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A True Love Story (3)


We married after almost two years after he proposed me at the airport as soon as I arrived there after almost six years I stay overseas to study and fulfill my ambition, made my parents proud of me. At that time, he was an architect. I am glad that he managed to fulfill his ambition finally as I knew how hard he struggled. The third day after we get married, I had to start work back and I had no choice because a doctor who works in a government hospital cannot really take leave. This is why I really wanted to become a specialist since specialists are not as busy as a doctor but I could only start study to become a specialist five years after I worked as a doctor.

            Since I did not have holiday, we did not go for a honeymoon although both of us were really wanted to go somewhere to a calm place and spent awesome time together without anybody disturbing us, celebrate our love and marriage. I knew how disappointed he was but he just said, “Takpelah, kita boleh pergi bulan madu bila sayang dah jadi pakar nanti sebab masa tu kan sayang dah boleh ambil cuti” each time I apologised for that. I was awfully grateful because he was very understanding. He never complained if I was so busy with my job with on call duties and sometimes, I had to work 24 hours daily. He was a good husband, I bet I would never find a man as good as him even if I travel around the globe.

            He planned to surprise me on our first wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I fainted early in the morning at that day. He immediately brought me to the nearby clinic and this time, I surprised him when the doctor told him that I was pregnant! I still remember his sweet smile he knew that good news. He then hugged me that was still weakly laid on the bed and whispered “I love you, sayang”.

            He treated me as I was a queen during my pregnancy period and sometimes he behaved as he was my personal doctor while I was his only patient, he took an exceedingly good care of me. He was so sweet. Each time we sat next to each other, he touched my bulging stomach softly and talked to our baby. Sometimes, he even kissed my stomach, singing or said some poems. Seemed like he was more eager than me to wait for the day to meet our baby.

            He was damn happy when doctor said we would get twin, I could see his eyes shined with joy when he heard that news. Arrived home from the clinic, he hugged and kissed me and promised me to be a good father, better husband even though I never told him to promise anything like that. I did not know why I cried when he did so. Maybe it was so touching or maybe mood of a pregnant woman is like that and made me cried easily or maybe I cried as I was too happy. Whatever it is, I knew, my babies would be lucky because he is their father.

            The time that he waited finally arrived. However, I was very nervous moreover when I started to feel the contraction. He immediately called an ambulance when I told him that I am in pain, he held my hand tightly every time I screeched in pain. He did not leave me even for a single second for those 10 hours I was in the labour room until our babies were safely born. I saw his tears rolled down his cheeks when he heard our babies cried as soon as they were born.

            When I breastfed our baby boys for the first time, he sat beside me and said “terima kasih sebab bersusah payah lahirkan dua orang anak kita yang sangat comel ni”. I just smiled. “I will build a love monument as great as Taj Mahal and give it a name from your name and dedicated it for you as a proof of my eternal love to you” he said. Thinking of he was joking, I giggled and said “mentang-mentanglah awak tu arkitek...” He replied, “siapa pun saya, cinta saya kat awak lagi hebat daripada cinta Shah Jahan kepada Mumtaz tau”.

            Time passed fast when I enjoyed the happiest moments in my life. My sons grew up fast, they already in Standard One in primary school. He always said that they would be as brainy as their mother and I replied him by saying that they inherit all sort of sweet things from their father but actually, they have fair skin and as good looking as their father and their behaviours are just the same as me while I was a child, quiet but curious. I could spend more time with them because I already became a dermatology specialist since a year before they entered primary school. My works became less and the most important thing was I could take leave thus I could pay more attention to my family needs.

            Every day, I would make him coffee with a little salt as I still remember what he said approximately10 years before – “saya sangat suka minum kopi dengan garam sebab saya sukakan laut dan kopi dengan garam mengingatkan saya pada laut.” Sometimes, I thought that maybe if I made the coffee using the salty sea water, it would be tastier and perhaps more meaningful to him. Haha! Whatever it was, he would finish each cup of that coffee that I made for him although I myself never drank it. I just imagined how awful its taste.

            I almost did not realise that five years had passed, maybe clock ticked 10 times faster than normal when I live an incredibly happy and satisfying life with my family by my side. They were everything for me; they were motivators when I face disappointment, they were medicines when I was not well, they multiply my joy and divide my sorrow. My husband was a doing well architect and my sons were outstanding students in standard five in primary school. They are like angels from heaven that God gave me as the most magnificent prize in this world that I ever receive. Gosh, I cannot imagine if suddenly I lost one of them, I was more willing to die than lost one of them!

            My husband did not goes to work that day and so was I. According to my schedule that day, I only had to rush to the hospital if I receive emergency call. My husband took a one day leave and when I asked why, he answered “untuk habiskan masa bersama isteri saya yang tercinta dan anak-anak saya yang tersayang supaya merka ada kenangan bersama saya untuk dikenang bila saya tinggalkan mereka.” Then, he hugged me very tightly. I was thinking of the hidden meaning of what he said but that thinking disappeared when he loosened his hug and said “ini sesuatu yang pernah saya janjikan untuk awak!” and gave me a kiss at my cheek.

            He gave me a rolled white paper, it has an area approximately as much as four times of that of a mah-jong paper when I unrolled it. I stared blankly at that paper with a geometrical drawing or whatever it is, I had no idea of what is it, drew with blue and grey and black ink or maybe it was printed. “Apa ni?” I asked. He answered proudly, “Inilah pelan ‘Taj Mahal’ yang saya reka dan dedikasikan kepada awak sebagai lambang cinta saya yang sangat mendalam kepada awak!”

            “Tapi saya tak faham la pelan ni. Saya bukan pernah belajar ilmu architecture pun. Macam mana rupa ‘Taj Mahal’ yang awak reka ni?”

            “Seindah cinta saya terhadap awak. Awak tengok la sendiri bila ‘Taj Mahal’ ni siap dibina nanti...”

            “Will it be built?”

            “Certainly, sayang. This is my promise to you, remember? I will make sure it will be built, one fine day...”

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