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The Chained Princess


I once had a teacher name Miss Azreal. She taught me English. Actually, she taught me more than just English during my school year. She teaches me about life through stories. Ancient stories old literature and old folks and fable stories was her favorites. Some times she makes up her own stories. But she most of the she taught me what if the stories we used to hear and read was not true and twisted. She has a lot of ideas, even freaky ideas some times. My most favorites stories told by her was usually have to do with mythology and legend. Especially Greek mythology. This even better was when I heard the twisted version of her stories. One of my favorite tales told by Miss Azreal is the mythological story of Andromeda. Remember that story, of how the brave Perseus saves Andromeda from her terrible faith. It is a brilliant story. But the story Miss Azreal told me was not the usual happily ever after ending that people always dreams about. What if it was the other way around?


The story of Andromeda is a tale about the kingdom of Ethiopia. The ancient country of Ethiopia was ruled by King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. They have a daughter and the only heir to the throne, Princess Andromeda. They rule of over the kingdom for centuries since from their forefather. The kingdom was well flourish and wealthy as it is a kingdom of great maritime business centre. Everything flourishes perfectly in the land of Ethiopia. Furthermore the people in Ethiopia are very hard working and loyal to the land of Ethiopia.  All was well as they were under the safety of the sea god, Nereus. Nereus rule stretch far and wide across the seven seas. No sea was not under his command. All the creatures and beast of the sea was under the command of the great Nereus. Nereus daughters that is even more beautiful than any other sea nymph. The beauty only the daughter of a god could have inherited. The sea nymph under the Nereus command is Nereid. And each and every one of them is adorned with majestically beauty!


Queen Cassiopeia was very arrogant and boasted that she was more beautiful than the daughters of Nereus, The Sea God.  She was over confident with her beauty, arrogant, ignorant and should I say stupid to offend the sea god. And when the Nereid heard about the insults, with fire burning in their heart there when to their father, Nereus and complain about the whole incident. Nereus was so angry that he sent Cetus, the Sea monster to ravage the kingdom of Ethiopia. Cetus is a sea monster. A beast so ravage that only by his strength he can devour and destroy a whole civilization. In this case it is Ethiopia faith at risk. All the memories that have been build together from the scratch of the forefather in Ethiopia will vanish just like Mesopotamia and Atlantis. Just because of the small matter of case of out speaks before you think.


When all hope was lost. In the deep darkness of the sky that cover the land of Ethiopia. Seems like there no other way. What done have been done. No more use of crying over spill milk. The only final measure that could be taken was as the Ethiopian believe is to ask and an oracle for help. And that is what King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia did. They when to ask an oracle. The oracle advised was that the king and queen of Ethiopia sacrifice their daughter only daughter, Andromeda to the sea god. Sacrificing mean leaving Andromeda to be devour alive by the sea monster Cetus naked by the shore of Ethiopia and chain to the rock there. The oracle said this is the only way to appease the sea god. She was willingly to do anything for her people. Her beloved people of Ethiopia.


But a face is a cover of a thousand different feeling. The fear, the anger the sadness, the helplessness, the hopelessness. But one can’t tell. All of this feelings is hide beneath that somber and peaceful nature of princess Andromeda. So Andromeda was dully chained to a rock by the sea, naked and all. And like all fairy tales that started with once upon a time. The end will be happily ever after. Andromeda just need to wait for her knight in shining armor! He will save her. Just wait. And wait. Waiting is a weakness. When you wait for someone, you’re in a weak venerable position. No knight in shining armor. And like in a flash of lighting, every thing all happen at once. Nereus claim his right towards Ethiopia. Wave from every direction as highest as the tallest mountain flooded Ethiopia. Cetus came directly toward the chain princess and devours her as a whole. And when straight next toward the royal family. Each by each the beast devour. Killing them mercilessly. With his strength and the strength of the water flooding the kingdom of Ethiopia, just by seconds, there no more Ethiopia.


Everything was quite. No more sound of splashing wave or angry beast. No more voices of frighten little child of Ethiopia. Seems like all of what use to be Ethiopia is no more and has ended. Not even a single drop of blood can be seen. The waves must have washed it a way to become part of the sea. Part of the oceon. What left of Ethiopia is now just ruin. Sticks and stone. The land was a waste land nothing but and empty mass of land. The castle of Ethiopia that is left is only the ruins. Residue of what have become because of only one faulty mouth. Everyone dies. Devoured by a single creature, Cetus. The Nereid got what they always wanted. That is to see the kingdom fall to the ground. Now their heart desire is fulfill. Deserved the Ethiopian right for what their queen have done. Since there is no more Ethiopia. The story ends here. No happily ever after.


In true story this would end with the help of Perseus who is on his way back from a victory battle against medusa, swooped down from Pegasus, the winged horse, to save the princess. A great battle occurred between Perseus and Cetus the sea monster. But at last with the medusa head manage to defeat Cetus by turning it into stone. But that what happen in the true myth. What if Perseus was not there? And Andromeda died of terrible faith. Ethiopia was ruin. This is reality. This is what usually happens in reality. Evil wins. Evil is more powerful. If you just like Andromeda and leave everything to faith willing to do anything just because of your kind heart. You die. Literally. If been through there. And I get hurt. People don’t notice. Because you fighting against yourself. You don’t have Perseus by your side all the time. You are weak if you are too nice. Some times naïve. All the time a fool. If you are in Andromeda place. Don’t do it. Don’t just follow order just because you are told. Think grow up and find another way around. Be your own Perseus. Don’t be so naïve. That is what Miss Azreal taught me. And I am trying to do my best to be just that. Not to be too nice and vulnerable. Thank you Miss Azreal!

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  • 1) fuh..ayat dia memeningkan kpala. haha..mcm ade grammer tak kena..ntah..nak cerita sikit berjela2 la pulak jdnya..huhu..clash of the titans yg asal lg best storyline nya dr yg baru klua wayang skg..huhu. neway..nmpak usaha adek ku ini menulis..bagus.
  • 2) Contemplating on thing that has passed would never led to a good thing, just saying.D
  • 3) Ouh ok, there's another story to it. Cool. It makes people think
    But hey, never regret. Learn from the past

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