Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

This is a Love Story not A Tragedy


The blank canvas makes no sense at all. Her fingertips were smeared with ink but nothing was written on the piece of paper. Curses. She felt like spitting out a stream of foul words to no one. Just her luck to have a writer's block at this moment when her life depended on it.

"Curse it all!" She shouted angrily at the paper. No reaction. Well duh!

She looked at her black fingertips. Suddenly inspiration struck. Actually that was one of the pencils she had experimentally thrown up the ceiling to see if one will stick. She patted the top of her head to make sure no hole were formed in her skull. Then she made a funny face as she began writing on the paper.

"Macho man walks up to the lady and introduces himself. The lady turns up her nose and discards him. That should do it for now."

Leah was known as an eccentric. Part of it was because of her job writing funny qoutes for boring pictures. The newspaper owner was a bit of an eccentric himself with his long curly moustache and colorful and eye-popping shirts design. One day he was wearing one that said 'I heart my moustache more than my ex-wife'. Leah and her boss had became best buddies since then.

The job pays well for a single woman living with her parents. And she fell head over heel in love with the working place to even bother about the working benefits. This was her sanctuary out from home.

A few months from her last submission she received a devastating news about her beloved boss. Due to recession,her boss had to sell the company to save his employers. What noble act that was!

They all threw him the grandest farewell party they could afford with their meager earnings and wished him all the best.   

"I love working with all of you," he said with a wobbly smile.

"And now I will show you my last magic trick," the big boss was known to pull a magic performance out of the blue. He made a waving gesture in front of his face. They all waited with bated breath.

"Now you see it," they have no clue what he was talking about.

"Now you don't," they gasped as his long curly moustache dissapeared. Without it, he looked normal. Just plain Mr. Todd. Leah managed to come out of her trance and chuckled as she gave him an applause. Soon the whole office followed suit. Turned out he was wearing a fake moustache all this while.

Before leaving, Mr. Todd pulled Leah aside and shared a secret with her.

"Beware of the new boss. He's known to be vicious with his staffs."

"He ate them for breakfast?" Leah gulped down her fear.

"No. He's a no nonsense kinda guy. Takes everything seriously."

"I'm sure he'll somehow fit right into our world," translation: the loony house of horrors.

"He's a hard egg to crack Leah. Good luck." He left her with that news as a parting gift? Maybe she should consider getting a job as a housekeeper. At least it won't involved any writing. Who knows what weird and eccentric stuff she will write if she were to continue working here.


"Here comes the new boss!" said the out of breath coffee boy. Owh, only in this establishment exsisted
a unique job title; the coffee boy.

The job required no prior experience and talent. Just a fun personality and a need to goof around in the office. Okay he needed to be the clown in the office sometimes when the workload became unberable.

Every single one of them stopped what they were doing and anticipated the new 'king'. A man appeared. He strolled in confidently and his eyes demanded that they acknowledge him with respect. Some of the ladies in the office sigh dreamily and the guys stared in awe. Their new boss was looking like a million bucks.

His suit was like it was cut out from a fashion magazine and paste on his tall stature. His eyes looked as if they could scorched you at a glance. No one would dare stare into those dark brown globes. His face held no warmth, but the thin crowfeets at the corner of his eyes were a sign of laughing too much. Or maybe he had been out in the sun too much and not bother with the protection from sunscreen.

Leah almost stepped on his gleaming black leather shoes before a pair of hands stopped her. He held her at arms length. All she saw was his red tie against black shirt.

"Oops, clumsy me."

"You are fired." He said as he dropped his hands from her shoulders. She jerked up to look at the man.

"You must be the new boss" she looked at him straight in the eyes.

"Pack your things and collect your paycheck." He continued in that same monotone voice.

"Now, now don't go do something rash," her voice sounded like a mother telling a child that he can't have a cookie before dinner.

"Ah, you must be the infamous Leah."

"At you service," she proceed to bow gracefully in front of him. One of his eyes twitched and he appeared to be counting to ten before speaking to her.

"What is your job here?"

"Writing funny quotes or whatever lines I could come up with."

"From now on you will be assigned a new task. I don't want to waste any more columns in the paper."

"Todd warned me that you will be difficult."

"It is you who are being difficult. Either you accept the new task or quit."

"Just so you know, I'll accept it because I have no choice. I will have no joy doing it."

"Remember I can fire you if your job performance is not up to my standard."

"I am at your mercy, Oh great one." She had her last say and went back to her desk.


Andrew took a deep breath and declined Leah's request for a pinball machine in the office. Since he started taking over the company two years ago, his patience had been tested numerous times and he was contemplating murder. A sane man could put up with so much insanity before reaching his boiling point. Leah was his nightmare in hell. She had done all she can to turn the place into a theme park. And he put up with her every single time because she is one of his best writers for the paper.

"You wanted to see me boss?" Leah popped her head inside his office and took a seat.

"It's regarding your request for a pinball machine."

"Don't you think it will be fun to have a pinball machine in the office? That will be so cool."

"Leah," he sighed heavily before continuing "I run a respectable newspaper company. We don't do fun in here."

"That's why you are so grumpy all the time. Take a chill pill once in a while."

"I would prefer a bullet in my head," he muttered to himself.

"What did you say?"

"I said, I'll have to close down the company once and for all if you continue with this path."

"Come on. Where is your fun bone?"

"Scientifically speaking, there is no fun or funny bone in a human body."

"See, this is why you don't get along with all your employees except for me."

"As long as they done their job, I don't care what they think about me."

"Let's make a deal. You agreed to come in the office wearing anything other than suits and I'll make them throw you a birthday and belated welcoming party."


"OKay, I'll make it worth your while. If you come to the office wearing informal clothes for one whole working week, I will cease turning this office into a 'theme park'."

"If I lose?"

"You will..."


"I haven't thought about the punishment yet."

"I have the utmost confidence in the world that I will win this wager."

"It's a deal, boss."

"If I win you will have to obey and agree to any request I make."

"Hmm...I smell something fishy here. Shall we shake on it?"

"I suggest you be mentally prepared for your defeat, Leah." That made her much more scared now.


Leah tried to ignore the need to take a peek at her new boss everytime she heard his voice talking with the employees. She managed to focus on her job for a few more minutes before her ears went into alert mode at the sound of his laughter. What is so funny?

Ever since the wager, Andrew had become popular. This will be the longest week in her life. Five days of controlling her temper and her need to push away all the women who have been warming up to him. Often times she would caught herself clenching a pencil that had been broken in half.

"This is a good change for him," she would try to calm herself down when he smiled warmly at a female employee. But she resented the fact that she had never been the recipient of those boyish smiles.

"Oh, what have I done? I have open a Pandora box."

"Are you feeling okay, Leah? Maybe you take some time off. You look disturbed." Said the dashing man in jeans and Polo shirt. Or was it Abercrombie & Fitch?

How dare he looked so approachable and carefree? Leah was starting to feel neglected without his regular lectures and nagging.

"Guess what day is today?" She hated that smirk on his face.


"No. It's your preparation-for-your-punishment day," he said with a twinkle in his eyes. How dare he looked so cocky?!

"The day isn't over yet."

"Look again. It's ten minutes past office hours. I win, you lose."

She sputtered in retort and he laughed. For a brieft moment she felt like she died and had gone to heaven.

"See you on Monday." When he said that, her heart plummetted and a funeral march was playing in her head.

"So much for having the upper hand."

And so, Leah enjoyed her weekends to the fullest. She went shopping like there was no tomorrow which in her case could be true. And she stuffed herself with food as much as her stomach could take. Come Monday and her happy life will end.

A familiar laughter greeted her the next morning when she arrived at the office. She went straight to her desk and found it was cleared. All her stuff was gone. Am I fired? she thought to herself.

She walked with her head held down to the 'Oh, great one' office. He was wearing his suit again. But his face looked...she saw no emotions at all.

"There you are. Come in and have a seat, Leah."

"I see you have asked someone to clear my desk."


"May I know why?"

"If you had any recollection about last week's event-"

"The wager. Am I fired?"

"What do you think?"

"I think I am but I'm still on the optimistic side."

"As a punishment- okay let's talk about the positive side of this punishment. You will have your old job back."

"I sense a but at the end of the sentence."

"Do you agree to accept it with no regrets?"

"Can I think about it first before giving a yes or no?"

"I don't think it is wise to do so."

"Alright. Hit me."

"YOu.Me.Together until we're old and wrinkly."

"That is not a pretty picture. I don't want to work here THAT long."

"I wish to knock you in the head but I will resist. What I meant was us getting married."


"I think you are a suitable candidate and we will suit each other nicely."


"I would love to have a few of them if that is possible."

"Hmm...I feel like we are negotiating a company merger instead of marriage."

"Todd happens to be my uncle. So you won't feel left out being the eccentric in the family."

"I suspected that for a long time. You reminds me of him."

"You accept?"

"This must be the most unromantic proposals I've ever heard. YOu promise I will have my old job back? The one when Todd was still the boss."


"Hmmph. Let's get married then."


One year after the wedding day...

"Happy anniversary, love." Andrew kissed her cheeks and gave her a bouquet of flowers.


"What? No funny quotes about weddings? You are not planning on leaving me so soon, are you?"

"Let's call it quits."


"Because I'm tired."

"Of me? Us? Tell me."

"Yes. Yes. Just leave me alone."

"Oh I've seen this scenario before and I'm not moving an inch. That is just your hormone talking."

"Don't you dare bully me when I'm in this state." She pointed at her buldging stomach. "I like you better when I first met you."

"Actually my dear, that was just an act. I've been itching to say yes when you wanted me to buy a pinball machine for the office."

"Who are you?"

"Would you believe me if I tell you that after completing my masters I enrolled to clown school?"

"I'm shocked. I don't know what to say."

"Say you still love me and we'll carry on from there."

"I need a time out."

"No. Give me an answer now."

"Demanding as ever. Unfortunately, I cannot comply to your request. I think my water just broke." She grimaced.

"Can I faint first?"

"Don't you dare!" She squeezed his arm hard until he winced.

"Joking, joking. Let's go hun."

"I hate you!" she shrieked as the contraction past.

"I know, darling. I love you too."

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  • 1) eee benci
    suke buat watak mcm ni
    ah so sweet in a most romantic way
    hun, this is my dream relationship
    tp mcm mmg tak dpt je
  • 2) uhuk... sekali lagi terbuai-buai dengan khayalan.. ah tidak!

  • (Author)
    3) eh x kluar plak reply td. xle on9 lame2. demam.

    ucu: it's like a prayer. insya'allah it will come true. tp xtau citer yg mane satu la kan. hehehe...

    shaz: someday, my prince will come...bak kata Snow White mase die tgh nyanyi kat tepi perigi. Ur's will come too.
  • 4) "I hate you!"

    "I know, darling. I love you too."


  • (Author)
    5) Leona: hik hik hik.ehehe...enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling huh?

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