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Kapasitor EN : October 2010 Bulletin


Hi All,

This month bulletin is a little late. I apologize for that. Anyway last month activity was the lowest in EN since I became the Section Leader.  But all of the activities in Kapasitor was pretty low during fasting month and also Hari Raya month. The poetry section received about 11 poetries while the Short Story Section with just 2 post.


Kapsule #4 is still in progress as reported by Blake. She took the responsibility to design and created this 4th edition of Kapsule. I’m can’t wait to see the finished magazine. For now let’s just wish her all the best and wait eagerly.


We welcome newcomers to EN Section : faizsrbn, Lilacbride, freddychan & Ikyetc, may you guys keep on posting entries and add new  flavors in this section!

Last month and early this month we see some old faces (or id’s) back in EN and posting new stuff. It’s good to hear from you guys. Welcome back hanif, Ninasarif, Ahnep, wallawalla, najim87 and lailasayang!


For newcomers, please click here to read what this campaign is all about. Click here to read all the 10wp posted. The campaign is ongoing. I think I need to write some coz it’s been a while since I wrote anything in EN, and 10wp is a good way to start the engine again!


I wanna do something different in this month bulletin, instead of displaying last month poetry selection by moderators, I think I would list out here 10 old poetries in Kapasitor by various otai writers for you. These are old gems  for your mind’s pleasure. And maybe it’s good to sit back and dig old treasures, something that we've miss out. It’s good  to check out old stuff by anyone you know here too. Why don’t you start by browsing your friend’ s Creative Content by clicking their ID and see what you miss out.

Ok, here’s some of my personal favorite (in no particular order) : Enjoy!

  1. To The Rabbit Family by Valium
  2. Atiqah by Raihanchia
  3. Lesson From The Sea by Uculer
  4. Let’s Dance by Fairuzar
  5. Satan Wants A Cigarette by Ahnep
  6. Dirge’s Of The Fallen Stripe by Reason
  7. A You by Syud
  8. Oh! Poor Miss December by Papercat
  9. Your Shadow Song by Blake_Zane
  10. Days Without Your Waves by Fadly

Start digging, whether it’s in MS or EN or maybe in Artworks, you’ll never know what you get to read!


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