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A True Love Story (Second Part)


            After leaving secondary school, I and he rarely met. After the SPM result was announced, he continued his study in a matriculation college in our state. At that time, I was doing my A-levels in a private university under a scholarship far from our state. I felt uneasy to live without him by my side. I tried hard to ‘try to feel normal’.

            He sent me few short messages especially at night or at least one short message before he slept daily, telling me everything that happen to him at that particular day. I replied each short message he sent. Once in a blue moon, he sent wonderful love song lyric. I like every lyric he sent, I always smile alone when I read it and I would search online and download the each song which he sent me the lyric. I saved all of the songs in my mp3.

            He would call me every weekend. Each time I heard his voice, I was awfully happy. My heart leapt until it touched the stars beyond the sky, my lips smiled and I tried to make my voice as sweet as possible in our phone conversations. He always said “I love you” and “I miss you” but I never replied “I love you too” or “I miss you too”. In fact, I never even said “I love you” or “I miss you”.

            Essentially, I was not sure about my feeling towards him as I actually never accept him more than friend. I was really confused. If I did not love him, why I always wish that he would always be with me all the time and keep me companied in everything that I did? Was that the normal feeling when a friend was not with me or...oh, I at this point, I admit that I missed him. When I was far from him, then only I realised the piece of evidence that I love him. amazing feeling that no words could describe...that was the first time I felt such feeling.

            I still remember how we celebrated our second anniversary as a loving couple; it was the first anniversary as a loving couple that we celebrated together as we did not meet each other on our first one. It was my end-of-first-semester-break so I came back to my hometown after almost two months I did not come back because I was extremely busy to study to sit for my examination. He came to my home. More accurate, my parents home! The thing that surprised me was he did not tell me earlier that he was going to come so I stared at him and wondered whether it was a dream when I opened the door for him.

            He behaved well with my parents. My parents could guess our relationship since none of my male friend ever comes to our home. I was really relieved because they had no problem with our relationship and allowed him to come often to see me; I knew he was as relieved as me too! I could tell it by only looking into his eyes. How strange, love is a miracle!

            Back to the story of the anniversary, the date we declared as a loving couple was more or less a week before Valentine’s Day. It is pretty sweet. However, we never celebrated the Valentine’s Day. On every Valentine’s Day since we were loving couple, he would say “tak payah sambut Valentine’s Day sebab bila saya dengan awak, tiap-tiap hari pun Valentine’s Day bagi saya”. I like it.

            After my parents chat with him, they left us alone in the guest room. I did not know why my heart was beating fast as if it was going to burst out of my chest when he looked at me, I tried to appear calm. We did not talk to each other for a moment or two. Our body languages spoke louder that time so our voices were silent. That quite bizarre situation ended when both of us smiled to one another and eventually laughed, then only we started to talk.

            The point of the story starts here. After we talked for some time, I was going to make him something to drink. For that second, my eyes met his eyes; I noticed that both of us held our breath. He then answered me “kopi dengan sikit garam”. I shocked, he is so odd!

            I still did not move to the kitchen to make the drinks because I wanted to ensure that I did not misheard what he said just now so I looked at him and lifted my eyebrow as a sign so that he repeats what he said. “Saya sangat suka minum kopi dengan garam sebab saya sukakan laut dan kopi dengan garam mengingatkan saya pada laut” he explained. Wow, I never knew someone like this before; he must be one in a million! I moved to the kitchen to make his drinks with a smile.

            The reason for why I really remember this memory is a very long story more to tell but I will surely share our eternal story later. That was the last time we met. Then, he was exceedingly busy with his study. I still remember how ambitious he was when he said  he wants to be better than me so that he would not feel inferior to own me one day, he said he wants to prepare a good life for me in the future with a kind of such a big hope. I continued my study abroad a year later. I did my first degree in medical course for almost six years overseas and I ‘suffered’ so much because I had never met him for that period.

            He e-mailed me about twice weekly and I replied each and every of his e-mails, told him how much I love him and how slow time passed when he is not in my sight and promised him that I would never let him down. I know he is incredibly sincere when he promised that he would wait for me until I come back and would never leave me. As the scholarship which sponsored me did not pay for aeroplane fares for the students to come back, I never come back to my country for those more than five years. I truly missed my parents, siblings and him moreover I constantly felt that time stopped apiece time I missed them.

            There is no cure when we miss someone and all we can do is nothing but to miss that person even more. Sometimes, I cried under my blanket before I slept at night when I missed him so much. When I remembered him at the time I was alone, I kissed and hugged his photo, wondered if he ever did so. If he appeared in my nightmare, it would turn to a sweet dream. I cannot wait to come back to my beloved country.

            At the end of the day, I fulfilled my ambition, completed my parents’ hope and I came back to this harmonious country. I would never forget that day. There were three people waited for my arrival at the airport. My beloved mother, my respected father and my sweet lover! The most highlighted event was that sweet lover of mine proposed me there! I felt it was an awesome moment to be remembered forever when he knelt and asked “sudikah awak berkahwin dengan saya?” I answered “ya, saya sudi”!

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