Macam Mana Nak Cari Jodoh di Malaysia?

900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

Daftar Sekarang!

Too late, too soon?


We are looking through the window. We want to believe we'd be this way forever without realizing it'd end soon. Too soon we won't even realize it's over. You grab my hand in yours, rest assured it's all going to be fine... that's what you keep saying.

Then it all ends. 

I'm sorry, Jofry. I'm sorry I can't stand you any longer. I'm sorry if you feel I've been playing with you all these while. I'm sorry if I was a mistake.

You were my favourite mistake, Ari. But I can't tell you that you meant everything to me. I can only tell you that one day, I'd regret letting you go this time.

We stop looking through the window. You have your eyes fixed on mine.

"How much longer?"

"Just another hour". You tell me as your eyes lazily gaze into mine.

The clock stops ticking. My heart rapidly racing. I try to speak but you tell me not to say a word. We listen to each other's breathing. Mine, crazy. Yours, calmer. We breathe each other. We melt together.

Then, out of nowhere, we start to cry. We cry so hard that we can't hear anything else but ourselves, gasping for air.

As I lower my head, you lift up my chin.

"I won't tell you I won't be leaving... and I can't tell you I'll stay..." And I cry even harder. I care not of anything but to cry.

Let him go, Lara. He's no good. He's just taking you for granted.

As the reminder crosses my mind, I cry even harder, so hard that I almost choked on my own tears.

And you restlessly stand over my shoulder.

You place your hand on my shoulder, I shrug it off. Almost too abruptly.

"Don't tell me you're sorry... it'd be the tenth time I've heard it"

I hear you sigh. I continue looking out of the window, as I hear your footsteps behind me.

"Goodbye Jofry. You're one hell of a mistake". 

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  • 1) "Goodbye XXX. You're one hell of a mistake".
  • 2)

    For every single person across your life line, there some significant memories of them. whether it's for bad, or for good, whether we really want to forget about it, or just want to keep it forever, i believe we who live in present time should be able to be strong and embrace the memories.

    i want to believe that as i want to truely love who i am and appreciate for the good and the bad of what i am. it's hard to forget, easier to forgive thus just forgive but keep it not forgetting and torn from your mind.

    or so i said.

    hahahaha. philosopy sewel di pagi2 hari.

  • 3)

    i guess letting go is the hardest part. not sure whether it's my egocentricity or i dont want to give up just yet.
    i do this by expecting nothing for return; just self-satisfaction and with the hope one day i will not having any regrets.
    either way, i know i'll get hurt.  (hahahha mesti korang x paham apa aku cakap nih)

    anyway bitterpill, this one kind of reflect what i am going thru =)

  • 4) manjalara freak eh?ehehhe
  • 5)

    ahaha bitterpill...okay2 serious mode now, nightingale! awww u poor thing~

    mangifera: i dunno y but i have to ask this..."kenapa kau kena tulis komen yg berjela2 panjang?mmg sah kau ni budak sastera..." 

  • 6)

    nightingale: hoho. salah sekali tekaan anda. saya ni budak pure science. cuma...saya mmg minat sastera. belajar kat uni, belajar IT tp kerja buat management. hrm...complicated indeed. :)

    saya mmg suka tulis panjang2. hehehe. 

  • (Author)

    blur12, exactly. either way, we know we'll get hurt. hehehe

    noddy, aiyak! pecah lubangku! blom aku masok sahara lagik hahaha

    nightingale pun da ilang mood teringat muke jofry :))

    mangifurr, complicated guy yg suke sastera, ooo! hahaha but i like how u take time to analyze and describe things whether u make sense or not, but the effort counts *winkwink* 

  • 8) mangifera :: memang budak pure sciece + sastera..akak aku kata kalo x kawal memang suke membebel. wahahaha~~ abes ah bitterpiLL
  • 9)

    bitterpill: awhhh...that's so sweet of you. thanks. *blush* . did what i'm saying not making any sense? hahahha. my bad then. :P

    zing: hahaha. aku mmg naturally talkative. cuma sekarang instead of bercakap, aku lebih suka put it in writing. yurp, aku suka membebel macam mak nenek. :P 

  • 10) wahhhh mangi. aku pon suke bebel.. tapi kurang cam mak nenek.. wahh..Surprised senpai ah ko. senpai bebel. wakakaka..
  • 11)

    there are things that i want to erase relating to my ex(es). the experiences might not be something that i look forward to. however, i have to admit that not all are excruciating. some are very valuable experience that shaped me into what i am now. ok fine, i know i do sound like an auntie and yeah, i am a pure science student.

    it hurts; it really does. at times, i just want to go to his place and slash his stomach open and let it bleed while laughing evilly. but i somehow realized that many things cannot be reversed and the stupid mistakes that i made, huge or small will always be there. and i can guarantee that i i go back into time, i don't think i can rectify many things to make it better. if i can, i'm unsure if i want to as it might lead to more disasterous ones.

    yeah, weird as it seems but i do feel that way. pardon me. 

  • 12)

    uculer...u know that we cant simply slash sum1 stomach just fur fun ( unless ur like yakuza gang members of sort :p)

    BUT, u should you that There is A Way to get back to those who make u feel really3 bad inside out (esp bad ass ex-es).

    Just just have to be like Sahara... in terms of her will power to get things done her way :D

    Try it.. IT WORKS!~~

    errr... this advise is not sounding that bad ,aite ;S

    • isz
    • 17 years ago

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