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I keep pressing the esc button on my keyboard. Hoping that there’ll be some sort of a relief or release from the several cages of confinement that pains the soul. Though all that happens, happens for a reason…there is no more water in this detention. A country rich with water is having water crisis. A country that was known for its green is now polluted; the air we breathe is congested. So much I wanted to pour out my expressions but there hasn’t been any rain pour.  What could it be, what will tomorrow bring while I am busy sheeping, while I am lying on the bed sleeping? Daydreaming about amazing things because in real life, well you are not in amazement; Rather it feels like being in a maze with too many limitations placed onto you.  Despite all the whineries (whining) I need to be reminded that love is the remedy. In times of pain and difficulties, we put front our complaints to the most compassionate, the most merciful…


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Often seen as cold, bitter and distant but in reality is cool, sweet and not very distant..haha Sometimes I feel like saying what Kierkegaard said, People understand me so poorly that they even dont understand my complain about them not understanding me. On the other hand often I assume of understanding people i guess its a given or an irony or something else..depends on how you see it..
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