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(this script was written in 2006 for an english sketch competition in a local university)ENJOY!

“Finding Tose”  by : I. Kurusawa.



Story teller:


Once upon a time, in a galaxy not far-faraway, in a kingdom where kings and queens, princesses, princes, dragons and warriors were not involved....Actually this story happened few days ago just right after the registration week.


This is Tose. Profesor Tose. He is headmaster of a residential college and a lecturer. He likes to sing a lot.


Tose: help me…


 But he hates dancing.


Tose: Help me!


On that day, while he was teaching his student....he was kidnapped!


Tose: Help me!


By a villain named Buduman! Not V-o-o-d-o-o-man, but B-U-D-U-man!


Buduman: Very good!


Buduman is a serial kidnapper. His victims include people, animals, and plants, and…actually…almost everything! He likes to pop his knuckles, but he hates cutting his fingernails.


This is Capati. She is a student of Prof. Tose. She likes to eat. But she hates cooking.




Capati: Yes!


Your lecturer is gone! Buduman kidnapped him!


Capati: No!


Go and help him!


Capati: Alright!


And so, here we go. Capati is on a quest to find her lecturer. Without him, it will be a disaster. She depends on him to complete her study! This is the third time she failed! She must find him!


She walked, she ran, and she ate! She walked, she ran, and she ate again! And again..


Capati: Yes!


 And then she saw something terrible right before her eyes….


Capati: No!


This is Tongman. His body is made from a lot of used sardines cans. He is not a robot. He is Tongman!


Capati: Alright!


Tongman likes to polish his body.


Tongman: Yes!


He hates using his brain!


Tongman: No!


Of course he has a brain. He also has medulla oblongata!


Tongman: Alright!


Because of that, he is enslaved to Buduman! Furthermore, he’s a tool for Buduman!


Buduman: Very good!


Tongman is miserable! His head is a frying pan for buduman. His hands are hammers, spoons, ladder and anything to Buduman.


Capati felt very sad. She wants to help.


Capati: Yes!


She is not hungry anymore.


Capati: No…


She shouts to Tongman.


Capati: Alright!


Capati urge and scold Tongman for being so weak. She asked Tongman to wake up and change! Use your brain Tongman! Fight! Don’t be a loser! Be a winner! It’s time to break free!


Suddenly, Tongman woke up and released himself from the abuse!


Tongman: Yes!


Good job Tongman! You’ve used your brain!


Tongman: No…


Yes you did! You use it to move your arms and legs, and you pushed Buduman away!


Tongman: Alright…


Capati: Yes!


Tongman thanks Capati for saving his life.


Capati: No!


Capati said. You saved yourself! By using your brain, and your medulla oblongata!


Capati: Alright!


Capati asked Tongman to join her in the quest finding Tose. Prof. Tose. Tongman agreed.


Tongman: Yes!


And so, they walked, they hopped, they skipped, they tiptoed, and she ate…


Meanwhile….in a dungeon of Buduman’s castle…..


Tose: Help me! Help me!


After two hours and sixty seconds, Capati and Tongman came to a savannah. They saw something weird is happening…


This is Singer. Not S-i-n-g-a, but S-I-n-g-e-r! He is a lion! He likes to sleep.


Singer: Yes!


But, he hates to work. Actually he is a coward.


Singer: No!


Yes you are!


Singer: Alright!


Therefore, he is also a slave to Buduman!


Buduman: Very good!


Singer is afraid of Buduman. He will do anything for him. For example;


Singer! Roll over, make a star jump and meow!


Singer: Yes! (And do it all)


Buduman: Very Good!


This time, Capati and Tongman were shocked and angry!


Capati and Tongman: Yes!


Capati is also hungry.


Capati: No!


Yes you are….


Capati: Alright!


Cut the nonsense! She said. You are a lion! You should be brave!


Tongman: Yes!


You need no courage medallion! You are courage! You are the king of the jungle! You are handsome!


Tongman: No…


Errr…This I agree with you. I lost control.


Tongman: Alright…


Come on Singer. You can do it! Go Singer go!


And with a sudden roar, Singer moved his body and with a single wave, he wipes Buduman out!


Capati and Tongman: Yes!


And now, together with the lion, Capati and Tongman continue the quest for saving Prof. Tose. So off they went.


They rolled, they skidded, they ran, and she ate! Again…




Tose: Help me! Help me!

Finally, these three heroes came to a castle, fully furnished, semi detached, with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets! And inside a dark room, they found Prof. Tose !


Capati, Tongman and Singer: Yes!


What in the world is Prof. Tose doing?!


Tose: Help me! Help me!


What?! He’s watching television?! A football match?! World cup Semi final?!!


Capati, Tongman and Singer: No!


Whatever it is! Capati, Tongman and Singer! You must save Prof. Tose, and bring him back!


Capati, Tongman and Singer: Alright!


Buduman: Very good!


Oh! No! Buduman is here! And he looks stronger and healthier!


Tose: Help me! Help me!


Buduman: Very good!


Capati! Tongman! Singer! Do something! Help Prof. Tose!


Tose: Help me! Help me! Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buduman: Very goooooodddd!!!!!!!


Tongman and Singer catch and grabbed Buduman. Capati pulled Prof. Tose up from the sofa! Go! Tose! Run!


Capati, Tongman and Singer: Yes!!!


Tose did not run away? He stopped!


Capati, Tongman and Singer: No!!!?


Tose: Help me!


What? Buduman did not kidnap you? This is confusing….what is happening..?


Buduman: Very good!



Tose: Let me tell you. Buduman had never kidnapped me. I voluntarily followed him. He is my nephew!


Buduman: Yes! I just took him to watch this World cup match! That’s all!


Capati: Then, why did you torture Tongman?


Tongman: Why did you make fun of Singer?


Singer: Why???


Buduman: It wasn’t my fault. I was looking for tools and cooking ware, and I found Tongman! I never knew he was alive! He was not moving at all! I thought he was just tools! Then you came. Capati! You woke him up!


Let me explain to you about the Lion. After I ran from Tongman, I stumbled upon this tamed and lazy lion. I was so excited and just want to play with him! Then you came again! And you make him roar and swipe me away!


Storyteller: Ooohhh!  o.k.! Anyway, in this story, Capati, Tongman and Singer have shown a great teamwork and friendship!


Capati, Tongman and Singer: No…


Tose: Yes you did...


All: Alright!!!!!!








































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  • (Author)
    1) My rendition of Wizard of OZ.
  • 2) yes i was abt to comment on oz-ish story. but its funny, fast pace n i enjoy reading it. I bet its even funnier if i watched the sketch.

    good one!

  • (Author)
    3) yes! No! Alright!;p
  • 4) i love this
    it's entertaining
    good one
  • 5) reminds me to the wizard of oz..
  • 6) hahahaha.. yeah.. this is funny.
  • 7) wow! wow! wow! wow!

    wizard of oz is no match for this. this is really cool, as i read line by line, i could imagine how the sketch shld take place.

    thsnks kurusawa

  • (Author)
    8) thanks to u all!
  • 9) i didnt even notice the note about it being a script at the beginning.
    but as i read, i automatically imagined it being acted out.
    funny one-lines. kinda like whose-line-is-it-anyway.

    very goood!
  • 10) hahaha..tose..stupid!

    abeh tu yg ekau dok sebut help me help me tu apekehalnyer tose?

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