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Daftar Sekarang!

A True Love Story (Part One)


                I met him for the first time when we are still in secondary school. Schooldays are awesome days for me. Unfortunately, I just realised the fact after I left the days behind and in fact, I was eager to leave school when I am a school student. I was schooling in a pretty elite boarding school. There, I learnt lots of things besides the things that were in the syllabus.

            Let me talk back about him, he is a quite good looking boy and he always makes jokes that can make everyone laughs. He is the leader of our class. A very responsible leader. However, he likes to sleep in the class. This is something I hate the most about him while we were in the secondary school, in form five.

            Our love story started when I read his diary. At that time, he went to a sport event and did not attend the class. He borrowed my Additional Mathematics’ homework and not returned it back to me, yet the teacher was ordering all of the students to pass up the homework. I opened his locker to find that homework of mine. I found that homework of mine and I also found something else that really attracted my attention.

            That thing is a diary and it caught the fancy of mine since I never thought that a boy writes diary before! Even I, as a girl, never write diary! I never want to read other person’s diary either because I think that it is not cool to secretly read other’s personal secrets but this diary is a different case for me. Suddenly, I wondered what a person writes in the diary. Moreover, this person is a boy so I decided to just read it for fun and kept whatever I read as secrets.

            Our class had Biology’s extra class that afternoon after schooling session thus I came early as I want to grab this chance of reading his diary with the low probability of anyone will see me doing so. I stepped into our classroom. I smiled as there was nobody there and eventually took his diary from his locker which he never locked. I sat on my chair; I opened the first page of his diary, written with pencil. It dated the day when all of the students registered at the hostel early in January of that year.

                        ‘Aku malas betul nak bangun pagi hari ni tapi aku terpaksa

                        bangun awal jugak sebab aku kena daftar kat asrama hari

                        ni. Aku akhirnya meninggalkan katil bila mak mula bising.’

            With his worse handwriting, I almost could not read the other sentences on that page. However, with only those first two sentences, I already had a negative bias towards him. He was not enthusiastic at all to begin that important year! That year we had to struggle for SPM!

            I turned to the next page but his hard-to-read handwriting made me skipped that page because I thought I would get headache if I tried to read that page and so on with a few pages after that. I kept turned page to the next page. However, I did not read them. Suddenly, a page written with purple ink caught my attention as it was written neater than previous pages. I read all sentences from that page.

                        ‘Dia duduk di sebelahku dalam kelas, menjadikan kami

                        bertambah rapat dari hari ke hari. Setiap hari, apabila aku

                        melihatnya, dia seperti semakin cantik. AKU TELAH

                        JATUH CINTA KEPADANYA. Namun, aku malu hendak

                        meluahkan perasaanku kepadanya. Dia ada segala-

                        galanya; rupa yang menawan, kelembutan dan kesantunan

                        serta otak yang bergeliga sedangkan aku hanya seorang

                        lelaki biasa yang tiada apa-apa pun padaku yang dapat


            He wrote about me on that page! Oh my God, he fell in love with me! I smiled to myself but actually, I was surprised with what I read. The most sweet thing is he wrote it with ink of my favourite colour. Suddenly, my eyes was covered with a pair of hands from behind me.

            I froze in shock, wondered who was doing that but I lost my voice when I was about to ask who was that. “You tengah buat apa?” oh my God, I knew the owner of that voice! It was him! I still freeze, my voice lost as I was realising that I was caught when I was reading somene’s diary! I was caught by the owner of the diary!

            He slowly uncovered my eyes, moved to my front and stared at his diary at my hands. Realised that the diary was still open on the page written with the purple ink, I spontaneously closed it. He looked into my eyes. I immediately explained everything on how I found his diary, why I read it and what I read even he asked nothing regarding that. I paused after I explained everything honestly. “Tak tanya pun...” he said and winked to me.

            I felt blur when he smiled, “You tak marah ke?” He giggled and cleared his throat before saying “I marah sebab you baca diari I yang you tak patut baca tapi I senang hati sekarang sebab you dah tau sesuatu yang you patut tau dan I gembira sebab you senyum bila baca tentang perasaan I pada you.” He stared at my face. Again, I froze. Then, he smiled and I smiled back at him before we laughed heartily together although there was nothing really funny happened.

            We then declared as a loving couple. Actually, I did not really sure whether I loved him. I accepted his feeling for me because I was afraid we did not even be friends after that incident and one more thing, I did not know how say ‘no’ or at least ‘give me time to think’ at that moment. I knew that I made the right decision long after that. How did I find out about that? Yes, he makes me happy. Nevertheless, a true love story is not simply wonderful like those in Bollywood movies...

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  • 1) that guys sounds cool
  • 2) auuuwww.. betullah ucu.. cool giler laki tu... makes me wanna read more... *padahal suka menyibuk hal org*

    usually, we have malay writing pieces that mixed with english, this time... glad u put few malay dialogue/phrase/sentences in your writing... keep on writing..

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