Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



"I'm sorry. Best of luck", he said. And the next 500 words are about how I screwed the interview. It all started when I turned to Roald Dahl for a career advice. Two roads diverged into one, I took the one less travelled. The irony part is that the job involves a lot of travelling. It had never occurred to mind that I would go for flight attendant position. My family had no background in airlines and none of my friends is an air hostess. I thought I should try out with Emirates Airlines' walk-in interview. Then there I was, coming into Hall B of Renaissance Hotel as early as 9 a.m just to find out that my so called 'less travelled road' were filled with stunningly competitive and beautiful women. I believed my pearl earrings worked out nice and fabulous with the business attire that I put on. I had my pictures taken, one in full length and the other one is in passport size. Both turned out pretty good and I was happy with it. The interview session took a while to start. I took my chance mingling around looking for someone to share tingles and hopefully some tips. I met two, pleasant people. They fed my mind with Boeings, Airbuses, and long-hauls. They asked, "You came for the money right?". Money? I never came for the money. I came because I believe in that poet. I explained that it is about time I do things that I want rather than barking for approvals from my family and friends. I wanted a life of my own and what is more exciting than starting it off with flying on a very nice plane. "But you know they pay a lot right?", they asked. I looked clueless. "Oh my god! You don't know? Do you know they'll pay you in US dollar and provide you an apartment and discounts everywhere?", they spoke in disbelief of my ignorance. Did I sign up for this? I smiled and I could not get it off my face. For the first time I am certain of what I want to be; a flight attendant of Emirates Airlines. Then I was called to come in for the interview session where I was grouped with the other 10 candidates and put to discuss about iconic buildings. Iconic buildings? I was in trouble. While the three girls were boasting about skyscrapers in Hong Kong and Seattle, and the other one battled for egg-shaped theatre, I blurted out, "Budapest Temple!". Then there was a silence. The rest looked at me as if I cracked a 'why do chickens cross the road' joke. That was when I know I am screwed and I did. I told the two people that I met earlier about what happened in the room and they laughed. "You're really funny. We could use someone like you on a plane. Don't give up", they said. Temple? On the way home, I laughed in the car. These are the causes of being different; you do not care about money, you confuse people with your theories, and you make two friends.


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  • 1) our uniqueness
    our queerness
    and our ability to stand out
    it all makes us
  • 2) haha. funny one here, but yeah when we're taking the road less travel be sure to pack up with a lot of guts, mental strenght etc. coz we find some people who will laugh at us,despise us,look down etc. i've took that road i think, and i never regret it.;)
  • 3) and you get the job. don't ya?

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