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A Shit Day


Sub topic: 3rd World ‘Mentality’ Problems



I have to be honest; I was inspired to write this whilst visiting the washroom and this ‘inspiration’ I’ve experienced was strong enough to trigger me into write this piece almost immediately; let me begin.

 In my years of working I have/had to frequent or work in numerous corporate offices/ suites. Needless of any explanation, the very air, the architectural designs of the buildings, the security systems etc etc were to say the least, classy. Today, nevertheless, we will focus more on the ‘gents’.

Despite the elegant and posh appearance these buildings display; together with the air of ‘executivity’ portrayed by proud execs walking in possibly designers clothes— all these buildings have one thing in common; Shitty/stinky toilets. Now how can that be? You might ask and yes it would be impossible for suites to have failed/dysfunctional lavatories right? Well I meant it literally, I am trying to draw your attention to the numerous shit and the shit stains left behind by people who uses the toilet. There I said it. The elephant is out in the room and glaring with promiscuity.


Whyy?!?! Is the most common thing I question myself when I see excrete or shit stains left in the freaking toilet!  You know, I always try to enter toilet booths with a certain amount of positivity and almost always due to my hopes for a clean toilet, I feel my positivity going awry, gradually fading away. From being a person who views the glass as half full I have turned into someone who views the glass as full off excrete. Nowadays all I fantasize about is on shoving these culprits’ faces into the shit/shit stain and stink they have so nonchalantly left behind. You know, let them be seen as the shit stain that they are. 

 Apparently they’re too good to clean up after their own; they need others to do it for them. There is no integrity or empathy in these people.

 Think about it, if you’re that disgusted with your own excrete, did you have the slightest bit of thoughtfulness one needs to reflect on how others would be even more disgusted and revolted than you are?? Obviously not! You shallow, dirty from the inside…person!


Yes, there are always cleaners around, cleaning and mopping the washroom every couple of hours or even every hour or just there on standby just in case some corporate looking, designer clothes wearing douchebag leaves some stain behind. These cleaners, are they not human too? Do you think they like to smell and look at defecates?  Have you ever thought about it in this light? That they’re already living a difficult life, why not make their life just a little easier by practicing basic hygiene and cleaning up after our own shit?

 I am once again really-really disgusted with humanity and its sheer shallowness. These outbursts, normally lead me to sort of, ‘do something about it’ years back, I was so angered by people littering and throwing things out of their cars, I created a group in facebook called, ‘Stop Littering’ some months after that another incident led to another outburst that also ended up with me creating a different fb group. Not to worry, I don’t think I would create a group that calls people to take care of their shit.

 Anyways, we are lacking in basic values, things that you don’t need to be told to do, things that are common sense. Our principles, consciences, morality all have no standing against the standing of having the most money. Humanity has depleted into this money crazed beings that nothing else matters anymore. As long as you have money, you are viewed as a clean and a noble person.

People need to be educated on having empathy. Selfishness might seem best for you, but it isn’t. It never is.

 Lastly, I would like to blame this education system for failing miserably in instilling basic values and for failing in nurturing kids who are now parents—who are continuing the failing tradition greatly by failing in parenting…starting from an education system that teaches one to be a selfish, narcissistic individual who’s only goal is to get good grades which when translated into adulthood, programs one to be selfish and shallow individuals programmed by TV programs and whose only goal is to get more money.


One of the many consequences of the failed system is the emergence of individuals who are unhygienic and people who don’t care much for the stains they leave behind and on how it might affect others. 


#everyone shits # First world salary third world mentality #shitty day

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