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TGOL : Part IV, About Arguments

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In the earlier days, we had few arguments. And even if we have them, it was only about minor things. And these arguments usually end short. Never prolonged.


And in this short argument periods, also known as the silent periods or the not-talking-to-each-other term, is a moment of test to see who will start first to break the term.


Makeover was easy as we both could not stay apart for long. And these little arguments actually strengthened the love we had. It was an adjustment period to find and to know each other better. Yup, that was the better days.


As we head into the middle of the relationship, the arguments were lesser. It’s the period where we came to know each other strength, weaknesses and shortcomings. Simply put, we came to accept and understand each other better and deeper. We thought we have made it.


And at the start of the end of the relationship, the arguments become serious. It was more like a competition to see who is wrong or who is right. Nobody wants to be the guilty party in the blame game. Old issues rise again. Past forgiven mistakes become re-opened cases, all to support the accusations. Evidence of prosecutions.


Close friends becomes juries and lawyers, taking sides and making tides. It was like putting salt to injury. Spectators watched and waited. Taking neutral stand or speculating outcome. As the curtain falls, the show closes with a sad ending.


Game over.


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  • 1) love is a hard game to play
    but all what you said make sense
    and it's very difficult when people start taking sides
    some may get hurt and some might be happy

    but it got me into thinking again

  • (Author)
    2) well most of the times its a fun game ;P
  • 3) sorry, i forgot to rate yesterday
  • 4) yay! soo true~

    1st stage = lovey dovey, jarang argue sgt.
    2nd stage = reality! always arguing. macam semua tak kena
    3rd stage = if u can survive tru dis stage, selalunya everything will b fine :)


  • (Author)
    5) yup 3rd stage is the hardest..

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