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Kapasitor EN : February 2011 Bulletin


Hello there,

Like a wink of the eye, it’s goodbye January 2011 and already we are in the month of February.  How’s 2011 been treating you all so far? Me, it’s been good so far. New opportunities opened up and I guess I’m in a thankful mood. But then, shouldn’t we ought to be that way always?

Before I forget, It’s Kapasitor 6th year anniversary, so Happy Birthday Kapasitor! Congratulations to everybody who makes this a reality.

The new year seems promising for the EN Section. New post are coming in steadily compared to December 2010.  I see new blood, new members who settling in comfortably with their style and emotion in writing their stuff and well accepted here. That is a good sign for me.  Check them out! :

It’s been a while since EN get its supply of new novel posts. But the long wait is worth the while when naniemk get the ball rolling again in this section. Her novel, The Legend Of Taming Sari : The Awakening is truly worth reading. The way she writes each chapter, makes me eagerly wait for the next one to see how the plot and the story goes.  I can picture each scene she created in the chapters and she successfully delivered the goods. Maybe one day someone could turn this into a TV series or even a movie!

So far there are 4 chapters.  C’mon guys, let support her, read, rate and comment.

In his short description, he said he write and draw. Well tom is unique to me and stands out among other writers in the short story section. If you wanna thriller/fantasy with a twist of horror/gore and dark humor, Tom is your man.  His latest, “I wonder what’s in the box?” is great and he ended the story, BANG! Just like that. Read it if you have not yet.  And also check out Tom’s artwork, then you can see what he meant when he said, he write and draw!

A newcomer with a sense of fashion and taste in writing. Shahridz writes them all, poetries, short stories and now starting a novel. Two of his short story delivered a warm and calm feeling after reading. Well for me atleast. Like, saying to myself, “yeah, life’s like that”. Check out his latest , “That Rose isn’t Yours” and his first, “Lipsticks, Credit Cards and Iphone”.

His novel, “I love Your Soul..Literally!” ventured into the love/romance genre but not of the humankind. A ghost love story?  Twilight-ish? Read it and you be the judge. One thing for sure, Shahridz have uploaded two interesting chapters. Check them out!

Kap-Sule #4

At  last the 4th edition of Kapsule is finished. You can expect to download it by this Wednesday (as told by Jojo). Thank you to all who contributed for the theme issue. Congratulations to Blakey for successfully design this edition.

Blakey is a great digital artist to me. Check her artwork in this issue. So fine and smooth. Oh, there are a few pages I did (so amateurish :P ), so bear with it ok.

For the next theme, I will announce it before the end of this month after discussion with fellow EN moderators. Wait for it ok ;)

The Stats
There are total of 16 poetries, 8 short stories and 7 novel chapters posted in January 2011.  The following is the data provided by Jojo.

5     4.4     That Rose Isn't Yours     shahridz     29/01/2011
5     4.0     I Wonder What's In The Box     tomkiddo     27/01/2011
4     4.3     Witching Hour     tomkiddo     21/01/2011
4     4.0     Lipstick, Credit Cards and iPhone     shahridz     22/01/2011
3     3.7     666 Words For You!     tomkiddo     16/01/2011
3     3.0     Feline's Attraction     tomkiddo     26/01/2011

5     3.4     I want to go home     paktam85     31/01/2011
4     4.3     Grey Clouds Over Golden Dreams     shahridz     22/01/2011
3     5.0     One year..     NJay     04/01/2011
3     4.0     The Glass     kitokiut     04/01/2011
3     4.0     Blind Optimism     kitokiut     04/01/2011
3     3.3     Reminiscence     tomkiddo     24/01/2011
2     3.5     Let me     paktam85     13/01/2011
2     3.5     Betrayal     naniemk     21/01/2011
2     3.0     let my heart...     lailasyang     15/01/2011
2     2.5     The Frozen Moment     LilacBride     18/01/2011

8     Witching Hour     tomkiddo
7     Lipstick, Credit Cards and iPhone     shahridz
6     I Wonder What's In The Box     tomkiddo
5     666 Words For You!     tomkiddo
5     Feline's Attraction     tomkiddo
5     That Rose Isn't Yours     shahridz
3     Righteous 2011!     Alam_Shah

15     I want to go home     paktam85
9     Grey Clouds Over Golden Dreams     shahridz
9     Reminiscence     tomkiddo
6     The Glass     kitokiut
6     What can I do?     cika
5     Blind Optimism     kitokiut
5     Let me     paktam85
4     One year..     NJay
3     let my heart...     lailasyang
3     Betrayal     naniemk

Congratulations to everyone!

For other, lets keep on creating and writing!

Take a small step in poetry writing, write a 10WP!

Or TRANSLATE your BM writing and reach a new audience!

Download Kapsule back issues!


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