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900k ahli di sana sedang mengunggu anda di Baitul Jannah. Mungkin.. jodoh awak ada sana.

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Feline's Attraction


   Her name is Lilith. She’s pregnant. She has silver eyes, like a rainy day, and light brown fur, which is the colour of my skin. She is a Persian breed, my favourite. And one more, I’m the father of her baby.

    She loves to purr. I like to pet her from her head to her ass, it excites her very much. Looking into her eyes, it sends me to paradise. How? I’m going to tell you an erotic story.

    Three weeks ago, which is the day I found her in my backyard. She was with another cat, I assumed it was a tom-cat. He was a big one, not fat but buffy. Lilith was falling for his beef, it made me jealous but not envious because I got beef too. I was sure that mine would tempt her much more.

    I tip-toed towards her, cats were afraid of humans, I thought. The two felines looked at me. I smiled, tried not to look malicious. That fucking tom-cat sped off, left Lilith behind. I walked closer to her, she didn’t run away, whereas came closer to me.

    I caressed her. I touched her stiffened tail. She closed her eyes, purred in ecstasy. I taut my beef to show her that I was sexier than that gutless ass-licking tom-cat. She was tempted, excited, I could see. I lifted her up and brought her into my house.

    She looked around in wonder, fearlessly. I poured her some expired milk, she smelt it and looked away. I let her be and walked upstairs to take a bath. I washed my erected dick because it had a job to do later. I rubbed myself with sweet smelling catmints. I smelt irresistible to her, I assumed.

    I walked downstairs naked. Thank God, she was still there, relaxing on the sofa. I chewed ginger to boost my sexuality. I sat beside her, she climbed on my chest. I squeezed her with my biceps.

    She licked my neck, I licked her nipples. Her claws, scratched my chest and abdomen. I couldn’t feel the pain because it was too hot for me to concern about it. The wounds bled. Vengefully, I stuck my dick into her pussy. She struggled, but I knew she was enjoying this.

   Without any doubt, we were having sex. Like what a man and a woman do, only a little different. I moaned and she purred. She couldn’t stop scratching. My arms and hips were bleeding. She also pulled out some of my pubic hair. Being such a pain in the ass, I ejaculated inside her. She never opened her eyes during the process. For a moment, I thought she was dead.

    I pulled out my groin. I rested for a while. I couldn’t believe I lost my virginity to a feline. I looked at her, motionless. Miraculously, she opened her eyes. I smiled at her. She looked as nothing had happened. I was glad to see her alive.

    And that’s the erotic story I wanted to tell you. I can’t wait for the baby to be born. It is my dream to see a real human-cat. He will have his mother’s eyes and my skin colour. I’ll caress him like I did to his mother. I will be so proud of him.


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  • 1) gulps!
    man .. this is dark.
  • 2) you are one daring writer...seriously! hahaha

    i find this story a lil disturbing but not that I don't complement your ability to write fiction.

    you certainly have a flare for either thriller or, in this case, fiction of the twisted mind...lols!

  • (Author)
    3) cahatomic: glad to hear that!
    shahridz: thx i'm trying to write something not really twisted but i find it difficult i'll just stick to my style.
  • 4) dude, as much i like your writing style, i gotta say you are trying too hard. I dont know how u categorized it as satire. But i try to look frm another perspective and try to get the message or rather a story out of this. And i can only conclude that the story is a bout a person who clearly has a sexual disorder by committing bestiality and maybe a moron becoz how can a cat n human produce a child. Put this under fantasy category, maybe it pass.

    i'm not really a good writer myself, but i read somewhere, that a good story should have these 3 things :
    1. a subject or subjects
    2. a problem/crisis/etc
    3. the solution (or ending to no. 2)

    anyway, this is just my views coz you're always entitled to what u think.

  • (Author)
    5) thx for your advice but everybody has their own writing skills and ideas, right? i'm not an expert, so i hope i can learn more from you

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