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Asal-usul Sebenar Perkataan Insaf

Jika ditanya sesiapa sahaja Melayu-muslim di negara kita ini, mestilah mereka mengenal akan definisi 'insaf'. Untuk golongan yang kurang mengetahui, 'insaf' itu den

  • Jenaka
  • 14/01/2009 | 11:28:56 AM

Two Friends and a Bear

      Two friends were walking along a path through the woods one day when they suddenly stumbled upon a grizzly bear.   “Run!” shouted one friend as he turne

  • Jokes
  • 4/07/2008 | 05:11:20 AM

Petrol Price Will Rise by Merely 78 Cents

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi declared at a conference yesterday that the price of petrol will only go up by a trifling amount of only 78 cents per liter, effective today, w

  • Satire
  • 14/06/2008 | 03:12:55 AM

Dark Places

Sweat rolled down Pvt. Bitterman’s neck as he slowly traversed through the gloomy hallways of the Strogg base, his mind alert and his eyes scouring for any sign of the bio-mechanical aliens. In

  • Thriller
  • 16/12/2007 | 09:10:12 AM

An Event from Childhood

I once killed a small kitten by accident when I was just a small child. I was about ten years old, and we used to have a litter of kittens crawling around in one

  • Fantasi
  • 25/08/2007 | 23:25:47 PM


My head was throbbing with pain. Flickers from a hanging bulb above me seemed like blurry flashes to my tired eyes as I sat on an old wooden chair in front of an equally-old wooden table, trying to dr

  • Thriller
  • 28/05/2007 | 09:34:53 AM

Glorious Charge

Brother-Captain Romulus prayed fervently to the God-Emperor, the Holy Codex clutched tightly in his ceramite power gloves as the extraction pod he was in entered the planetary atmosphere of Holy Terra

  • Thriller
  • 27/05/2007 | 23:13:14 PM