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uitm dungun

We were on our way to Terengganu when we stopped for lunch at Genting Sempah. Everyone was eager; one big family was on d move.



It was like 40 of us; including ten grown up yuppies. At the dining, parents wit parents, chicks wit chicks n I gathered my self up wit all d other 9 macho men. I mean, I ve lots of good lookin kezens n of course I was hoping for some spill of them. Hoh.



Its been so while since our last vacation so dis time, I tot some inward attention wud be most welcomed.



Well, everyone loves attentions, no?so did us.



Few mins in a bit n all were fully-tanked, my youngest lil bro loomed from d parents and joined us. It was out of his depth but well, hes like 18 years later than me n he din have any equal pal around dat time. So I let him.



D table next to mine was unoccupied when I was 1st taking my seat but suddenly I noticed dat everyone was giggling bout something to my right. So, slowly I took a peek.



N the gigglers giggled even harder as I did.


An old man, in his fouled shirt, filthy shorts, wit Einstein’s hairdo was there.


He din look at us, he was juz enjoying d sit. One knee up. Unbuttoned shirt. Grayed hair.



He was not more than 2 feet from me. And dat was even funnier, maybe.






But from his facial bearing, I knew d pilot was somehow still there in his head. Flat broke pilot, probably.



I laughed along wit d gigglers as to save some faces of theirs but I made it short, plus I made it obvious to them dat it was short. Dis wasn’t fine at heart man. Dis wasn’t a gag. He was not crazy.


“isk sian dow korang ni x baek ar. Die x giler ar, org miskin tu.. xde anak kot.”



I let dis out as I killed my giggles.



“Ko tgk rambut die pi, spiky tu…beckam2…beckam ade uban wakakaka”







N I cudnt resist d wit so I turned away from d old man sight n snorted out d chortle as hushed as I cud. I wud nt want to wound any old man’s feeling. No, not on my blissful time.



But I knew my kezens well; they were not mean, they were not heartless. They were jz seeking for some funny things to zest up d mood but happened to end up wit d wrong one. They were jz laughing at d Einstein’s thing, nothing was personal. I knew.





Meanwhile, my standard 1 brother was sitting in front of me n d thing is, he was staring directly, unswervingly in d face of d old penniless. I din dare to look at d old man to see whether he was returning d stare or not coz of d discomfiture my sweet bro fetched in.




So, I jz scolded my lil bro. Mutely of course.






“Asal Apis pandang die camtu?sape ajar?”



“Apis pandang je x buat ape2 pon”



My face went cherry.



“Sape ajar?Ibu ajar?X boleh! Biadap tau tak, dose!”



No response.



“Apis nak kalo muke Apis ade cekodok tumbuh kat pipi patu org pandang je?"



He smirked at my words, n I smirked too. (aduh asal aku ckp cekodok plak time tgh marah ni)



“Apis x sian kat pacik tu ke apis pandang2 camtu?”



“Ape pacik tu senyum kat Apis, manade die marah”



“Pacik tu senyum?”



“Ye ar, die senyum kat apis”



“Asal die senyum?”



“Ye ar, apis pandang die patu die senyum la kat apis. Patu apis senyum la balek”


As he said dis he rubbed his favorite fishing cap.

(he called himself "Rendra Kecik")




And I went silent on dis.





I was right about d old man.

I was right bout d pilot in d head.

I was right dat he was not crazy.

He was jz one penniless old man.





So, he must have heard wit full implicit what was all d giggling n beckam thing about. But he showed no emotion. He seemed not to worry at all.



But when he saw my lil bro stared in puzzle at him, he returned d stare wit a truthful smile. An old man around 70, n a lil bro of mine in standard one.



One in d beginning, one approaching d end. But it seemed like they comprehended each other real well.






I felt a lil shame for ourselves; me n d kezens. Yuppies, uh? I did laugh along did I. N he must have heard it. But shit, I jz cud nt stand when they pronounced dat beckham spike. I din mean to laugh at d old man. Aww man.




Then the parents called, it was getting late. 5 hours to go wit lots more checkpoints. Lots more happy time, dat wud b most likely to have d sad life of d penniless forgotten by me. I took my bro across d old man’s table but cud nt find d guts to give him one honest smile (as he did to my bro).


But my bro looked at him. And he gave d old man another genuine smile u cud only get from d standard ones. And eventho without looking at him, I knew d old man was doing d same.

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  • 1) I think this is beautiful. I really do. Your brother, he's so thoughtful
  • 2) nice story bro...
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    4) tq2! =p

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