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Kapasitor: LIVE Feed is a tool for watching all activities in Kapasitor in real time. In this page, members could see the most recent activities such as new posting, new comments, recommends and new photo uploads. Members could also see a list of members who are currently online.


Kapasitor: Rekomen!! is a recomendation engine submitted by members of Kapasitor. Focusing on new members, Rekomen!! also acts as a must-see material that shouldn't be missed by members of Kapasitor.


Kapasitor: Reviews is a platform for critiques. All posts in Creative Content will have an option where each member could review the post and voice out their opinion.


Kapasitor: Downloads is a collection of e-publications in Kapasitor. There are e-novels, e-books and e-magazines for members and public to download for free.

Kapasitor Widget

Kapasitor Widget is a embeddable flash widget for sharing creative content in Kapasitor. Simply copy and paste the html code generated into your website or blog or please refer to screenshot below.


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