Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

some ideas


1. i would like to apologize to the readers (if there's any) should i have been quite lagging in my updates on my blogs.

2. truth is, i actually have any substance or ideas to write. somehow it requires a situation, or more technically an inspiration to express my thoughts it a more substantial form. i can write all what's happening in my life daily and how terrible it is, but that defeats the purpose why i am blogging in the first place.

3. in another way, i've tried to search for an inspiration, and believe me i have lots of drafts in my posting settings. but screening the substance, well, i'd guess it does not trigger any rather dull subject.

4. this new year so far for me it's difficult, but i'm working my best to achieve outstanding goals i've set last year. they will be some changes, and i'm afraid this year would be a rather significant one. what is it, i don't know.

5. isolating myself and doing things a bit differently gave me a wider perspective of thinking. it doesn't have to be big and creative. just change what i do routinely, and it does gauge a big impact to myself.

6. i'd guess that the major attributes in life. once you're in the comfort zone, you lose the purpose of living. that's the time you'll need to change. not change for the worse, but slightly better. it requires a hell lot of efforts before reaching another comfort zone.

7. the fact is that life is lifeless if we are in order, in a perfect way, just how we plan it. in fact, life never goes to plan. it's the randomness, or the unpredictability, that sets the inspiration of living. the idea comes from a need of change. a need to sustain. a hunger to survive. it's the incompleteness that completes the life out of us.

8. recently i've been taking a lot of public transports to get to a destination i desire. of course it's a little bit harder. so what if i have two cars. it does not make me look poorer if i take the bus to work. but the journey is well worth it. i have observed all walks of life, learned how to plan my time better and learn to be more patient. and i've also managed to sleep instead rushing to the traffic.

9. through that journey inspires me to write. it helped me a lot in my works. being an engineer does not mean applying equations and best practices. sometimes you're in a technical crapper, where you have to come up or troubleshoot a dead end problem, you have to resort a lot of creative ways to form some sort of idea. it comes from different kinds of angles.

10. from then on i've been burning to write several articles that i've considered a taboo and a subject of controversy. i guess i'm prepared for the consequences then on. but what is life without constroversy ?

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  • 1) erk..adakah ini short stories???bertemakan general???
    bagaimana jika ia dipindahkan ke community?
  • 2) yeah life is dull without controveries. ;)

    anyway, i 2nd alya here, maybe u shud post this or blog in the community section, where i think u wud hav more readers.
  • 3) i love no 7
    its the surprises that always keep me going
    i guess i just have a thing for surprises

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