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Cradle Me to Sleep


*this is my first attempt(posted) in writing a short story.phew~!i didn\'t know it could be so tiring.anyway, if the story sounded too corny, my appologies \"Tongueoh, and pardon the grammatical errors.too drained to correct it*


Mommy where do dead people go?

Why don\'t you go and ask daddy?


Yes, sweetheart?

Where do dead people go?

erm they went to heaven.Why do you ask?

This morning my friend told me a story about dead people.She said they haunt you in your dreams.


(chuckles)Those were just made up stories, my dear.Nothing more.




Twenty years have passed. She\'s a grown up woman now.But why does the images of dead people kept haunting her dreams at night?She kept pondering about her cursed fate.She hated the way everyone else can have a good peaceful sleep while hers filled with dead bodies and gory scenes.She had been to the psychiatrist\'s office dozens of times.Swallowed bottle after bottles of prescription pills to help her sleep.Nothing works.She was doomed.


The nightmares started when she was a girl of eight.Maybe seeing the death of her parents infront of her gave her this nightmares.The doctor said this was just a phase for a traumatized child like her.It will go away in time.He even bet on his red Ferrari that she will have sweet dreams after going to a few therapy sessions and taking some medications.She wished she knew where the doctor lived.The red ferrari should rightfully be hers now.The freaking nightmares kept coming and coming without any sign of stopping.


Eight years of happy memories and twenty years of tormented life flashed right before her eyes.Maybe i should just jump off a building.Or maybe I could take those damn sleeping pills until I die of overdose, she thought.


One day something new happens to her.The nightmares were less violent than before.The dead people even smiled at her.She was happy.No more headaches, no more restless sleep.She started to smile to people again.Then a mysterious box appears at her doorstep.Inside were stacks of newspapers clippings and notes.Puzzled, she began reading it one by one.The first news clipping she read was about a youngman who was found dead two blocks away from the place she was renting.The guy looked familiar to her.This murder was almost twenty years old.She went through all the papers inside the box.Most of them were missing persons news and the rest were unsolved murders.Even a five year old can make connections between her nightmares and this clippings.She was supposed to do something about it.But first, she must find out who send her the package.


(sighs)This is going to be one boring detective work.No return address.What a suprise.Thank god I have all this time in the world and can start digging for clues.


She make a phone call to her workplace and ask for a week\'s leave.

Hello, uh boss.This is Sarah.I need a couple of days off.


Am I dreaming?I never expected a workaholic like you would ask me for a leave.Well, when\'s the date?


Are you drunk boss?Date for what?


The wedding.That is the reason why you are taking a leave, is it not?


Of course not.I have some family matters to settle.I\'m skipping work if you don\'t want to approve my leave.


Since you threatened rather nicely, I\'ll give you two weeks.Oh, your aunt wants to know when you are coming for dinner?


Someday, Uncle Jim.I\'ll talk to you later.Bye.


Take care of yourself.


She visited the murder places that were near her block.Turns out, there was even a suicide case happend next door twenty years ago.Should suicide cases be in the same category as homicides?She was having a mild headache trying to decide which one was to be prioritize first.After a few coin toss, and a few random selection, she decided to check out the murder case that happened at her old school.


Eight year old Thomas William was found dead in one of the restrooms in the school.Apparently, he was supposed to meet up a friend after school.His parents filed a police report after they found no sign of him at school and after they found an alarming note on his bed.The janitor found his body, laid sprawled and there were cuts and bruises all over his body.The forensic found no evidence that could lead them to the murderer and concluded that the boy died after a great loss of blood.The parents were grief-stricken by the death of their only child and decided to move to a new town.


Thomas William...he was the boy who sat at the back of my English class.Dorky Tom?I didn\'t remember hearing about his murder case.


She snooped around the school hallway after school hours that day.She was intrigued.The watch on her left hand shows it was around ten at night.She knew all the secret places to sneak inside the school.The school ground was her place to play hide and seek when she was a little girl.The boys restroom is at the end of this hallway.Her flash light in her right hand and slowly she\'s making her way into the restroom.The wooden door creaked and the line was clear.


On the floor below one of the sinks, there were dried blood.From the looks of it, Dorky Tom probably drown in his own blood.She gulped and takes a deep breath as she slowly touches the old blood.The janitor seemed to be doing a lousy job in cleaning this twenty year old mess.He should be fired.She sensed something and eyed her surroundings.She takes a few calming breaths and continues with her probing.Right after that something hard hit her.She saw a pair of black boots before losing her consciousness.


When she opens her eyes, she was being dragged across the school\'s football field.Her assailant was hooded and it looks like her attacker is a male.Five foot ten with a wide frame.He was heaving rather loudly and cursing.There was a bit of blood trickling down her forehead.Other than that, she was perfectly fine.She uses her free leg and hit the man.He turns around with a suprise on his face.


Damn!I thought I\'d knock you out until next week.


You thought wrong, mister.

She picked herself up and ran to the opposite side of the football field.Then she heard shouts and footsteps coming after her.She managed to reach her car by the time he got to the school parking lot.Fumbling trhought her coat pockets, she drew her car keys and get into the car and sped past the man.


She bolted all the locks in her house and crawled into bed with all her clothes on.She jerked when the telephone rang.Uncle Jim was on the other line.


What are you doing?


You sounded awful.Is everything all right?


Yea, I\'m okay.


Listen, I am on my way to your house right now.You sounded like you needed company.


I\'d appreciate that.I\'ll make some coffee for you.


See you in five.


She hang up the phone and made her way to the kitchen.She switched on the coffee machine and made herself a cup of hot chocolate.It was almost midnight when she heard the doorbell rang.She unlocked the door and let Uncle Jim came in.He sat at the kitchen counter with his mug of steaming balck coffee.


So, what brings you here?


I want you to stop doing all this useless things.


I don\'t know what you are talking about.


The murder cases you\'ve been investigating.I want you to stop.No good will come to it.


If you are afraid this will effect my job, don\'t be.Coz it won\'t.By the way, are you hurt?


Why you ask?


You were limping just now.


Suddenly, Uncle Jim was snickering and he looked at her with an evil gleam in his eyes.Her mind was working like clockwork.Uncle Jim was her asailant!But why did he attack her?He was always the one with a jovial laugh and smiles plastered on his face all the time.This Uncle Jim was coming at her like a predator calculating the precise moment to jump on it\'s prey.Her knees were shaking like crazy and for the first time in her life, she was scared of dying.


He grabbed her shoulder and shoved her hard on the wall.Then his pudgy hands began to constrict her neck, making breathing difficult.She clawed his face and he choked her harder.Why? She asked her only living relative.


You know too damn much!Just like your parents.If only they could keep their mouth shut.Then I wouldn\'t have to kill them.


I don\'t...know anything.


Sooner or later you might find out about my past.


He let go of her neck as if to give her time to listen to the reason for her upcoming demise.His fingers were sinking into her arms to make her stay pinned against the wall.


I was a murderer before I came to this town.Then after I killed a guy, I decided to take on his identity and lay low from the police.That\'s when i met your aunt.We got married and my secret remains safe with me.Then a few years after you were born, a new guy came into town.He used to live next doors to you.He recognized my face when i went to your parents house.We used to go to school together.I need to shut him up so he won\'t tell anyone about the real me.On the same day, I slit his throat while he was watching tv in his living room.The poor guy never saw it coming.I watched him bled to death.


Uncle Jim laughed and Sarah shrinked closer to the wall.

What about the other murders and missing person cases happening in this town twenty years ago?


You know, all that happened rather unexpectedly.I was minding my own business, murdered a few people just to kill time.Get it?Kill time?(chuckled)Those were the good old days.Now I\'m fully retired from my old job.This old bones can\'t take the stress anymore, you know.


All those innocents people you\'ve killed just to pass time?Are you even human?!Oh, my god.Then that means you murder my parents for fun?


Sarah struggled to free herself but with no hope.He was rather strong for a sixty year old man.Or maybe she was just a weakling.She grunted in anger and frustration.


They confronted me one day asking me about a wanted poster they\'d seen in another town at that time.I had to do something before the word spreads out and they\'ll start asking more questions.I did the only honorable thing.I put poison in their drinks when they came to meet me at my office.Then deposit the bodies to their own car and burned it to make it look like an accident.You were there by the time the car exploded.I cradled you in my arms later that day.


She was sobbing her heart out trying to make sense to all the things that had happened to her life.She lost her parents and her life because of this wretched murderer!There is no more justice in this world.She closed her eyelids and let her body go numb.The pressure on her arms were gone and she felt the overwhelming pressure on her neck as she waited for her death.


Sweet dreams, Sarah.Say hye to your parents for me.(barked an evil laugh)


Then his hands went slack on her neck.She crumpled on the cold floor.Her right cheek pressed againts the solid tile.Across from her Uncle Jim stared at her with a blank expression.Blood trickled from his mouth.He was dead.Blood was seeping through the front of his white shirt.She heard footsteps and they stopped just above her head.Someone kneeled down and cradled her face.The hands were rough and gentle at the same time.She looked up through a veil of blurry tears and saw a man.She heard him shouted for ambulance and saw his lips moving and saying to her that everything\'s gonna be alright.She exhaled a relief breath and fainted.


Two years have passed after the death of Uncle Jim.She told the police everything that he had told her about all the murders he had committed.The nightmares stopped coming after she woke up to find herself in the hospital bed.A stranger was sitting on the right side of her bed.He was the one that saved her last night.But how the hell did he know about Uncle Jim?she pondered to herself.It turned out that he was a son of a private detective hired by her parents.When his dad passed away a few years back, he took over the family business.He found a file under her name and decided to continue with the investigation.


I don\'t remember hiring a private investigator before.


Your parents were the one who hired my dad.Right after your neighbor was reported murdered.They suspected Jim was the last one to see their neighbor alive.


So, i guess the case is closed now.Thank you for saving my life.


Not quite.I have one more mission to finish.


I\'m sure that\'s none of my business.


I\'m afraid it is.Sarah, would you mind doing me a favour?


(sighs)Sure, what is the favour?


(chuckles)You don\'t have to sound so dejected.I want you to consider marrying me.


That day she looked at him like he was a lunatic.Today, she is happily married to Scott.Yeah, he was the lunatic she was talking about back then.She is living a life with the man she loved and a baby on the way.All the sufferings she endured seemed worthwhile because in the end she found her purpose in life.She found love.As they say, love conquers all.


The End














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  • 1) who who? is it going to stop here only? please say no Frown

  • (Author)
    2) uculer: hang ni awat gopoh benaq?cheq baru tulis sekerat yg hang pi baca awat?ahaha sorry, tercakap utara plak.anyway.plz enjoy the full version.Tongue out
  • 3)

    ouh tadi tu tak dan tulih lagi ka? kami tak tau.

    btw coolness. it always had to be someone we never expect them to be right?

  • (Author)
    4) yup.i decided the ending would be quicker if the villain is someone they didn't expected to be; rather than going for a total stranger as the killer.tht would turned into pages and pages of writing.i kinda despised writing a novel.coz i want to finish the story in one go Smile
  • 5)

    Good paragraphing, really.

    Using italic to show conversation is cool. but i think the standard "bla bla" would be better. 

  • (Author)
    6) jojo: noted.thnx, i'll keep tht in mind for the next short story(if i have any).LOL
  • 7)

    I think the idea or plot is quite good but I have to admit there was some confusion over the time of the deaths. The introduction of this Uncle character was also quite sudden. Smile I do agree with you. Quite hard to write stories: long or short so a very good attempt.

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