Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

chocolate wrapper.......


I took out the white box from my closet. At first I sit beside my bed, not knowing what actually I’m doing with that box. It just a plain white box with my name written on top of it. It been years since the last time I opened it, maybe because I’m too afraid to remember the past that hidden inside it.


“What are you doing sis? Hey, isn’t that…..” I looked up to my sister face; she looked confused with my action. I know what she is trying to say but I just let it go quietly.


“Are you going to open it?” I shook my head as answer for her question. Yes, I’m going to open the box in front of my sister. She never knew what exactly stored in it; I kept it as a secret from the beginning.


“Oh, My God! Is that chocolates wrapper? How many it is?” my sister shouted in shocked. I took out all of it and put it on the floor.


“Erm, hundreds maybe… I think so…”  


I started to count the wrapper, one by one. All of them are the same, same color, same brand and of course, all of them have pictures of roast almond in the front. As it is are my favorites.


“Did you buy all of this?”


“No, it a gift from someone… one hundred and twelve chocolate wrapper… she gives me this every time we met and I do the same, it keeps us together.”


“Interesting… so, who is she?”


“A friend of mine, a very good friend.” I said. Suddenly I feel the tears in my eyes, that things remind me of something. It’s an old story that has deep meaning which apart of me want to forget it in the same time to cherish it.


“Hey, what is this all about? Something happened?” my sister asked again.


“She left…”


“Why? Do you have a fight with her?”


“I don’t know, we are just fine and then one day she left without a word. I’ve tried to find her but she was nowhere to be seen. She disappointed me.”


“Do you hate her?”


“No, of course not. She’s my friend and I love her.” I pick up one of the chocolate wrapper, there is a smile on my face.


“You know what? These wrapper is actually represent me.” I said it in a low, husky voice.


“It signified my strength to face each problem, my passion about something or someone, my courage to accept love and trust from others and it is about something that I believed. All this time, this things had give me strength, it help me to build my confidence to face my life. Even though it difficult, but I still manage to do it” I explained briefly.


“She is a good friend, right?”


“She is… she was my best friend.”


            “She will always be your best friend, maybe she have her own reason for all of this.”

“Well, someday you will meet her again… just wait….” She looks at me, there is a smile on her face, and it gives me hope. Then, I pick up the entire chocolate wrapper and put it back into the box. Hoping that someday my friend will come back and we could spend our time together again with a chocolate wrapper in our hand…..




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  • 1) life is like a box of chocolate - forest gump ;)

    no hpone. email. office add, home address, facebook, myspace, etc of ur fren eh?
  • 2) sweet~

    everytime u guys met than a choc wrapper is needed? ain't?

    I can't imagine loosing my bestfriend as I really need him in my life~~ huuuu
  • 3) nice story.. write more stories kay..

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