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Boy O' Boy

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This is a story about a boy who lost his way in search for a place in the heart of the world. He seeks beauty yet beauty is nowhere in sight. He searches happiness but happiness failed to appear. He looked out for a companion only to find solitude. Where did he gone wrong? He thought.

Empty handed; he continues his journey. His mind wandered as swift as his feet takes him further to the end of the world. He stopped to watch the birds. And thought; how it would be great if he could fly like the bird. Soaring high above in the sky. Touching the clouds and sits on top of the mountain. Then his eyes looked at the sea. How big and vast the waters are. How it could fill the earth and spread the reflection of the sky so beautifully like a huge mirror. Then he wished he were the sea. To as be big and strong. As he watches and amazed at the waves of the sea, he felt a cool breeze upon his face and body.

Then he told himself, wouldn't it be great if he were the wind. It would be better than being a bird. He would be invisible. He would go anywhere in the world without anyone seeing him. He would go as high or higher than the birds and blow the trees and the sea. And then he saw the sun. How powerful the sun is; he thought. Why am I not the sun? he thought. He would shine so bright and makes the rainbow after the rain. But then he thought, when it's night then the sun would disappear and gone. He wouldn't want that. He doesn't want to be replace by the moon. He sighs.

His eyes gazed at the mountain afar. So majestic and beautiful; he thought. Not like here where he is standing. He then closed his eyes and pictured himself flying like the bird soaring to the mountain. How beautiful is the sea underneath him. He could see his own reflection on the surface. He sees wings spread wide and the sparkles in the waters below. He could also see some fishes swimming around. He feels the wind blowing against his face and the resistance uplifts his body. He looked up and saw the sun smiling at him. The warmth of the sun and the ray lights his way. And then he flew over and through the rainbow. What a wonderful feeling!

As he nears the peak of the mountain, he felt eager to reach it. The wonderful sight that he seen from the beach. The beautiful place he flew from far to see and feel. But then as he reaches the top, he eyes saw nothing but rocks, small bushes and some snow.

This is not the splendor I saw from below; he told himself. This is so ordinary. Nothing special. He felt disappointed. He sat on the rocks with his hands on his head looking down. He suddenly felt the cold that the peak present. He also felt the loneliness there. He lifted his head and watch straight at the place where he flew from. He stared and told himself, "What a beautiful sight!" And he suddenly realized that before this, that place was just common as common as where he sits now. But now, it turns to be a sight to look at. He asks himself, "What is beautiful?"

He opened his eyes and realized that he is still there. He didn't fly to the mountain. He was never the bird that flown across the sea and soared high into the clouds. He was never the wind, the sun or even the moon. But for a moment before, he was everything. He was free. He was everywhere. And that was beautiful!


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  • 1) great self-expression
    but your point is?
  • 2) huhu..dare i say, i have read another version of this..for me, it's not original mosh...sorry, but the message is good!

  • (Author)
    3) val : beauty is just an illusion. the idea of beauty is what you or society make of.

    fai : really? then u have to tell me the version u read.
  • 4) hmm...byk versi la mosh...nanti i cuba carikan yer.. :)
  • 5) hehhee.. so do i... i thought i read it from somewhere as well, about..a boy who seeking for happiness... nevermind... But anyway, For nothing is everything and everything is nothing.. cool!...:p

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