It was that one particular night...


..I wasn’t doing anything much, except for a lazy strolling from one roof onto another. The activity provided me enough time for digestion after a good meal; the fat guy I contracted three days ago had too much cholesterol in his body and his soul was a bit icky when I swallowed it whole. Thank devilness his contract wasn’t much of a hassle; the guy’s weak heart failed when he won the 10-million-bucks lottery with the numbers I gave to him. It’s been awhile since I had an easy meal; a woman before him almost broke the contract. When she realized the death spell being put on her eldest brother was a double-edge sword, the woman immediately called a medium to exorcist me. Though unfortunately for her, the medium was a fake and I stuffed myself full with two instead of one.

My night strolling was brought to halt as my highly-sensitive ears caught a summoning spell. The summoning was in a form of soft whispering, and it was a weak calling. A first-timer I assume. Immediately I jumped to the chance before the others answer it, and apparated in a small, plain bedroom. There was a summoning circle, drawn in blood, underneath me;- and around two metres away from where I stood, a small girl was sitting on her knees.

She had a long flowing hair that reached her hips; the platinum blonde locks shone heavenly underneath the moonlight that peered from the bedroom’s only window. Her emerald eyes hidden shyly beneath the strands of hair that partial covered her face. Soft-rounded face with rosy cheeks, a small pair of soft-looking lips; she was a beauty for a young adolescent, judging her lithe form she might be around 14 or so.  My dark heart was leaping with joy at such sight; finally. A worthy meal!

“Umm, are you a demon?” I broke into a grin. Not only had she a goddess look, even her voice sounded so angelic.

“Yes I am, my dearest mademoiselle.” I posed a bow. A soft giggle filled the otherwise silent room.

“For a demon, you’re pretty handsome.” No doubt, my angel. I sported this Korean-hairdo a long time ago just in case any damsel in distress like you calls out for me.

I stood straight as I straightened out my leather coat. My face may be androgynous, but its manly enough to do a little hair-flip. Extra charm improves the soul’s taste. In my most seductive voice, I spoke, “I am nothing when compared to a beauty like you.” Another soft giggle escaped the small lips, “May I know why you wished to be contracted to me?”

That was an honest question from me. This summoning rendered me puzzled a bit; she’s pretty, a beauty wish surely crossed out from the list. Probably it may be a young love, a crush? I might crush whichever male creatures who dared to lay their eyes upon her first before actually carrying out the contract. Or maybe revenge against bad uncles/aunts I guessed? I did like to try play hero for once if it is, like a fallen angel or something. A smirk appeared mentally.

“Well-..” she hesitated a bit, “..-can you grant any wish I make? Even if it sounds ridiculous?”

Anything if it makes your soul mine, “Any wish you could ever think about.”

“Then can you take my soul?” I was taken aback on hearing this. She said the words with such eagerness that my usually composed face changed expression, slightly.

“Now, now-.. Just why would I grant that?”

The girl pouted. “Didn’t you said you would grant anything I wished for?” She threw me an unsatisfied look. “I want you to take my soul.”

At this point, I did wonder if she’s a little bit off in the head. “My dear, a contract needs an appropriate wish to be taken of before I can take your soul. I need at least an order; a kill, a selfish win-.. anything I could fulfill until we get to the soul part.” I tilted my head a bit, “Don’t you have any other wish?”

I can see she was starting to feel frustrated; she looked down at her hands on her knees and bit her lower lip. “I d-don’t have any other wish.” Then her head rose, “Nana said a wish fulfilled by demon will harm anyone. I don’t want to harm anyone else;- I only want my soul to be taken.”

Mentally, I groaned. If only it was possible to take anyone’s soul without a contract or being initially attacked. I’m not a demon general yet, it would meant breaking rules to take a pure soul in this kind of situation. My supervisor Sangetsu won’t be happy if he gets a wind of it. “I really can’t do that. I’m sorry.”

“Oh Mister Demon-..” I didn’t notice she had closed some distance between us. “-..please?” She begged adorably, tugging the lapels of my coat gently.

I had to say I’d eat not only her soul, but her entire being if I didn’t practiced so much control on myself. With this distance, I can smell her untainted vanilla-like scent. I breathed deeply to it until my nose caught a coppery scent.

“If you can’t take my soul-,” Her wide eyes pleaded me, “-can you make me a demon then?”

It was foolish of me not to notice the slash on her left wrist, nor the bleeding. I had falsely thought that the blood came from a cut on the palm, like everyone else did before. Her ivory skin paled ghastly and the small girl stood shivering, leaning on me. Her white nightgown stained red. Her breathing slowly morphed into the form of small, random gasping. She was dying.

The conversation was interrupted by a sound of rough knocks came downstairs and a man screamed angrily outside the bedroom. The girl let out a silent terrified shriek as another sound, a scream that belonged to an elderly woman shook the entire household. “Please, just make me a demon- anything!” She begged once more.

Then her bedroom window suddenly pushed opened by a strong burst of wind. I shielded her and my eyes, the commotion outside continued. As the wind died down, a figure leaned casually to the window-sill, holding a smart phone in one hand and a scythe in another.

“Angelica Faustus.” The grim reaper spoke, “Age 14, female Caucasian, lived with an uncle and an aged grandmother;- died from blood lost.” I let the girl hid behind my back as the creature tore his bespectacled eyes from the phone and took a glance on his wristwatch, “4 minute and 30 seconds to go.”

“What the hell-?” I bared my fangs and hissed at the grim reaper. He didn’t seem to be bothered by it though. Instead he overtook me, pushing me away from my almost-future prey and placed the scythe’s blade on her neck.

“Play time’s over, dude.” If it wasn’t for the scythe, I would never take a nerdy grim reaper wearing an Assassin Creed pullover and baggy cargo pants so seriously. “Better make your choice now; take her or lose her. She’s bounded for Hell already, like she wanted to.”

Now this truly surprised me.

Even with such dangerous weapon on her neck, Angelica shrieked gleefully. “I am going to Hell? Are you sure En?”

En, the said grim reaper, sighed, “Yes. This time for sure.” And with a close familiarity and a forlorn look, he said her name, “You committed a suicide, Ange. It’s the biggest sin.” This made me more than furious, envy overrode my self-control.

“H-How did you know her?! And just how you knew she wanted to be in Hell?” I sputtered. En scratched his head with his empty hand, “You have no idea, do you?

“Ange summoned me before, asking me to take her soul to Hell. I said no, and went away. She called me over and over again; I explained to her every on summoning why I couldn’t take her soul to Hell unless she did bad things to outweigh the goods she did. But she refused, and I left her alive again. Every. Single. Time!” shouted the grim reaper. “It’s annoying! I can’t even make my daily round peacefully without her summoning me.”

“You wouldn’t let me see my father! Everyone said Papa’s in Hell; Uncle Dick hoped Papa burned in Hell forever. Even Nana thinks Papa may be in Hell right now!” Ange sobbed, tears fell from her eyes, “I promised to Papa to behave, but I can’t be with Papa if I’m going to be in Heaven.

“Only Papa loves me.”

Okay, so she’s a father-complex daughter. Not to mention eerily naive and had a weird way of thinking. Do I really want to risk my neck to Sangetsu for turning this girl into a demon?

I scrutinized the cute blushing teary face; and thought twice.

A little eccentric, but oh what the heck- I’m doing it.




“Open the door, you devil girl!” Dick pounded Ange’s bedroom door. He knew too well the girl will attempt just about anything to be with that bloody wizard father of hers. He should have forced her into a monastery life whilst he had the chance then. When no answers came despite the loud poundings, Dick barged onto the door with all might, forcing it open...

Only to find Ange’s body lying lifelessly on the floor, on top of a demonic pentagram circle, just like her father did when he died.

He stood hopeless in front of the door, whimpered. Nana, Ange’s grandmother and caretaker, rushed to the room and sighted the horrible scene.

A sad shriek resonated that fateful night.




A little eccentric, but oh what the heck- I’m doing it.

En’s phone beeped aburptly. He took out the phone and read the instant message. Then he cringed and a cuss slipped, “No WAY MAN!!”

“What?” Ange and me said in unison, soon after another abnormal gush of wind entered the room. Two more figures appeared, and one of them belonged to a race I loathed. An angel.

“Tch- mind your manners, reaper. You’re in front of a lady.” The white trench coat clad man snarled at the young grim reaper, after he gave me a very sharp dagger look. The other figure, dressed in simple attire that reminds me of a youthful school principal cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Miss Faustus, the Court of Future Path has decided that you are to be placed in the Heaven, by hook or by crook. You’ll be guarded by at least 10 angels for eternity while being supervise by an Archangel. For now, you’ll be escorted by my colleague for your journey to Heaven.” He eyed the white angel, “This an absolute order. You have the right to remain silent, Miss Faustus”.

The order read by none other than the infamous Time Keeper, John Titan, sealed Ange’s fate and slammed my door of opportunity. I watched in hopelessness as the weakened Ange tried to fight off the angel and slowly losing her strength as her blood dried away. It may went just for a couple minutes for Ange to be in her death and her soul escorted to Heaven, to me however;- it felt like an eternity. An ironic thing came from a creature that lives more than a few centuries.

The rest of us left the room afterwards. En was smiling brightly, possibly more than just grateful to be freed of a mad child. He took off quickly after reading the latest instant message he received during Ange’s death, muttering happily of something like ‘no more pay cuts’ or so. John seemed to sense my sulky mood, and patted my shoulder, “You’re lucky enough to be stopped from initiating a series of universally catastrophes chaos.

“If Miss Faustus ever to end up in Hell, and possibly become the vilest demon known to this universe;- even the Satan himself can’t stop her from destroying the worlds, including Hell itself. Be glad that you won’t end up as stew for your higher-ups tonight for the Courts order.

“I will take my leave for now.” The time keeper patted my shoulder again, in a more friendly way, “I need to start my next case soon;- En can be very scythe-happy once he get promoted to General Manager position. Hopefully I could take action before he’s going start the Third World War soon.” And John left me as a sad scream rung from once Ange’s bedroom.


I regretted that particular night to end in such way. It’s not because of I couldn’t eat her tasty soul, but a hot dictator demon-chick won’t be so bad in that barren land of Hell.

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