The Feelings That Once, Existed.

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Isn't it strange, how I can forget something as awful as that storm I once encountered. It's only been a few months and already the memory of it is devoid of terror. I can recall the events, of course, but I can't feel anything. Funny, isn't it, how the human mind works?

            We humans have a remarkable capacity to disguise emotions... ~ We suppress feelings, we force ourselves to forget things until, finally, we truly believe those things had never existed.

                Such cynicism in one so pure... ~ Do you really think so?

                 Of course. It's how we survive, isn't it?

          Yes, it's right, of course. I mean, let's take the terrible storm as an example. I remember being washed overboard; I can remember, clearly, being battered by the waves, swallowing gallons of water ~ I can still taste the salt at the back of my throat, but can I recall the terror? No, not really. Similarly, I can remember surfacing once the squall had passed, and I can remember seeing you, but as for how I felt: nothing! The elation of being alive, intense as it was then, no longer exists. I've simply forgotten. Of course I remember everything; but I'm afraid I draw a blank as far as emotions are concerned.

    But, what about death? Would you forget a person once he/she is passed on?
          Their face ~ their image ~ would stay with you, of course. You'd remember what they looked like. The details may become vague, but you'd still remember. Just like a photograph. In your mind's eye, you'd be able to re-create all their habits ~ the way they slept, how they ate: everything. But, would you remember how u felt about them? And how they felt about you?

              No, I don't think so.

                      Death, I believe, erases everything. It erases all traces of the life that once existed, completely and forever. Of course we help it in its task ~ we're the ones who do the forgetting.

I couldn't argue with it.


by The Muse.

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  • 1) I digress!

    There is feeling even death can't erase. True, Memories are like bubbles. Its could burst any given time or day. But the explosion would leave a mark on your soul.

    You can't truly erase that memories imprinted on our mind. Suppressed it? Yes, you can't totally erase those memories. People withered and fade away, but memories live on!
  • 2) Now I officially believe semua students sekolah menengah sains kering kontang berkelapa sawit batch spm99 are really talented writers. Do they teach you on how to write there? Seriously. First we have jojo, then fathul, ucu, zhentan, now you? Korang memang hebat lah. Salute salute..

  • (Author)
    3) NJay: Thanks. I don't think I'm that good though. And by the way, I'm not batch spm99, I'm spm2000. A worse nightmare.
  • 4) eh? oh batch lain ke? hihi sorry wrong assumption :p
  • 5) or you atually want to forget the memories

  • (Author)
    6) uculer: I don't know for sure.
  • 7) pretty deep and dark. it's like watching or reading your own thought, only that it was written by someone else, in another way, by another style.

    i can't help but see it in a comic/manga/manhwa form, one with such deep, intense storyline. forgive me for that >"<

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