Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

To Err



Too focused on the outside, he overlooks the treasures inside, for it has been said whence one has accepted his state and condition, the unfair situation, the good luck and the lack of it, one gathers understanding and through that understanding a sort of wisdom. The underlying problem is we try to find blame when no one should be blamed, when everyone should be blamed, when everyone should be blaming himself instead of blaming others.


The problem is, it is difficult not to care of what other’s think especially when you were raised in a place filled with judgmental human beings. The despicable act of judging grows on you. The point being conveyed is when you stop thinking about judgmental people; you cease to be a judgemental person. Judging is a disease caught by the sick trait of the environment.


Constantly judging the self, his intention and his objectives on the other hand is a whole different dimension. When one concentrates on his every intention, he becomes aware of his mistakes and weaknesses instead of the weaknesses of others, as a consequesnt being more conscious of his being and condition. It is not easy looking at the self from the within. It is not easy to restrict desires all the time. It is not easy always studying the intention on every single thought, speech and action. Sincerity is questioning every move, speech, gesture and intention is almost extinct.


The remembrance of spiritual teachers teaching about sincerity comes to mind. They don’t only speak of it but live it. Looking at the way they live their lives and the internal strength they extant convinces one more that these are gifted beings. Sure to the kings who reign the world, they look like insignificant beggars. However the beauty of character displayed through sincerity portrays what true virtue is.


On a more random note, the part of life where a fate is decided in whichever household it is born into suffocates the mind. Though being more and more aware of one’s limited intelligence and comprehension; a realization comes to mind, it is the community, society, the people that judge, stereotype, classify, degrade and divide. On and on, generation after generation, time and time again, the tarnished system keeps consuming each man’s soul for generations and generations, time and time again, on and on.


 Men are naturally attracted to physical wealth and prowess though excessive love for it has changed and shaped the mind-set of mankind…hence as a result mankind has inherited these values and have all become trapped victims to a transgressing, selfish society.


Although the world might look at them unkindly and tauntingly, they constantly strive hard for the community, to not be neglectful to the soul. These are the very few who live with what they have and try their best to not prioritize physical wealth. Surely they deserve some respect?


After all we are just humans, weak and fallible, we live for a while and we are forgotten even before the final farewell, the once producing well is now dry and abandoned, it is better to be conscious of the self than to spend life for the recognition of human trolls. Most men are not wise they\\\'ve continue to disregard the soul that lay beneath the soil. May we be granted the strength, will and the courage to stand against the tides—for the wealth of the soul is a wealth that is whole.





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