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User Tools

Generally, user tools are addtional feature in Kapasitor which enhance user experience.


Creative writings and Kapasitor: Community have this option for members to print out the posted material.

Send to friends

You can send the link of each post in Kapasitor to your friends' email.

Infringement of Code of Ethics

You can report to us if you found that any materials posted in Kapasitor breached the Code of Ethics.

Share links

HTML codes generated for each post for the purpose of sharing.

Kapasitor Toolbar

Stay connected to us - and get so much more - with the Kapasitor Toolbar!

Kapasitor Toolbar
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Get our freshest content from Kapasitor delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web.
2. Hand-picked Links
Check out all of our favorite places in Kapasitor.
3. Alerts to Your Desktop
Receive our most important news and announcements instantly.
This toolbar is for web browsers (Internet Explorer or Mozilla).


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