section from 4/11/2010 to closing date 5/12/2010. Please type JWCOMP in your post title, for example, “JWCOMP : Mad Dog & Sneakerhead”.

Winner & Prize

Ok, this time the moderators will be the judges. After the closing dates, each moderator will chose 2 entry that they like the most. The entry that will get the most votes from moderators will be the winner. So with that, all the EN moderators CANNOT enter this competition but is encourage to still take part and submit their works.

For now, I still have not decide on the prize.  Clarkie will post a blog for this competition and maybe by that time the prize is decided.

OK, Are you ready?

This is the picture.


Get creative and post your entry! Good luck!


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