Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Fast Moving World


Fast moving world, fast moving world, what do I earn from you fast moving world? Without the right feelings, direction and guidance fast moving world… I see things changing, evolving and some disappearing fast moving world. Is it just me or are you spinning faster and faster each day. Every day now, I seem to be feeling more aged and older fast moving world.


My teachers, they tell me how to face you fast moving world, they tell me to ignore most of you, I tell them how can I avoid you when I am within you? They then express their thoughts by shaking their heads. He then said, we are people who are more concerned of the soul than the physical world, pay not too much heed to this fast moving world.


High rise buildings in the fast moving world, I see green trees replaced by million dollar houses, you have turned people into a new hybrid slave, you have turned humanity into profit thriving inhabitants. We all love money and fame, mostly we love you fast moving world. You seem, like you’re here and we here to remain forever!


 What is in plan for you, fast moving world? I best fasten my seatbelts fast moving world. You seem more likely to bring about a bad future fast moving world, when all of us are unaware and unconscious fast moving world?


 I was young and now I am supposed to bring about my own young, fast moving world, why? Fast moving world, jailed and imprisoned in this fast moving world, my teachers tell me to ignore most of you fast moving world, my teachers have honed their souls, fast moving world, they don’t fall for your traps fast moving world or should I say false moving world? My teachers have tried and gained victory over you fast moving world. They live in this fast moving world without playing into your rules fast moving world. How can we compare ourselves to the saints’ fast moving world? When we are weak with petty desires, weak with amusing splendors—glamour and shining armors.


 Fast moving world, fast moving world, how much faster are you going to speed yourself fast moving world? Pace yourself fast moving world! Fast moving world, I hope not to become your victim fast moving world. Fast moving world I don’t think I would want to fall for you fast moving world. Desire towards you transforms me into an unhappy being fast moving world, you make both my mind and physical weak with pointless burden and poisonous desires.


I am fighting against myself over all your wonders fast moving world though it seems like I am failing fast moving world, though I keep succumbing to your magnificence and to the hope that you may bring if I am in possession of you fast moving world. I shall not reduce myself into loving you.


 Everyone else, well no one can be bothered each in his fast moving world with his selfish, fast moving dreams and fantasies. All wishes to be a king of you fast moving world, what will be your end game fast moving world? What will be my ending fast moving world?


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  • 1) The clock is ticking. The world is moving to fast?aah me enjoying the ride
  • 2) ahh stupid me. typo there.

  • (Author)
    3) Yeap a lil too fast...that's the right attitude. Thanks for reading.

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