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Short Story

Hadiah ke syurga

Sepasang telekung berwarna putih elok terletak di atas pangkuan riba wanita itu. Dia tersenyum puas kerana hasil tangannya siap juga untuk diberikan sebagai hadiah hari lahir. Tangan tua itu bermain-m

  • Umum
  • 24/07/2012 | 13:10:22 PM

Adventures of the shy girl: I'm going mad I tell you! Mad I say!

That was what she would like to screamed on top of her lungs to the whole office. She eyed the dude sitting next to her with a message that spoke volumes. She was going to downright commit murder on

  • General
  • 29/06/2012 | 23:45:48 PM

Joyah, oh Joyah!

Dag dig dug didalam dada.Eh, dah macam lagu dangdut. Kenapa mesti ayat pertama yang minah ni tulis lirik lagu?Sebab minah ni memang kurang waras sikit. Bak kata omputih, loose screw. Aiseh, speaking L

  • Jenaka
  • 26/06/2012 | 21:54:04 PM

alphabet of love

A is for the 'Ah' sound I made upon learning your name B is for the boyish charm I see in you C is for the chemistry we have with each other when we talk D is for the depression I felt when you ign

  • Love
  • 10/10/2010 | 20:00:25 PM

This is a Love Story not A Tragedy

The blank canvas makes no sense at all. Her fingertips were smeared with ink but nothing was written on the piece of paper. Curses. She felt like spitting out a stream of foul words to no one. Just he

  • Love
  • 2/08/2009 | 04:25:51 AM

Death: Better Luck Next Time.

If today I was told that I have only a few months to live; I would probably prayed hard for a time machine. Sigh. What is the point of putting an absurd idea in my to do list? The idea of joining the

  • Jokes
  • 9/05/2009 | 22:35:04 PM

The Girl, The Guy & The Happy Ending.

A happy ending. The sentence splashed across one of the movie posters tempted Miss Arabella to watch the romantic flick. She went straight to the ticket counter and purchased a seat for one. Forty fiv

  • Fantasy
  • 29/06/2008 | 17:26:39 PM

Deepest Cut

The first sight the police and forensic team saw was totally horrifying. Cut up body parts were strewn all over the floor, surrounding the victim. Each and every finger on the corpse's hands were chop

  • Fantasy
  • 20/04/2008 | 15:58:19 PM


You know each and every individual is connected by a single thread of similarity. It could be common ground in hobbies, interest of life…   Torture Colors burst into the small room

  • General
  • 15/04/2008 | 00:24:50 AM


Cuba pandang sekali. Nampak macam dia. Cuba pandang untuk kali kedua. Haa betul! Memang geranan yang dicari-cari selama ini. Tapi macam tak percaya pertemuan di tempat itu...Aku lambai-lambaikan tanga

  • Umum
  • 28/03/2008 | 11:16:53 AM

Dessert & Cosplay

The dotted lines glared back at her. Sweetness permeated the air, brought the bittersweet memories into mind. A name flew out of her mouth. The thing stared at her, making her mouth dry. A smile slo

  • Thriller
  • 2/03/2008 | 02:04:58 AM

Sweat and Tears

 The depth of the ocean runs cold like the blood in her veins. She was only a mortal human being seeking for peace. Love was the past. Death is her present. The door of happiness had shut closed

  • Thriller
  • 28/01/2008 | 16:14:20 PM

Wake Me Up!

The redness of the curtains draped across the dining table seemed to agitate her eyes more. She turned away from the table and stood facing the barren window. The floor was icy cold. She curled her

  • Thriller
  • 11/12/2007 | 21:00:13 PM

Murderess- the story unfolds

A is for the anger pouring out of you when I disobeyed your wishes to stay at home and not go to work.B is for the blood that stained my dress the first time you slapped me in the face.C is for crying

  • Experimental
  • 9/11/2007 | 23:25:43 PM

He is not a gigolo.Ooooo now I know.

For once in her life she would like to hear those words from him. She had waited for a lifetime to meet him. And it would take another lifetime before she could confess to him that she was ready to

  • Love
  • 13/08/2007 | 13:10:15 PM


There she was, standing at the front gate of the house. She forced herself to look up at the balcony of the double-storey pumpkin coloured painted house. No one was there. But she knew who occupied th

  • General
  • 2/08/2007 | 07:37:31 AM

Beware of witches...(the author feels that a title is just so hard to come up with (~_~) )

There was once a witch who lived at the edge of the forest. They say she had lived two centuries in another town before moving into the forest. They say she had the most hideous face in the entire kin

  • Fantasy
  • 25/07/2007 | 19:19:13 PM

Laila & Lutfi

"What kind of anniversary gift is this?" Laila threw the blue shirt on the floor. "Something you can wear and keep for a long time." Lutfi picked it up and tried to reason with his

  • Love
  • 23/07/2007 | 17:42:37 PM

Forgotten memories

I am the one standing at the back of the room. Watching your every move, mesmerized by you. I know this is so wrong but I want it to be right so bad. Will you turn around and see me for once? Please d

  • Thriller
  • 11/07/2007 | 15:21:52 PM

Cradle Me to Sleep

*this is my first attempt(posted) in writing a short story.phew~!i didn't know it could be so tiring.anyway, if the story sounded too corny, my appologies oh, and pardon the grammatical errors.too dra

  • Thriller
  • 19/05/2007 | 15:03:45 PM