Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Is 'he' for real?


He is an orthopaedic physician.
And a university lecturer major in medicine.
And a famous restaurant owner.
And a part-time model.
And he outshines 11,000 other candidates.
Yet, he is still a bachelor.

Well, that surely sounds IMPRESSIVELY PROSPECTIVE for husband hunters out there.

Don't act like you don't know who I am talking about.  Our days are filled with his success stories, and our eyes are feasted with his good looks.  It's a beautiful miracle seeing someone so drool-worthy and beautiful smile with perfect teeth achieved all the above coming from Malaysia.  Partly, it seems very comical since his type normally exist as a character in sci-fi books.  But yet, he is for real.  And a Malaysian too.  Now the term "Malaysia Boleh" seems much more realistic.

I am from engineering technical line, and he is obviously someone from a medical line.  I know how these two field can be the absolute vice versa of each other.  When people coming from technical line is obsessed with physics and mathematics, those from medical line see that as the most dreaded killing subject.  All this while, medical and engineering are carefully separated with an invisible wall of interest, combining both is as if collision of two planets hitting each other in a disastrous and deadly impact.   However, HE, being in the medical line manage to make it through. 

It's a wonder, how he can have all that in a single soul?  You tell me -- nicely symmetrical face, deep eyes, beautiful smile, and the brain?  A package all in one.  In fact, a package that passes the 'Quality Control' department with flying colours.  The ladies are obsessed with his looks and achievements.  Well, for the guys -- I'm not quite sure.  I ain't one.

And I-adore-him.  A weird and complex mixture of human emotion.  Oh dear, now Micheal Scofield has to share his throne with this guy from Seremban.

He has been the girls main topic of conversation all this week.
Some say "He's perfect beyond belief."
And others boldly state "With that look plus bright future, he's 35 AND a bachelor, it's either he's meterosexual or he's a gay."

Some people's mentality are still binded with the urban theory that guys with good looks and good career are undeniably gay.  If it's true, than it's a great loss to the nation.  But one way or another, I strongly believe that he should be listed amongst 'the wonders of the world'.

The NASA centre called him only as 'space participant'.
The Russian Roscosmos is kind enough to label him as 'cosmonaut'.
And we Malaysian parade him as our first 'angkasawan'.

One way or another, he is one heck of a guy to represent Malaysia.


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  • 1) i feel like gay while reading this , but seriously until today i can't see the points for "Malaysia Boleh" spirit. What's the main point of this kind of spirit actually? and yeah, finally i need to agree that Dr. SMS is a full package.
    • xr
    • 16 years ago

  • (Author)

    Sometimes the term "Malaysia Boleh" itself are blinding us with what we're supposed to achieve.  Lately, we've been using a LOT of "Malaysia Boleh" terms -- and what we're after is just stuffs like 'Malaysian climb the highest peak of Everest' and 'Malaysian round the world' and 'Malaysian to space', malaysia itu, malaysia ini.  But, depressingly, we're still beaten by other country.  Singaporean don't respect us, and Indonesian condemns us.  It is as if 'Malaysia Boleh' pictures us Malaysian as a community yang gila popularity & publicity..  Well, hope I'm wrong.  Pardon me with the complex thinking.

    Full package -- spells as 'very gay-ish'. (^O^)


  • 3) yeah, need to agree with you. maybe there's a hidden agenda behind every success "Malaysia Boleh" spirit.

    and yes "full-package".!~ ahahaha. hope that dr. SMS can bring back the souvenir from the mission to MI55MOON. lol.
    • xr
    • 16 years ago
  • 4)

    community yang gila popularity & publicity..
    totally agree!
    to dr. SMS,, i truly  wish  the spaceship wont  xplode,, amin.. =)
    n yeah, bring back some souvenir will u?? for all the money thak took u outta space.

  • (Author)

    Yeah -- it is with the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit that the MALAYSIAN manage to send a doctor to space.  A doctor...!  A doctor to bring back the knowledge of aerospace.  An orthopaedic doctor..~~  Do you think the Russians or Americans have ever sent out a doctor to learn about space?

    For all the money that took him to outta space.
    For all the money that we pay for tax that took him to space.
    He better bring some souviner back..haha!

  • 6)

    and right now, i have a doubt, because before this, i only saw his pics on the paper, image and a mute video format. so i keep wondering after the teleconference with our prime minister.

    Is he real? >:)

    • xr
    • 16 years ago

  • (Author)

    i'm not sure why, but seems like he received too many praises that doesn't tally with his 'participation' in space.

    Enlighten me, did he bring back the knowledge HOW we can make a spacecraft?
    Did he acknowledge the engineering aspect in rocket building?
    Did he step on the moon?
    Did he bring any speciments from space?

    All I know, he's in the ISS, making experiments, and showing the schoolkid that balls can float in space.  And yeah, we praised him like a hero~  esp from the ladies.  II can't help it, but to find it annoying~

  • 8) ahahahhaha sangat nak tergelak bace ni..mane pompuan2 di kapasitor? hehe

    well, can we refer him to 'perfect'? maybe we could, but we dont know him completely..many stories arise lately. about his dark side..
    forget about that, if this guys happens to be in my list for a lifepartner, no, no, i wont choose him. I hate anything related to 'perfect'. But i do salute this guy for having such life and make us all proud :)
    Thinking back at the question aka topic title, "man, is he for real?!"
  • 9)

    after buying sukhoi almost 2 times expensive than other countries. im not surprised to see we buy missle launcher 3 times market price for our 2nd mission to space.

  • (Author)

    YES, "Too Perfect" spells as trouble..haha

    Another purchase of the space thing?  I'm beginning to think of some negative statement, but being a Malaysian, I have to respect whatever they do..huhu..~  Thanx for the feedback, people..

  • 11) i always believe that you gain something, you lose something. but i fail to see any losses here :(

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