Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Those that smell oh so sweet..

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"What about this one?," A tall pretty girl is tapping her feet almost impatiently, calling attention to a bunch of sun kissed roses to her friend.

She whipped around after squinting questioningly and snickering on a card attached to a huge floral arrangements, hideously adorned with multi colored flowers.

"Hurmph. Yellow roses are too blah." The petite girl waved her fingers airily. Her friend looked exasperated.

"Why.. we had been in this shop, not to mention countless other before this for hours..!", she almost wailed. She checked herself and turned her voice into a whine..

"I am dying of hunger. My legs just might buckle down if I don't shove something down my throat soon. I don't care. This shop is just as good as any other. You are choosing your damn flower now. I can't see any difference what it would...." Her impatient tone trailing off and her sentence left unfinished.

The petite girl are fingering a beautiful red rosebud that hint of growing into full blossom. Somehow, she looked almost lost amidst all the loveliness.

Eyes shining, the petite girl says, " Roses always seems to signify to me of the flowers of love"

Her friend smiled. " Then chose this one. You seems to like it.."

The petite girl just continue to caress the flower. " You don't give a guy roses, Rina. Inappropriate." She sniffed as if the very thought offend her. "What's more they won't appreciate it as it should be appreciated.."

Rina laughed. " Some guys.. or should I say gays may not agree with you.."

Her friend laughed. " People used to love flowers for the different interpretation they gave. Red roses always seems to me to signify passion. Pink, are for the hopeful. White, are for the pure, forgotten and forsaken. "

"Black?" , teases Rina.

"Withered out." The girls laughs together but Rina's friend sigh.

She looks around the shops again. Unsatisfied she called the shop owner, requesting if she have a pictures of the shop's flower bouquets. She didn't tell Rina that the real reason she took so long in making up her mind which flower would she pick is because she really have not make up her mind whether it is a good idea to send the flower to him. She prefers gift. A hand picked gifts and things she knew he would love. But the thought of the gift being thrown back at her face is much more than she could bear. Giving out gifts anonymously is the only way and she can only do it with flowers in such a short notice.

"A coward way's out I guess," she whispered to herself.

Surreptitiously stealing a look at Rina, confirmed her feeling that Rina is really not going to stand for her nonsense much more longer. Rina is now salivating at a sushi poster nearby and Rina actually really hates sushi. The thought of raw fish sliding down her throat make her gag she once said.

The shop owner brought a battered looking folder for her to browse. Going from one page to another, her eyes caught on a bouquets brightly yellow flower with a purple wrapping. Not too shabby, she thought. And sunflowers could do no wrong. A strong vibrant looking flower that send out its message loudly.

She pointed this out to the shop owner.

"How much?" She asked. The shop owner gingerly inform of the price.

Rina's friend eyebrow shot up for a moment. "Fine," she replied resignedly and take out her purse.

"Eh.. You had picked out which suited your fancy?" , Rina's jauntily walk back to her friend, giving her a wide smile. "Finally! Dinner time!".

She smiled and gave a nod. After taking her receipt, Rina's friend write a short message on the card given and handed the card with the address attached on a piece of paper.

" Sorry ok, Rina. You had been such a good sport. Dinner my treat," she smiled to her friend.

"Miss! Miss! " Both girls turned around as the dumpy shop owner waved at them to come back. "Miss.. you forgot to sign your name in the card.."

"No. I didn't. Just leave it unnamed." She smiled to the shop owner. Rina slipped her hand into her friend and they walked back toward her car.

Rina looked searchingly at her friend and voices out her thought. "Why? He might like that you know.. It probably is a good thing for him to know from whom the flowers came from.."

The earlier sparkle in her friends eyes seems to had been diminished.

" It doesn't matter. It won't change his mind about me. Just want to wish him all the best "

Rina gives her friend a little pat. "Come on, dinner waits for no man.."

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