Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!



   I was stuck in the bar, which only had a booth. Freaks of nature sat in a big, round table. There was this guy, as alive as a moth on fire, sat beside me without moving. Not even blinking his eyes. A girl, sitting far in front of me, embraced and later, made out with her cat. The atmosphere in the bar sent chills down my spine.

   A pole dancer, with a crow head, entertained us greatly. Her naked body was flawless. But there was something that caught my attention, even more attentive than the pole dancer. A young woman, sitting beside the cat-kissing freak, was sleeping, resting her head on the table. She had red hair, like flames, and pale skin. She also had a flower on her hair. She looked normal, comparing with the others in the bar.

   The front door of the bar opened, ringing the bell. I turned around to observe, I was the only busybody who actually turned around. The others showed no interest. A muscular man came in. He had a pair of horns and also a tail. I stared, flabbergasted. I rubbed my eyes and observed him the second time, the horns and the tail didn’t vanish.

   His feet stomped while he walked. He went to the bartender, who could levitate things, and ordered a double cheese burger and beer. He sat down beside an old man without pupils, only irises, which were grey.  I couldn’t tell what the old man was looking at.

   I turned back to the red-headed girl. She wore a beige-coloured dress with flowery patterns on it. Her locks covered her face. I wondered what she looked like. Would she look like Isla Fisher or perhaps, Alyson Hannigan?

   The music in the bar flooded my head with grotesque thoughts. The banjo player’s hands were his feet and his feet were his hands. He also got a big smile. It was supposed to look friendly, but it looked more like malice to me. As he played, the pole dancer followed the rhythm. This whole thing made me feel sleepy.

   I kept myself awake, or maybe asleep. I sipped my beer. It flowed through my windpipe and into my stomach. It burned inside. It felt so good. I, semi-drunk, stood up and walked slowly towards that young girl. When I reached her, I stroked her hair, smooth. She had no response. I patted her. Still, she had no response. I pulled her shoulder, she easily fell back. I saw her face. She had green eyes, her face tore out. Blood flowing down and her throat, slit opened. She wasn’t sleeping, she was dead.

   I was frightened. The freaks looked at me, laughing. It scared my sanity away. They got up, walked towards me, still laughing. They tangled their hands around me and pushed me down. The music kept on playing, even though the banjo player wasn’t playing. They continued laughing and laughing and I lost sight. That’s all I could remember. 

                                                             THE END

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  • 1) wow, how did you do this? i always wanted to put my weird dreams into writing like this but i can't.


  • (Author)
    2) uculer: thx it's easy actually. what you need is inspiration
  • 3) i've said it a million times but i HAVE to say it again! your ideas are brilliantly bizarre and i love them! I reckon you're a best-selling horror author in the making!

  • (Author)
    4) shahridz: thank you! i hope that my wish to become a BEST-SELLING horror author can be attained and same goes to you too! good luck with the novel you're writing
  • 5) tomkiddo: i will be buying your stories if you happen to become an author. and I'm serious about that.
  • 6) place with weirdos and freaks..but the one thing that is normal is the double cheese burger, i gez freaks luv em too..hehe

    nice going dude, a very good piece!

  • (Author)
    7) uculer: oh really? thanks dude
    mosh: cheese burgers, everybody likes them lol thanks

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