Walk into fantasy


You woke up at 5.30 am, feeling fresh and strong. You think about what you are going to do today and quickly remember about a meeting that you will have at 9.00 am with the CEO of the investment group who has for month been keen on buying over the company that you are working now. It is a win-win situation for you, if the deal materialized, you will be playing a vital role for the new owner whilst plus the money they bringing in, whilst if it not, you will maintain your strong position in the company. Either way, it still doesn’t change anything.

You jump up from you bed, quickly do a 50 sit up, and then took a shower. A long and clean refreshing shower in a big and black marble bathroom with shower that not only sprays from the top, but from left and right as well. You spend good 15 minute in the shower, and finish it with brushing your teeth with the latest Braun motor driven toothbrush. Finally you took the Philip electric shaver and shave a part of your moustache, keep it short and clean. That is your image anyway.

Going out of bathroom you pull a white ,thick , warm and clean towel, changed, washed and folded daily placed nicely at the corner of your bathroom , by your one you could not imagine life without , butler. She make everything run perfectly in your 7,000 sqr foot, 28th floor, well guarded with state of the art swimming pool and remarkable facilities all in less than 20 step from your door, penthouse, which you bought almost a year a go, with a good deal you manage to snatch from the developer which so happen to be one of your socialite best friend.

After shower, you perform your Suboh prayer, one of you many way to show your gratitude for what has God blessed you with. After shower, you change into what you would call uniform whilst others said exaggerating way of going to work, yet they couldn’t stop envying it. You tuck in you Paul Smith pale blue shirt, which suit nicely to your body, knot up youSalvatore Ferragamo brown with polka dot design neck tie, tighten your Louis Vuitton belt on your matching trouser of Dolce & Gabbana two piece with two button suit, black with a very thin white stripe that hardly visible. A three week olds suit that doesn’t look three weeks, at all. Somehow it still looked like a brand new.

You open up a small cupboard in your changing room which is also stand as a huge 1,000 sqr foot built in wardrobe that store everything that you would put on your skins, from your underwear to your vast collection of suit and shirt and your of course , your favorite cupboard of many cupboard in the wardrobe, the cupboard that store nicely all your watches, where the cupboard is controlled electronically so the temperature and the humidity content in it kept at best level for your precious watches. You look at your collection, 28 watches all together, but not all are expensive in price…only a few of it cost a bomb, but the rest merely watches you have been keeping since you were young. Somehow remind you how hard life was back then as compared to now. And you choose your favorite, the one that will make you feel powerful and superior. TheOfficine Panerai Luminor Power Reserve 44mm with automatic movement and a 42 hours power reserve.The automatic movement make possible with the new state of the art Panerai Soprod 9040 calibre, 11 ½ lignes. A real deal.

You walk out of your wardrobe, pass by the bathroom and the master bedroom, you saw your loyal butler has already working her way up to clean up your bed, change the satin bed sheet as the way she do it every day, purple for Monday, blue for Tuesday, and the color goes on changing everyday till Saturday, where you will enjoy your favourite bedsheet color of all. The black solid , shinny satin bed sheet . Bold and strong.

You walk on , and greet her good morning…and keep your pace, heading to the staircase made of solid teak wood…you climb down heading to the center of the hall where you had your white marble 8 seats dining table, and you sit at the main chair. On the table nicely prepared half cooked fried egg, two piece of lightly smelled pancake, light brown in color and still warm, a few piece of red beef sirloin cut to the thinnest possible, lightly grilled, one big sausage, and  two spoon of baked bean all in one big plate. At the side of the big plate you have a bottle of black pepper and a bottle of salt that you usually sprinkle a bit on you egg and sirloin cut, a bottle of chili sauce, a small pack of butter, a small pot of golden syrup for your pancake, a cup of warm coffee, a glass of minute maid fresh orange and your favorite of all, an array of newspaper, all major newspaper on your table. You looked at your watch, it is 6.30 am, you have till 7.00am to finish up the scrumptious breakfast and in the same time indulge yourself into reading the latest news. You turn on your TV, not to watch it but merely for the sound of it and you continue your great breakfast

At 7.00 sharp, you get up from your table and walk to the main door, on the way you stop beside the door, open up a small compartment where you store all they keys you had. You flick, and think and decide to drive your sexy Alfa 159 over other selection you had

 a brand new E class coupe, the Volkswagen Scirroco R , the gigantic BMW X6 which you never understood why they build the car anyway and the classic Proton Satria Gti. You very first, the one you would never sell off, rebuild to the original spec, then upgraded to extract a good 180 horsepower from the 4G93 engine. Nothing as comparison to Volkswegen 2.0L TSI enginerated at 265 PS at 6000rpm and 350 N·m at 2500rpm, nowhere near to Merc V6-powered E 350 CGI produces 292hp and 365Nm of torque between 3,000 to 5,1000rpm but you love the Gti more than others. Also the selection of car reminds you why on earth you rather bought all those models rather than a 7 series or the S class. Simply because a) you still couldn’t afford to buy either the Reventon, the F430 or simply the Murcielago and b) you rather drive than be driven.

The air in the morning feel fresh, you put in your key, start your engine and press the pedal. The car accelerate away from you penthouse building, making way heading straight to your office, which is about 10 minute away and there is no traffic jam here…as always.

You arrive at your office before 7.30 , and you are always the third person to arrive in the office. The first always the loyal janitor and the second to arrive is always you beautiful long legged , but petite secretary who always know how to dress well…and sexy.  Abigail, that is her name. You are always smitten by her smile as much as you are so sure she would be smitten by yours.


You walk in to your big and modern office room, with a trendy decoration, mostly either black, white, brown or chromed colored. The office clearly shows that you are the big boss here. And yes, that have yet been explained, you used to work in this company, and work your way against the odd and climb the ladder, whilst in the same time you invest you money in series of investment that boomb two years ago, in which you used the money to offer your ex-employer whom you always had good relation with, in exchange of 32% of the share, whilst he kept the remaining with his another sleeping partner, and you become the Managing Director for the company. A move that see you worth more than 3 million, but at present you only have liquid cash not more than 300,000. But still good enough comparing to other people at your age. At 27 , 300,000 cold hard cash do seem impressive and if you do your math well by 30 you probarly could be a millionaire, in term of cash you have. But still not enough to buy the Reventon you always dream off.

 And yes, the meeting we been talking about earlier, funny how things turn in life, they are offering a 10 million dollar investment in exchange for 20% control right, where you have rightly discussed with your partner and if goes well, they have agreed to redistribute the shares with you owning 42.85 %,  20% more on the new investor and the rest owned by my partner and the company remain at my stewardship. With the 10 million, we intended to re vamp the organization, make it public and in 6 months down the road with the IPO, the company could worth around 45 million. I am quite sure we can pull it off with the upcoming project in the pipeline. It seems healthy. (I might just by then able to own a Murcielago, maybe not the Reventon for the fact I wouldn’t know who would sell the only 20 pcs ever build Reventon.It is something that money couldn’t buy easily. Sad, but it is true)

The day passed by so quickly, you were so busy with meetings and dealing daily operation of your company, you missed your lunch….but you manage to call you mom at about 5.00pm and asked her about her well being. Only last weekend you had dinner with mom, dad and your little sister but that is you, despite the demanding life you are living, you try at level best to keep communication with your family.

After a quick chat, you continue to your work, looking at the report and analyzing the number, thinking of what could be next and you continue on and on. Then suddenly it is 10 past 6.You secretary walk in , first to excuse herself, she need to go now, and secondly to remind you of your dinner tonight. You smile and wave her goodbye, you go back to your laptop and open up a) your personal email account, b) your facebook and c) your twitter. Probably there be about 36 massages from all of your friend, some talking about your plan tonight, and the rest are on the function for the other days. One from your ex girlfriend who broke up with you about 8 months ago, whilst the past 4 months she been trying hard to woo you for a dinner. You know she want you back, but no…it is not within your interest at the moment. You quickly replied her with a gentle message declining to meet up but promise to set something up by next week. Once done, you look at your watch. Time is late…You know you can hold the day any longer.

You head back home and reach at near 7.00 pm.You walk in to your house and saw your butler sitting on the couch watching her favorite Chinese drama in the evening. She must have not heard you walking in, or if not she would have tried to greet you and pick you bag etc etc. You smiled at her, and she said hi and say sorry for not realizing that you are home. Not her fault, your schedule at home are un predictable. There was time that you didn’t go back home despite being near to home for 3 days. She almost went berserk on the first day when I forgot to call her, she is just about to make a police report of me missing when I called her on the morning of second day. The truth is, I stayed back in the office due to major project we run at that time. Well that is story for another day.

You look around, and everything is in perfect order, no reason for her to be busy anyway. She was excellent in what she is doing. Your beautiful penthouse are in place, all decoration in order and most importantly , all your stylish furniture are in good conditions, Cerruti, Versace, Kenzo Home,etc etc and the only Ikea you have at home, the candle you burn at side of build in , small Jacuzzi at the corner of your penthouse, beside  you big bathroom facing the most magnificent view in the city, the KLCC. Looking at that make you realize, you can’t imagine life without her and Abigail. They help you tremendously in ensuring your life is perfect.

You walk in to your room, take a quick shower and perform your Maghrib prayer. Once done you once again find yourself in your build in huge wardrobe staring at an array of countless shirts and pants, clean and nicely pressed, like always. You choose a jean, a levi’s jean to be exact. Not that you can’t afford a higher end jeans but it has been set in your mind, a true jeans is always levis. Not a Calvin Klein , not a William Rust , not an Armani Jeans which all could cost  around 1,000 ringgit a piece but they have no soul. That aint you. You choose a pair of rugged , worned out look, light blue jeans, which feel so comfortable on you. You put up you DKNY belt,  and put a brown color ZARA shirt, with small hardly visible white dot , un tuck, fold the hand to your slightly lower than elbow height, unbutton the top two button. You sprayed yourself with the Armani Mania by Georgio Armani accompanying the Armani Mania deodorant you had put on after shower. The musky and menly smell suit you for the night. Suit the image you portraying. A fine, suave gentlemen who is also a smooth operator, If you know what I mean. Finally you put on your Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Quantieme Perpetuel ET Chronographe, gold rose color.

You went back to you room, at the dressing table lying 4 different phone. Two with sim card and two without. you have with you Nokia E71 (which you intended to replace with the newly launched Nokia E72) a Blackberry Thunder, the one you been using on day time for work so you could have you email and stuff (which you previously used your nokia E71, and once you get your hand on Nokia E72 you might stop using the blackberry), A nokia N86 for its 8mp camera, a phone you always bring along during trip and if when you think you would need a camera with you and finally the Nokia Artee 8800, a stylish small phone that you will bring along tonight.(a few months back you almost bought a Vertu, but couldn’t find sense on having one)

The Nokia Artee 8800 contain you second sim card with your second number. But before you go out, you set your blackberry for call diverting so you wont miss any phone call from the first number.

On the way out you grab a Prada shoes, your usual choice for night like this. But some other night depending on how active you would predict yourself on the night,  you might choose you Porsche Design, special Edition Adidas sneaker which is stylish and comfortable for you to walk around .For work, for a simple reason , you choose your hush puppies, cheap and super comfy. The way you like it.

You choose to drive your E-Class Coupe tonight, your newly acquired. And you arrive at your meeting point at almost 8.30. Just in time. You stop at the jockey and pass your car key to the attendant with a generous tip. You walk directly into 7atenine, a very fine eateries which also one of your favorite place to hang out. You love the decoration, the ambience especially on Tuesday night, The Soul and Blues night. You look around and saw at your favorite corner of the restaurant, a table of 6 waiting for you to be the 7. Cassandra, Milla, Zarina, Joe, Syed and Nadia. Everybody dress to kill, exactly what you would expected from anyone hanging out at this location. Not a formal attire, but a casual but stylish dress and shirt suit best for eateries as such.

Talking about the group, Most of them are single except Cass and Joe who has become an item about 2 months ago. Madly in love and all of you are happy for them. You sit on your chair, order your food and drinks. Joe has been your best friend since you were 18, you get to know the others over the year and somehow grew very close to each other. Anna went missing tonight for she is not well. You put up a mental note to send her well wishes massage later when you are home and you do miss her present. Among all, she is the hottest (despite the other are not a bad looker at all) , describe her in normal night, probably in red dress with short skirt, revealing her long and sexy leg, silky soft skin but nicely sculptured leg, she also love to choose a sleeveless with bare back , wearing a stick on bra hence you wont see any of the bra line, but her breast will stand firm thanks to the support of the stick on bra. She change her hair style so often-ly and really hard to catch up with her on that. But what can you say, she look good in any style, be it Eva Longoria long and curl at the end, Jennifer Anniston long and straight innocent cut, or nicely coiffure like Eva Mendez style, be whatever she look gorgeous always. And the heel, at night like this, she goes easy with 4ft, for wild night, you can spot her with what you believe somewhere around 6ft, and does she look magnificent? Definitely…smashing ….. Pure breed malay, at glance you will see a bit of Erra Fazira on her, at one angle as if you are looking at Dr Lisa Cuddy, whilst on the other view you just drop you jaw for her beauty, and sexy look. And the best part, she is nowhere being near to bitchy, she is elegant, stylish and sophisticated, as if she got a group od designer, make-up artis, etc etc working on her full time

And for months two of you been sending the wrong and mix signal to each other, both are not into relationship however both of you can’t deny the chemistry and ultimately the electricity spark between you two…so electrifying…..God know how far it will goes, but for you….you will just see how far could it goes and as far you are concern, you are still a free agent ….

 And the night goes on with laughter and joys, chit chatting about all sort of things. This are you group of friend, which you try to make a point to rendezvous at least once a week. Everybody is busy, you know that….well we forgot to mention didn’t we, this group of friend you had, all of them are really successful  And oh yes, it is Wednesday night tonight and you have different plan for almost every night.

Monday , most of the time you tried not to go out, you spend your time at Celebrity Fitness at Bangsar,

 the best way to keep yourself fit , but usually you finish your session hanging out with your gym buddy Nina, Lily, James , Dunstan and Wong, at Pelita Bangsar indulging yourself into good roti canai and your favorite fish curry. So much of work out. Tuesday normally you tried to keep it to yourself but mostly you failed. Most of the time you are visiting several of your business outlet that run 24/7 , making sure everything is good and showing support to your staff, Once in a while you do it on other night as well. Wednesday always hanging out with this group of people, the very same group you are having right now. Thursday night, you always go to the nearest Surau to recite Ya’sin , and you go out after 9.30am . Mostly dinner with either your client, your ex-employer who now become your good partner, or anyone else who been trying hard to catch you for dinner.

Friday and Saturday, almost every week you had to attend official black tie dinner function

organized by various group. Being in the middle of socialite you never been short on invitation. A social obligation that you need to carry on, for the opportunities to rub shoulders with the who’s and who. Sunday, you tried to keep it your family or if you had a rough week, you try to stay at home, but that hardly happened. Mostly if you didn’t visit your parents, you will end up being at your business outlet or meeting somebody for something really important. If not, you could end up staying late in your studio, and interior designing company your formed a few months ago. No, you are not the designer, you are the owner but you have the touch of your own. The designer will create a sketchy design, and you will refine it. For the fact your exquisite taste always guide you in creating something un imaginable by others.

Back to the dinner, it continues until almost ten, at that time everybody decided to bring the night to elsewhere. And as usual all agreed to head straight to Luna Bar at Pan Global Building. A suave hang out spot, expensively decorated and playing numbers of track from Hed Kandi, you favourite. You always wish that someday they decide to  launch the Hed Kandi bar here in Malaysia.

Nadia and Zarina hop in to your car and off you go. When you arrive at the bar, you were greeted warmly for the fact, almost everybody who is regular and the attendant of the bar known you well. You choose your spot, right beside the pool, and order up drinks. And as usual, different from most of your friend, you didn’t drink. No liquor or beer. You choice of drinks is always either coke, sprite but mostly you choose mineral water. You being here not to get drunk, you didn’t even drink. You being here to hang out, chat and chill. Things you do best at night.

At one point you decided that you need to take a loo, you walk into the stylish washroom, and get everything done in 5 minute, on the way back to your seating and you pass by the bar counter, then is when you heard your name being called by the sweet sexy voice. You look around, and you saw her, sexy, voluptuous blonde whom you recognized easily. Natalia, she appeared on FHM cover this month as the upcoming Malaysia very own Heidi Klum. Her father comes from the Deutschland, whilst her mother mixes of Malays and Pakistan hence, a unique European + Asian face on her. Very beautiful indeed. You walk over to her and kiss her on her cheek…. do you know her? Of course you know her, everybody know you here. You are not the average Joe. You are this guy , who sit at the corner of the bar, who play it cool. You hardly jumping around in the bar, no….you are not the wild monkey type. You are the cool guy. The one where everybody comes to you to say hi. And all you did most of the time at the bar would be sit at the corner, with a cool matured face, smile and once in a blue moon if you were forced by many, you be at the dance floor showing you sexy and stylish dance move. Your are for kill. The girls dream of you, the guys wanna be friend with you. You never pushed yourself into anyone and for that resistance of yours to party wildly, a lot falls into your arm. You are suave smooth operator

The night goes one with you flirting with Natalia, and suddenly you realized it is almost midnight. You kissed Natalia on her cheek again and say goodbye, in which she replied with a kiss on your lips. Damn, it was really sweet but tonight is not the night. You walk back to your friend and tell them you need to go. Everybody beg you to stay but you smile and give the girl a goodbye kiss and shake hand with the guys. Not that you are not the fun type who didn’t stay in party till late, but  tonight is not the night to do that.

On the way back you listen to the sound of Sergio Mendez and you favorite tune is always the one where he duet with John Legend, suave and smooth sound from the timeless album 

You leave the scene and reach home at 12.30, you washed up, clean up , perform your isya prayer and jump into bed. By then it is near to 1.00 am. You close your eyes and next thing you know, it is 5.00 am, your alarm buzzing and once again you start you life. Almost as routine. And you are enjoying life as it is.work hard, play hard and working while you play.

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  • 1) urgh. those pics - if it is being arranged properly, i think i would read the story till the end. i think the pics just help to distract me away. might be good if it is being removed? or reduced?
  • 2) a female butler? try using a maid or a housekeeper instead. butler is meant for men

    but i kinda like your fantasy. though i waited if there would be some drama in it. but overall, this is a good story

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