Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Barely Breathing


I looked up. I smiled as a star sparkled. That was my lucky star. When I was little, I watched the stars every night, watching its movements and finally, when I was 16, I chose my star, the night when my father died. Looking at my watch made me shiver. It's nearly 11pm and it's freezing cold.


"Yes dear?" I replied not turning away.

"When is daddy coming?"

I smiled. "Soon"


I turned and patted my little sister's head, Jamie. She was 15, and I was 20. We lived together in a one-storrey house. The only thing our dad left us when he died. Our mother died when Jamie was born. She suffered from so much bleeding.

A doctor came out of the operation room. Frank rushed to him. I saw the doctor patted my father's shoulders as Frank lowered his head. He covered his face in his hands and leaned back, found the wall for support. I knew it right away that something had happened.

30 hours later, we were gathered around wearing black. A priest calmly said prayers. People were sobbing and crying. I looked over at my dad who was sniffing and looking down at mom's grave. I slipped my shirt in my pants that has slightly tucked out. I remembered how mom used to scold me about that. Mom said we must always look tidy, and neat. And she would tuck in my shirt after that and pulled up my pants. As I looked down at my mom's grave, I knew that from now, I have to be independent and brave because she's gone..


"What is it Jamie?" I sighed.

"I'm cold" She hugged herself.

I put my arms around her and she leaned against my shoulder. I looked at the sparkling water. I remembered the night when me and dad came down here to talk. Daddy was talking about death. I felt confused. Then daddy started asking me questions like "Scott, if I die, I want you to promise me you will take care of Jamie. OK?" Then, he told me he was going to swim for a while. I didn't stop him. He loved doing weird things at weird times and he always know what he's doing. But I was scared and worried. As he dipped his feet in the water, he looked back at me and said "I missed your mommy" and then he smiled and dived into the river.... and I never saw him again.


I looked down at my sister's face. It was clear and beautiful. She always reminds me of mommy.

"Will daddy talk to me?" She asked.

"I don't know. Maybe" I smiled

"Does he remember me?"

"Of course" I wanted to tousle her hair but she hit my hand. I chuckled.

Dad has called me last night.. in my dreams. He told me to meet him. I know it sounds weird. If eventhough he didn't actually call me, I just felt it, that he's calling me from above.. asking me to come. I looked at my watch again. 11:15pm. I shifted nervously, rubbing my palms together. I could barely breath in this cold.

I remembered playing paper boat with dad when I was 7 here. He had made me a boat out of newspapers and later covered it with paraffin so that it won't sink in water. It was so cool.

I pushed Jamie aside and got up. She pulled my shirt.

"Where are you going?"

"I want to taste the water"

"No. Stay. Please"



"No" I pushed her slightly and walked to the edge of the river. I could hear Jamie calling my name, asking me to stop. Jamie started sniffing. I sat at the edge of the water, kneeling down. I dipped my finger in the water, and jerked it back. I felt electric shocking me like 'zap'. I looked back at Jamie. She was looking down, face in her hands. I knew that tonight I'm going to die and I know Jamie knew too. I dipped my right thumb into the water, moving my thumb around to make myself comfortable. I lifted my thumb to my mouth and sucked it. The water, it tasted like blood. I licked my thumb. My mind started to drift. I saw my star sparkling right above the water. It was shining brightly, blurring my sight. I closed my eyes and my dad appeared with my mom, both smiling, both in white, both calling me to come. I saw a vision of myself as a 5 years old running to them. I jumped into my dad arms as he lifted me up in the air. I giggled, and my mom pinched my nose. I opened my eyes again and saw a white bird flying around the star. It flew round and round then it fell, fell on the surface of the water, and it splashed a little wetting my shirt. I looked down and saw red spots on it. It was blood. I dipped both of my foot inside the water, turned back and looked at my Jamie, and smiled. I turned back and looked at the star again as the water pulled me deep down....


10 years later


Jamie turned around and grinned. "Hi"

Bob planted a kiss on her cheeks. "Where are we going?"

"Heaven" She answered, smiling

Bob frowned, confused.

"You'll know what I mean when we are there"

"Well, okay Jame. Whatever you say"

Later that night

"Jame! This is so cool!!!!!!" Bob exclaimed as he stepped out of the car. He spread his arms and spun around..

"Told you!!" Jamie glanced at the welcoming water.

"Let's skinny-dip!!" Bob excitedly exclaimed.

Jamie laughed. "No, silly. I'm here to see my brother"

Bob stopped fooling around. "Jamie, snap out of it. He's dead. And you're imagining things. It wasn't him"

Jamie just smiled. She looked at her watch, 5 minutes to go. She walked over to Bob and kissed him briefly on the lips.

"I love you, ok?"


Jamie put her fingers on his lips. "Remember me, okay? I really love you" She kissed him again. He slipped his arms around her waist, hugging her close. Jamie lay her head on his shoulder.

Jamie looked up at him and kissed his nose. "Stay cute" She grinned.

A tear fell from Bob's eyes. She lifted her right hand and brushed his tear away. "Don't cry, babe. I'll always be around. Looking down at you. Taking care of you"

"I love you Jamie.. You're the greatest"

"You are - the most wonderful person I've ever been with"

Bob smiled. Jamie let go of his embrace and walked to the edge of the river. She looked back for the last time, she blew a kiss and waved her hand a little. She turned back to the water, she could feel her heart beating faster and it was hard to breathe. She closed her eyes and dived into the water. "I'm falling.. I'm falling..." She silently thought as she drifted into another world.

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  • 1) Wow, this is scary. Kids, do not try this at home. agaga
  • 2) she commit suicide  ?why?why?why?
  • 3)

    Nice. Eh.. but I don't understand? Why? huh? What? Why?

    Is this psychological? Or does it signify something mythical? 

  • 4) yah..why?

  • (Author)
    5) Jamie had a chance to change what was initiated by her dad. But she was just as coward as him and her brother, Scott.

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