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How to Keep a Secret

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Keeping a secret can be a bitch.When we acquire a delicious piece of gossip or news,we almost can't help but feel the urge to blab,even if we have been begged not to.

It doesn't take long for people to recognize whether we're the type who guards a confidence or can't keep her trap shut.And once the figure we out,they treat we accordingly.Good things tend to come to secret keepers.They become privy to other confidences.They are given information that can prove useful-as long as they are discreet.They maybe allowed entree to an inner sanctum.

I'm a good secret keeper.Not because I'm such an amazingly upright person.Hey,my first instinct is to want to tell.But i learned a neat trick years ago for keeping info under wraps.The reason i trained myself is that back in my twenties i divuldge a tidbit i should have kept under wraps.Though i take full responsibility ,i should point out that the information was extracted by a woman who could sneak a bone away from a pit bull.I vowed after my infraction that i was going to learn to zip my lips,and my track record today is excellent.In fact,for several years I've known a secret that is so huge that it would make headlines,but I have never breathed a word of it to anyone because the person who told me asked me not to.

Here's the trick.Instead of viewing a secret as something you need to unload,think of it as something so good it must be hoarded.Allow yourself to savor it and appreciate having it all to yourself.Let a smile cross your face when you are thinking about it.If you really relish a piece of information,and consider how important you feel possessing it when practically no one else does,you won't wan't to give it away.

Good LUck!!!

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  • 1) leh caya ke ni hehehe ;P
  • 2) That is like so true!
  • 3) haha i'm a good secret keeper too cause after few days i learned of any secrets, i FORGOT THEM! hahahaha

    yes. when i learn something, i tend to forget you can imagine how i do with my papers...*cries*
  • 4) that's a relly good tips indeed... but i think this piece of info would be more beneficial if you put it in the community section

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