Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Richer please...


Isn't it pretty simple? It’s not impossible to comprehend, it is actually pretty obvious, no? Let us just ponder for a second; bear with me, don’t be biased yet, just let your thoughts flow a little deeper. Forget about society and its mandates. Think about it, the richer an individual is the more selfish and careless he is about others?

  Why do we look up to such people, worst still why do we aspire to be like them? Let us look at the present and let us also look at the pages of history; these people we look-up at and aspire to become are known for their arrogance and evil deeds. Still we think this is success and this is happiness.

 If it really means that, then why are the rich after achieving all the riches in the world, still not happy? Worse still they become greedier, evil-er and more arrogant and inhumane towards others? Yet, still I have the desire to gain more…such is the weak, easily swayed human man.

  There is something very wrong with us, with our society and with the world; that we aspire to become the worst kind of people in existence...We aspire to become the likes of Pharaohs.  

I almost forgot, this was one of the main contributing factors of this spontaneous/unplanned entry. Do watch it and perhaps you too will be enraged and then saddened and after that feel utterly hopeless...

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  • 1) because money equals to power?
  • 2) frankly speaking,this is not a question whether being rich is wrong or not, in fact there's nothing wrong with being rich! A wise man would turn a single dirt into a mountain of gold, while an idiot would make an opposite turn by turning the golds into a single dirt. At the end of the day,it was all about making choices.You can still be a rich idiot,though.There's nothing wrong with that

  • (Author)
    3) Ucu: Yeap, money equals to power, recognition, acceptance etc..thanks for reading

  • (Author)
    4) Si Bisu: I was actually contemplating whether or not to reply to u, ur comment appeared as a cry for attention. Nevertheless, I shall humour u and give u my attention. Frankly speaking, This entry focuses more on the underlying factors of wealth to the wealthy and to the poor. In other words, I was focusing more on the effects/ on how a person changes because of wealth and the consequences of wealth. I was also expressing on how we adore wealth and wealthy people.

    A wise man would turn dirt into a mountain of gold? Maybe I should write about the effects of reality TV shows next? So according to ur statement, our brothers in Africa, India, Palestine and other malnourished countries who are surrounded by dirt are idiots?! What choices did they have? Just because u were born with privileges u start to think that u made the right choices?
    I am sorry if i am being too harsh on a teenager..btw did u even watch the embedded video?
    Ignorance is indeed bliss, U must be a happy person
  • 5) actually, what I was trying to say is that at the end up of the day, you're the one who is making choices,good or bad,it's all up to you to make the wealth turn as a "good" fortune instead of a "mis"fortune for the community as the whole.People are not going to change because of just being rich, people change because they wanted to, because the environment around them influence them to be. Not to forget,aim to be wealthier and richer are one of fardu kifayah in Islam. Even Nabi encouraged us to balance both, dunya and akhirat( yeah,you don't need to be a 50 yo person to know this)

    Now, speaking about the global issues, yeah, the countries you mentioned was all surrounded by bunch of idiots. Like Africa,Sudan, India, they all surrounded by bunch of "unreliable" corrupted governments and rich people. While I can't say the same thing for Palestine, but still a good leader would bring the better for the sake of his people, not the other way around. In Palestine, Hamas and Fatah are the one which breaking the nation apart. They should unite together,and keep their ideology aside. A good leader should bring all those "good" privileges you've said before to his people.Now, the article should be focusing on how a good leader should be, not about by becoming richer, equals worthlessness.In fact, the "good wise man" I mentioned before is about how a person make a good use of his fortunes for the better.I don't know that you're that "old" to unable to comprehend such simple and easy words.

    And, wow, way the go to judged people based on his first comment, that was so mature of you. But hey,as long you're happy..

  • (Author)
    6) I get cold feet when people use religion to win arguments. If ur talking abt the Prophet S.A.W then look at how he lived and how did the people close to him lived.

    I think we both can agree that we have different opinions and understanding. Hence let us depart on our own ways and not cross path to further disregard and refute each other. Thank you for reading. May u be in peace.

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