Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Which Friday


It was the Friday before the last Friday or the one before it. I had postponed this entry for so long I don’t remember which Friday it was. It was a Friday though.

 The slave had to come to work early; He left home close in the wee hours of dawn. As soon as he neared the highway around 6.40am he was hit by a surge of surprise. What he saw made his insides churn a little. The highway he was on was already jammed so early in the morning. People were already rushing to work. Aslam thought to himself, “What in the worId is going on?” He said whilst feeling a little sad inside, for some reasons. The sadder part was he wasn’t exactly different than the hordes of sheep’s.  Then he said, “Well bear with me whilst my thought scatters. How much time do we spend getting to work, being at work and coming back from work? How many years of life had gone? What have we learned and gained? Look at me” he said.  “It takes me more than an hour to go to work and come back from work. I am still lucky because we get to take the company bus and you know; get to nap throughout the journey, if one chooses to do so at least. Travelling on my own to work if I were to drive it will cost more than a thousand ringgit each month.” He whispered to himself, now in the bus while some of his colleagues were on their laptops busy working.

Everyone is now travelling in one direction (not the boy band) the one that presumably promotes stability, wealth and happiness.

How much time and effort, turned into dust, we however remain aghast, what is this meekness, this sheep like adherence. Existentialism, So much power one has of himself? When the simplest act we are dependent on other things; the directions are wrong, depression has sprung, the pain it gobbles up the mind, the soul, disrupting the decision making, the shallow sheeps unable to look beyond the laws of the shallow and selfish society. Time spent in order to buy more things, to pay off debts high as kings, to show others I have a job, I go out during the day, come back looking tired at night surely that can only mean conformity and adherence to the laws stated by the society, Success!

Having said that, the thing that keeps me going or keeps me in peace despite the occasional visit by mr. Depression is a balanced life one where I try to divide wisely and concentrate on all aspects of my life especially on spirituality and not superficiality. I wake up early in the morning not thinking of worldly things and I go to sleep not thinking of  any shallow thoughts/dreams or least try. Perhaps we shall learn from history and look at the people or the civilisation before us who have passed away. What are the things that really matters? I guess I am in many ways, depends on how you look at it, fortunate in many ways therefore should constantly be reminding myself to be grateful.

I end with this verse:

 “The Reality,  What is the Reality, what will make you know what the reality is!”




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