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Letter To Friends, Me, Myself & I

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To All My Friends And Especially Me Myself And I

Dear Friend,

I know sometimes that things get kinda hard and tough on you. You feel kinda lost in the
moment and everything around you seems to go down on you. You feel suffocate in confusing
emotions. System failed. You feel like there’s no breakthrough to all this. And then you ask yourself,
“Why?”, “Why me?”, “Why now?”. You tend to hide from everything coz’ everything seems
wrong at this moment. You feel as life is unfair! There’s no hope….

But my friend, please stop all this! Do not further dwell in sadness. There is hope! Tough times
are just like the storms before you see the rainbow. Life is not always sunny you know. Expect
rainy days. When you make certain decisions, or better, decide to change to something new or
great, there will be challenges along the way. Expect problems. Expect hiccups. Think solutions.
Ask solutions. Find solutions. Work solutions. A helping hand is always round the corner.
You might heard this before that tough time won’t last but tough people do. Remember that! It’s
so true. It’s o.k to be sad, bitter or even depressed for a while. It’s normal. But don’t stay there too
long, get up as soon as possible. Regain yourself. Have faith.

I remember the story of The Miracle Man. He broke most of his bones in an airplane crash. Doctors
say he won’t survive. And if he does survive, he won’t be able to move any part of his body or
even walk again. Paralyzed forever!! But he did survive and he did walk again! He said, “It’s not
how many times you fall, it’s how many times you fall and get up again!”. Determination sums it
all. He believes in himself and God and he succeeded.

My friend, if everything and everyone does not believe that you can survive or achieve your
dreams, don’t worry, you can if you believe in yourself and God. But if everyone and myself have
100% believe in you, and you don’t, I’m sorry for the fact that you have taken the first step to
failure. Believe in yourself. I believe you can my friend.

Don’t let people’s negative opinions sets the limit to your expectations in life. Don’t let irresponsible
words of critics let you down. Or shed a tear. Make you sad and unhappy. What a waste!
Nobody can make you sad, angry or cry if you won’t allow them to. You determine your fate, your
life, and your future! Choose how you would like to feel. Choose how to act and respond. Choose
your way of life. Choose to be happy whatever it may be! You deserve it!

Change your outlook and perspective on life. Put on the positive spectacles and see through it a
better world for you. I remember an excerpt of an essay by G.W Target called “The Window”. It’s
a story of two paralyzed men sharing a ward in a hospital. One man got the bed beside the window.
Although both of them suffered the same conditions, but their attitude are not the same.

The man near the window, seems happy and cheerful while the other man mourns, complaints
and questioned the fate he is in. He feels bitter and sad. Everyday the man near the window
would describe to the next man the things he sees outside the window. How he sees the birds
flying, the kids running around, the flowers in the garden, the people he sees and everything that
is going on outside the window. He would always say that both of them would get out one day
and walk again.

Listening to the man describing things makes the other man felt more bitter and depressed. He
feels a little bit jealous and wishes he could have the bed with the view from a window. So he
too, could be happy.

One day, the man near the window choked and called for help. The other man did not shout for
the nurse. In his heart, how he wish that man would die so he could have the window. And that
man died on that day. And although the other man felt guilty for not helping, he feels happy that
now he can ask to be transferred to the bed with the view. And so he did.
But to his surprise, the window has only a view of the wall of the next building. Nothing more!
Just a wall. He has learn a great lesson. A lesson, which could have cost a life. He learned that,
in whatever condition or situation he is in, he should have a positive outlook. A negative attitude
would only turn a bad situation to worse.

My friend, I won’t lie and tell you that I know how you feel right now because I don’t! I won’t insult
your intelligence. But I know that you are sad and unhappy right now. I feel pity for you.But here
is the reality, there’s no one who could save you. There’s no one who can pull you out of this rut,
but only one person! And I know that person well. You my friend know that person better than
me. And that person who could save you is YOU my friend!

Take a look in the mirror, and look at the eyes of the person in the mirror. What does it tells you?
Until you confronts you own demons, the battle of sorrow will never end. You have in your hands
the power to change your life and nobody could take it away from you. And that power could not
only change and save your life but also the life of others around you!

My friend, make the decision! Ask yourself, do you deserve to have better? And it is for you to
know too, that you cannot get what you want but only what you deserve to have. So make the
decision, what is your prize in life? What is the price? Then seek and pay the price! You deserve
it! And if you think you are beaten, then you are. Remember you are born a winner. You can if
you believe you can!

My friend, I love you and will always be here for you InsyaAllah, in this great journey called

Lets walk on faith together.

Yours truly,

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  • 1) nice one
  • 2) that's very inspiring and pretty much related the to state of emotions i'm in right now.

    just one tiny bit, I think this entry belongs to the blog section perhaps...?

    regardless, good point of view and definitely something worth sharing!

  • (Author)
    3) tq for reading shahridz. maybe it shud be in a blog, i dunno. but i wrote like 4 series and there's one more i posted in a blog here in kapasitor, same title but no. 2, you can search it if u wanna read.

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